My First Bondage Experience

I was introduced to my very first bondage experience by a gal I know. We are good friends and she asked me to watch a BDSM Video with her and we did and she whispered into my ear that she would like to do that to me. I wasn't sure I wanted to but she talked me into it. She led me into my bedroom and asked me to strip naked and I did without hesitation and soon I found myself standing naked in front of her. She instructed me to climb onto the bed and told me to lay down on my tummy. I felt her climb onto the bed and she straddled me and sat down on my butt and commanded me to place my arms behind me and cross my wrists and as soon as I did she quicked tied my wrists together with rope, then she turned around and tied my ankles together. Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring and I totally forgot we had some friends to meet us and go out to dinner afterwards. Sara teased, don't go anywhere lover and she quickly jumped off the bed, closed the door to the bedroom and went to answer the door as I layed on the bed naked and tied. I heard them talking and she said I had to work later than expected so he told us to go on to dinner. She said she had to finish dressing and be back in a few minutes. Sara returned to the bedroom and asked me if I would be good until she returned. I struggled in my bonds and wiggled on the bed trying to free myself, and she said, I didn't think so. She went to the dresser drawer and got some more rope, and she tied my elbows together till they almost touched and were tied tightly. Then Sara proceeded to tie my upper thighs, above and below my knees the same way tight. Next she tied one end of another piece of rope around my waist above my ass and took the ropes other end and pulled it through between my legs at the ankles and pulled it back to my naked ass pulling my feet till they were touching my buttocks. I could feel the balls of my feet pressing against my ass cheeks as she tied the rope tied around my waist. Sara then used another piece of rope tying my wrists to my ankles and I was hog-tied. I could feel my now hard cock pressing into the bed cover. My cock had betrayed me, it was excited what Sara was doing to me. She teased me again, don't pretend you aren't loving this, your nice hard cock has spoken for you lover. I couldn't move hardly at all as Sara had tied me so expertly tight. She was standing next to the bed now inches from my face and she lifted her skirt and pulled down her wet panties only inches from my face and I could smell Sara's pussy scents which made me even harder than I thought I could be. Open up your mouth lover and as soon as I did Sara rammed her well soaked panties into my mouth and before I could resist them she took some bondage tape and sealed my mouth shut trapping her pussy scented panties in my mouth and she wrapped the tape around my head several times making sure her panties would stay put in my mouth. I moaned but nothing escaped from my lips and all I could do was suck and taste her pussy scents. Sara whispered into my ear and said, I wore them almost 24 hours just for you lover. She took a scarf and wrapped it several times around head blindfolding me. As she ran her fingernail down my body, that should keep you till I return, as I felt a kiss. I heard the curtains being closed, I heard the light switch click off, and I heard the door being locked after she closed it. I heard her tell our friends that I called and wouldn't be able to join them tonight but go out and enjoy themselves. I was left in the house alone all tied, blindfolded and gagged with Sara's panties sealed in my mouth. I could cry out, all I could do was taste her pussy scents in her gussett section of her panties which she made sure my tongue was pressed into. I struggled in my hog-tie, but I gave up, it was useless to struggle it only made the ropes tighter. Several hours later Sara returned and I heard her coming to the bedroom and I would finally be freed. Sara whispered into my ear telling me she told everyone that I was called away on business and I wouldn't be back for several days. I'm going to take a long hot bath and retire to bed lover. You're all mine lover for the next week and I am going to have lots of fun with you, and I'm not untying you tonight. After Sara took her bath, I felt her climb into bed and she snuggled up against my tied up body where we remained the rest of the night into morning.
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