Taking Care of Mom

Just fiction...

Duncan came home and walked in the kitchen. His mom was not expecting him and she was still in her sheer night gown. She had an amazing sexy body and Duncan had wanted to touch it for a long time now. She turned to him and he could see her tits push against the sheer silk. She had big firm tits and he just stared at them. Pam said to him, "Oh, I am sorry. I did not expect you so soon. I will go get dressed." Duncan told her. "That is okay. You look great in that sexy gown. You are so pretty and really built. I love those big tits." She laughed and kissed him on his cheek as she passed by him to go change. He watched her ass as she walked away from him and felt his cock get hard.

He then followed her into her room just as she was standing there naked. He stared at her and she laughed again and said you are really catching your mom today. He walked to her and said, "Did you like nursing me when I was a baby? Did your tits get bigger than they are now? What was it like when I sucked your nipples for that warm milk?" She replied, "It felt so wonderful. I loved having your mouth on my big tits. And yes, they grew a lot bigger as they filled with milk for you. Many nights I would let you lay in bed with me and just suck me even if you was not hungry." Duncan then stared at his mom's naked body and thought about laying in her bed sucking those big tits all night long.

She made no move to cover her naked body and he kept looking at her thinking how she had kept her figure in such great shape. He then reached out and ran his hand over her tit. It felt full and he felt the nipple get hard. He then put his other hand on her other tit and began to massage both of them. She reacted by arching her back and letting him caress her full tits. "Mom, your tits are just so big and soft. Let me suck them like I did when I was a baby. I want to feel them in my mouth." He did not wait for a reply and bent his mouth to one tit and began to suck and roll his tongue over the nipple. He heard her moan and said to her. "Mom, I never knew these tits would feel so good in my mouth. Lay on the bed so I can lay by you and suck them as you enjoy my mouth."

His mom answered, "strip your clothes off so you can lie naked next to me. I want to see what a man you have grown into." As he stripped she laid on the bed and looked at his naked body. She stared at his cock admiring it and told him "My you have grown a nice man size cock my son. Let me stroke it as you nurse your mom." Duncan wasted no time laying by his mom and began to suck her tits changing back and forth till the nipples were so hard and felt so good in his mouth. His mom began stroking his cock and it soon grew hard and full sized. He then ran his hand down between his mom's legs and began to stroke her pussy which she had shaved bald. He whispered, "Spread your legs mom so I can finger your smooth pussy. I love how smooth it feels." His mom then spread her legs wide for him and he sucked her tit as he ran a finger around her clit feeling it jerk as he played with it. His mom was rubbing his cock and then down to his balls and his cock was so hard and pushing against her leg.

He then pushed a finger inside her pussy as his thumb rubbed her clit and he sucked her nipple deep into his mouth. Duncan then said to Pam, "May I push my cock in your pussy? I want to feel how warm you will be and how tight you will be around my big cock. I want to fuck you hard and deep and fill you with my cum. I want to feel your pussy pulse around my hard cock. I want to fuck you like a man." She answered, "Yes, baby. I need you to fuck me. I want that big hard cock in me. Fuck me hard. Give me every inch. Ride your mom hard. Fuck me like a man."

Then Duncan rolled on top of his mom and pushed his cock to her opening of her wet pussy. He pushed in inch by inch till he was buried in her warm tight hole. "You feel so tight and so good to me mom. I am going to love fucking you and making you cum many times tonight. I will fill your tight hole with my cum again and again." Pam answered, "yes, baby. fuck me and fill me. I want that big cock in me all the way. Fuck me like a man." Soon Duncan was pounding his mom's pussy fast and deep. She yelled, "Fuck me harder. Give me your cock hard and deep." Duncan was now banging his mom's pussy and fucking her so hard. She felt so good around his hard cock and he felt her cum several times before he finally filled her hole with his own cum.

As he laid by her side, he asked her, "Can I sl**p in here and fuck you every night and suck those magnificent tits? I want to lick your clit and put my tongue into your pussy."
"Yes baby and i am going to show you how mom can suck your cock till you fill her mouth with your cum. Now suck my tits and put a finger in my ass as you do. You are going to fuck all my holes all night long. I am going to give you all the pussy you can handle tonight and every night," she told him.

Duncan moved into his mom's bedroom. They had hot sex all night and many times all day. He loved fucking his mom and sucking on her huge perky tits. So far he fucked her on every piece of furniture and in every room in the house. He even fucked her in the car at the mall and once he bent her over the wood pile in the back yard and fucked her ass till she screamed. She wore no bra so he could rub and nurse her tits any time he wanted. She loved to surprise him and pull down his shorts and suck his cock till he came. He also loved when she finger fucked him as she jerked his cock. It was his job to take care of his mom and her big hunger for sex.
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2 years ago
Thanks Pam love how naughty your imagination is, look forward to more from your hand!
3 years ago
Such an amazing story. I used to suck and play with my mom when I was at home. It started when I was in high school until I left for the Navy.
3 years ago
Love it! Anymore?
3 years ago
Very god mom
3 years ago
always wanted to but never had the nerve :)
great story :)
3 years ago
good story need more
3 years ago
Excellent! Thanks.
3 years ago
Awesome story. Thanks
3 years ago
nice will there be more?
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story. Love to have a mom like that.
3 years ago
Very good