Road Trip Ch. 2

"Have you figured out where we're going yet?"



"A hint please?"



Turning the music on and up, she steps on the gas pedal. No one in sight, what a driver's delight. She watches for the sign that will take them East, to a city she's never been to before. There's no time limit, she knows her a****ls are well taken care of and he needs this as much as she does.

Catching the correct sign, she turns the wheel and onto the ramp they go. Once off the ramp, with no cars coming, she pulls into the right lane. Driving for hours has made her hungry, thirsty, and in the need of rest. She pulls to the right, to go into the closest city, and finds just what she needs.

She pulls into the restaurant, putting the car in park, and shutting off the ignition. She undoes her seat-belt and hears and feels a door open and slam shut. She looks outside and he in all his 5'10" glory stretches. She opens her door, grabs her keys and bag, gets out, locks the doors, and shuts it, stretching herself.

"Come on, lets go! I'm starving!"

"Me too!"

They head towards the restaurant entrance. She pauses, looks around the parking lot, turns back around, and goes inside the restaurant where she locates the bathroom. Which is near the doors, so she tells him she'll be back and heads inside. Once done, she comes out, sees him, walks over, and sits down while they wait for a server.

Hopefully, it won't take too long, because it's been a long trip so far and both are hungry. Spotted by a female of mid-twenties, she takes their order, and walks away leaving them to their conversation.

"Are you trying to figure out where we're going?"


"You'll find out soon enough, baby."

"I hope so."

They're in a booth and they are facing each other on opposite sides. She shakes her foot out of her sandal, slides it up, and begins rubbing his crotch. He moans softly and she continues ever so slowly.

"I'm looking forward to this trip, it's been a long time coming."

"I am too. Yes, it has been. But, so worth it!"

She laughs.

"What's so funny?"


"Tell me."

"It's nothing. It's just great being out of the house and town."

"Ahh. Yes."

She puts more pressure on her foot and rubs him harder. He moans again and she presses even harder. Their server comes back with their food and she drops her foot to the ground. Their meal goes without words, their server comes back with the bill, she pays for it, and they leave full and happy.

"On the road again, can't wait to get on the road again.."

"Ha ha."

They get to the car, she turns to him, wraps her arms around his neck, pulls him down, and kisses him passionately before breaking the kiss off to unlock the doors and gets in. Those kisses melt her very being and she can't get enough, but they must get on the road again before getting dark, which it will in a few hours. She turns the ignition and off they go once more. Music on, playing her song, "Bad Company"

"You're a tease."

"How am I tease?"

"Doing what you did back there."

"Oh, that makes me a tease?"


"Mmm, so I'm a tease, but you liked it."


She gets into a driving zone as they drive East. A few hours later, it grows darker, so she takes a right toward a hotel. She sees a sign for one and pulls in. She stops the car, goes in, fills out the paper, goes back out, gets him and their stuff, and goes back inside to find their room.

Their room is on the third floor, so they take the elevator. Button's pressed, doors closed, she's pressing herself against him, wrapping her arms around his neck, bringing him down to lip level, she kisses him once again passionately, rubbing herself even harder against him. First floor, second floor, third floor "ding", door opens, breaking off the kiss they get out, and find their room. She takes the key card, slides it in, opens the door, and goes inside.

She lets her bags drop to the ground, pulling him inside while pushing the door shut. She manages to pull him to the bed, turning around so he's in front of the bed, she pushes him firmly down to the bed, climbing up the bed, straddling him, she grinds her crotch hard against his. He no doubt knows what she wants, he flips her over onto her back, rubbing against her, lifts her dress up her legs, thighs, hips. Having no panties on, he dives into her soaking snatch, licking, sucking, kissing.

She moans and lifts her hips up higher so he can get even deeper. Continuing to eat her out, he undoes his jeans, slides them off as well as his boxers, climbs up, and thrusts his cock deep inside her with a moan of pleasure.

"Oh god!"

He's up on his arms as he starts to plow into her, harder, faster. Harder, harder, harder, faster, faster, faster. She lifts her hips up and squeezes her muscles as she slides back down, causing him to moan. Closing her eyes, she enjoys the ride as he continues plummeting in and out of her beyond wet, hot snatch! She meets every thrust, slow and fast, hard and slow, hard and fast, slow and deep.

She reaches in between them to find her clit, pressing her middle finger and pointer down onto her button, she soon climaxes hard! His soon follows. He comes deep inside her, one, two, three thrusts later he pulls out, she gets off the bed to take her dress off. Laying back down on the bed, they soon fall asl**p. Tomorrow's going to be a long day...
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