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Tonight she was going to the male strip club to pick up a man with a nice big cock and screw him and suck him all night. She loved sex and wanted a man huge and strong that can handle her nympho urges. She loved sucking cock deep down to the pelvis bone making him scream in joy. She wanted a hot and wild man tonight. The male strippers were always ready for sex after all the women have fondled and stroked their cocks during their routines. She loved to put her had in their cock sling and feel that the huge cock is real and not padded. When she found the perfect cock she was going to take him back to her house for anything goes sex. Two weeks ago she took the German twins home and the sex was amazing. Ten straight hours of fucking her pussy and eating her as she sucked their monster cocks. They were fantastic.

She entered the club and got a front row table. She had a wad of money to get their attention and over to her table so she could do her cock touching. The first man came out and danced then stripped down to his skimpy cock sling. She waved a twenty dollar bill and he danced to her as she shoved the bill in his sling as she grabbed his cock and felt the length and thickness. He was at least ten inches and quite thick. As she touched his now hard cock he shoved his hand under her tank top and twisted her nipple then rubbed her D tits.

The next three dancers were average size about eight inches and she passed on them. She wanted nothing smaller than nine or ten and hopefully more. Then a black stud danced out. He danced and stripped to show his huge cock sling. She waved a fifty at him and he danced to her and rotated his hips pushing his cock towards her. She shoved the fifty down his sling and grabbed his cock. It was huge. Long and thick. She then felt his big black balls and rubbed his cock more. She wanted his big eleven inch cock as she rubbed a finger over his slit and watched the huge cock stand straight out. As she rubbed him she pulled her top up over her tits and the black stud bent over and sucked each nipple. He looked at her and told her "After the show. I am going to fuck you so hard and so deep." Then he pinched a tit as he danced away and the women went wild over his huge hard cock sticking out in the skimpy sling.

She waited in the parking lot for him and he came out and jumped in her car. He grabbed her and kissed her thrusting his tongue deep in her mouth as he lifted her top. He then moved down to her huge mounds and began to suck each one. He told her between switching tits, "Baby you have got some nice big titties for Ric to suck on." As he sucked her tits she reached down his pants and grabbed his big cock and began to stroke it. He moaned and said "Do you like my big black cock? Lets go to your house and see how much you like sucking it down your throat before I ram every inch deep in your pussy."

During the ride to her house he sucked her nipples and kissed her tits as his fingers found her pussy and he pushed her legs apart as he pulled her clit and then pushed two big fingers into her wet pussy hole. He whispered in her ear, "Your pussy is tight baby. My thick cock is going to love fucking your sweet hole."

When they got to her house, she took him to her bedroom and dimmed the lights. He pulled her top over her head and then jerked her skirt down to the floor. She kicked off her shoes and was now naked as she stripped him and tossed his clothes. He sat her on the bed and stood in front of her and pushed her head to his now hard cock and she opened her mouth. She first licked the tip and the slit as he moaned before she then licked up and down each side. She then took his cock in her mouth and began to suck as she rolled her tongue over the huge cock. He grabbed her head to push his cock deep in her throat as she gagged but kept sucking. "Yes baby, suck that huge cock." She gave him the best cock sucking he had ever had. And soon he was filling her mouth with his cum.

He then pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs. He said quietly, "I want to taste that sweet pussy. Push my tongue in it." He first sucked her clit till he felt he pulse and cum then he licked down to her love hole and pushed his tongue in her fucking her till she came and screamed. He spent several minutes eating her pussy and loving her cum before he then straddled her with his huge cock.

He spread her legs and pushed his cock to the opening of her tight hole. He then pushed in inch by inch and was amazed how tight she was. His monster cock was stretching her wide as he entered. But she was loving the big cock entering her hole and knew he was going to be the best fuck she had ever had. As soon as he got his cock in her, he reached underneath her and raised her hips to get in deeper and fuck her harder. She felt so good as he rammed his cock in her and watched her huge tits bounce with every thrust. He rode her hard for over forty minutes before he filled her with cum. She was the best fuck with her tight pussy and he wanted more of her.

They laid side by side and then they took turns sucking and fucking all night and most of the next day. They showered several times and had sex in the shower and in every room of the house. There was no end to him sliding that huge cock in her tight pussy.
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