Cruise Ship Cuckold

Part 1

We were married in the Skywalker Lounge, on the top deck of the Golden Princess Cruise Ship. We hadn't sailed yet and were still moored to the dock in San Pedro. Twenty-five of our friends came on board to attend the ceremony. We all dressed in Hawaiian shirts or sarongs. The view of the harbor was spectacular; the lounge décor was like something from outer space. It was magical!

After a beautiful ceremony, hors d'oeuvres and drinks, our friends departed, wishing us well. Angel and I started for our cabin to drink some Champagne, relax and watch the sunset while we sailed out of the harbor on our way to Hawaii.

For the next fifteen days we would make love, watch the sunrises and sunsets from our private balcony, enjoy all the fine amenities aboard the luxury cruise ship and visit four of the Hawaiian Islands for a day each before sailing back to San Pedro. It was perfect!

As we approached our cabin we noticed the door was open. Inside our Stewart was putting our bags in the room. As we entered, Angel tripped over the threshold of the door and our Stewart, who we later got to know as Dan, caught her in his arms and lifted her up, carrying her to effortlessly into the cabin, and then gently depositing her on the bed.

I was relieved that Angel didn't fall or hurt herself, but I couldn't help but be annoyed that another man had carried my bride over the threshold. That's supposed to be my job! Oh well. I thanked Dan for catching her and started to reach for a tip.

"Oh no sir, a tip is not necessary. It was a pleasure holding such a lovely women in my arms, even, if only for a moment!" He said in his soft, deep Jamaican accent.

I could see Angel blush at his words.

He was about six feet tall, 200 lbs, well built, dark-skinned with steel, blue eyes and extremely handsome.

He continued. "My name is Daniel. I will be your Stewart for the next two weeks mon. I am available day or night if you need anything. Here is my personal cell phone number." He handed the card to Angel. "Please call me for anything, anything at all." And then after shaking my hand, quite hard, lifted Angels small white had to his lips and kissed it gently, European style, taking a little too long and making me feel very uncomfortable.

Angel seemed to enjoy it and once again blushed bright red, smiled, looked into his eyes and said, "Thank you Daniel. Not only did you save me from falling, but you know how to treat a woman. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!"

I couldn't believe this. She was flirting outrageously with him, right in front of me! "No, no, calm down," I thought to myself, "Angel is a very outgoing, friendly person! Don't let this upset you; after all, tonight's your wedding night!"

Daniel smiled or shall I say smirked at me, hung the "Do not disturb" sign outside the door, gave Angel a quick wink, and left.

Not wanting to be upstaged by a crew member, I took Angel in my arms and kissed her as passionately as I could. She seemed a bit distant and distracted. "Oh well" I thought to myself," a little of the bubbly will warmed us up."

After a few drinks of Champagne, I started to feel a little nauseous. Not being use to drinking plus the rocking of the ship was really starting to affect me. I knew I was going to hurl! I made a mad dash to the sink, just in time.

"Poor baby," Angel said. "I told you to take the Dramamine before we left. Now it's too late!"

"But that stuff makes me so sl**py", I replied. "I will be OK honey, just give me a minute to...mmmfffff", I could feel the wedding cake back up from my stomach to my throat; I threw up in the sink again.

I'll call Dan and see if he has something for motion sickness." Angel responded.

Although, I wasn't crazy about having Dan come back, I was really sick and anything that he had that might help was welcome.

"Hello Dan? This is Angel, Room 701. I hate to bother you but my little hubby is feeling very seasick and I was wondering if you had anything that might help? You do! Oh thank you Dan, once again, you are a real lifesaver! OK, see you soon."

"He's on his way darling, coming to our rescue, such a nice man!"

I wanted to tell her to watch out for the "nice man", I was pretty sure he had ulterior motives, but I was feeling so sick, I could barely talk.

In a flash, Dan was at the door. Angel let him in and I could swear that he brushed up against her as he passed her and came over to me. He had a syringe in his hand.

"Here, this will make the sickness go away quick, it's Compazine.

"I hate needles!" I said, "Don't you have some pills?"

Pills won't work now mon, because you will just throw them up!" He said reassuringly.

I felt a little embarrassed as I slipped my pants down, baring a buttock and laid down the bed. "Ouch!" I said as he stuck the needle in.

"Don't be such a baby. It's just a little prick!" He said, smiling at my obvious discomfort.

It was very humiliating, laying there on the bed, my pants down, with this big, black, man teasing me about my low pain tolerance and possibly making an innuendo about my penis size!

Angel came over behind Dan, put her hand on his back and said "We can't thank you enough Dan, you really are our hero! If you won't let us tip you, I will have to find some other type of reward for your kindness!" She then gave him a little kiss on the cheek!

I was furious! I started say something to her but suddenly, I felt very dizzy. Must have been the effects of the Champagne and the Compazine, The room started spinning. I flopped down on the bed and was out like a light.

I don't know how long I was out but when I awoke, it was night and the room was dark. No Angel! Where could she possibly be? I tried to get up but the room started spinning again.

I lay in the bed feeling very helpless, weak and lonely. After a few minutes, the cabin phone rang. I answered it, still feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

"Hello Darling, it's me, your bride, remember? I'm with Dan. He was nice enough to accompany me to dinner after you passed out. Wasn't that sweet, taking care of a lady, all alone on a big ship, her first night out? You shouldn't drink so much you know. You can't hold you liquor very well. Are you feeling better?"

I answered her groggily. "I guess so. I'm not sure. How long have I been sl**ping? Are you coming back soon?"

"You have been out for two or three hours. I will be back in a little while," Angel replied. "You still sound a little out of it and I don't want to spend my wedding night lying beside a passed out, groggy husband. Dan promised to give me a personal tour of the ship! Isn't that nice of him? Feel better honey, don't wait up, bye."

Great! Not only was I sick, dizzy and incapacitated, but my wife was out living it up with one of the ships crew! Could this night get any worse? I dozed off to sl**p again, unable to stay awake from the effects of the Compazine.

It must have been about four or five in the morning when I heard the key turn in the door.

I could barely hear Angel's voices whispering. "I was wonderful Dan! You really know how to show a girl a good time!"

"Oh the pleasure is all mine Baby! I loved holding you close, dancing with you and later on... well, you know!" He answered softly.

"Baby...later know? You know... what?" I wondered. "What the hell did they do... later on?" Just knowing he had been holding my bride close and dancing was bad enough but how far had this gone?

"Goodnight Dan and thank you for everything!" Angel whispered. There was a long pause before she came in. I thought I heard the sound of two people kissing but I couldn't be sure. She finally came inside and quietly got undressed and climbed in bed and snuggled up beside me.

I could feel her moist cunt and thighs press up against my buttocks as she spooned me. She seemed unusually wet this morning. Was it just her secretions or something more?

I couldn't get back to sl**p. A dozens of question, not to mention, dirty pictures, were going through my mind. I wanted to wake her and confront her, but she was sl**ping so sweetly, so soundly," in the morning", I thought," we'll talk about it over breakfast when I'm feeling a little better."

As I lay beside her, I could hear her softly moaning and sighing in her sl**p. "Dan, did she just whisper the name Dan?" I couldn't be sure, and why was my little prick tingling?

Part 2

I managed to get the idea of Angel fucking our steward out of my mind long enough to fall sl**p for a couple of hours. When I woke up, Angel was still sl**ping with a contented smile on her face. A little too contented for my taste.

I decided to clean up and got out of bed, took a shower and slipped back in to cuddle with my sl**ping bride.

"Please, darling. I'm exhausted, after fucking you half the night, I need a little rest!" Angel replied in her half-asl**p voice.

"Fucking half the night!" What the hell was she talking about? Unless... I decided to investigate more closely. I started kissing her on her stomach, inching my way, closer to her sweet pussy. The closer I got, the stronger the smell of male/female love juice.

Did she really do it, fuck the handsome steward on our wedding night? I couldn't believe it! As I approached her labia, I parted them with my tongue and drove it deeply into her cunt. There it was, that unmistakable taste of a man's semen, thick and salty!

"Oh yes baby, lick my sore pussy, and eat his sweet cum. He must have shot at least three loads in there, not to mention the two he left up my ass for you!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My bride was not only admitting being unfaithful to me on our wedding night, but she was encouraging me to clean up her ravaged, cum filled pussy afterward! Had she no shame?

Or maybe a better question was, "Had I no pride?" Here I was, licking up their love juice like an obedient little puppy, happily settling for scraps under the dinner table, and sporting an erection the whole time.

She tangled her fingers in my hair and held me tight against her cunt, rubbing her clit, pussy lips and ass all over my face, smearing me with his and her wetness! I could hear her crying out, "Oh yes, oh yes, I'm cumming, suck harder, yes, that's it, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

As she came, I could feel my own orgasm starting to rise just from rubbing my little prick against the sheets. I quickly mounted her and unable to penetrate with my semi-erect prick, came against her sweet pussy. The idea of her fucking and sucking Dan, plus my own horniness and rubbing my cock against the sheets were too much to bear!

We both laid there in silence and recovered from our orgasms. I was both exhilarated and humiliated. My Angel, my precious Angel, in the hands of another man, and me, being turned on by it so much that licking her pussy and rubbing against the sheets gave me an orgasm. I felt ashamed and guilty.

Angel must have sensed it because she said, "Mmm, baby, that was nice! Did you like that? I set you up you know. I know how much you enjoy the idea of being cuckolded, so I talked Dan into putting a little cum into a napkin. I had to give him a hand job as payment. Then I rubbed it onto my pussy, just for you. I can see it worked. You haven't cum against my pussy ever! Dan also agreed to flirt with me in front of you, just to turn you on. He's really a very nice man!"

I couldn't believe it! She had set this up with Dan before we even came to the cabin. The fall at the threshold, the flirting, everything. She did it just for me. Kind of a wedding present you might say. What a woman! Of course I had played right into their hands by getting seasick, taking the injection of Compazine, and drinking all that Champagne.

We sat out on the balcony, sipping coffee, watching the sun rise and talked about what we were going to do that day.

"I should have trusted you more, darling" I said as I sipped my coffee. "I should have known that you wouldn't be unfaithful to me, especially on our wedding night, please forgive me?"

Angel smiled a wicked smile and replied, "Oh don't be too sure of yourself 'little prick', (a nickname that she and Dan have apparently given me), it was quite exciting jacking him off! His cock is a lot longer and thicker that yours! And what staying power, I had to keep changing hands to keep going. It must have taken me ten minutes to make him cum! It was really all I could do to keep from taking that beautiful cock in my mouth sucking him! He noticed me looking at his cock and licking my lips while my hands fondled and played with his swollen, throbbing dick. He told me to go ahead, and suck on his chocolate flavored licorice stick to help him cum faster! As tempting as that was I told him, my mouth, ass and pussy, belonged to you, but thanked him anyway!"

After breakfast, Angel and I decided to go swimming in one of the five pools on the ship. We chose a pool that was less crowded and kind of hidden away on the Aloha Deck. There were only three teenage boys in the pool when we arrived. They all looked at Angel in her sexy, one piece bathing suit, cut high in the crotch with a thong back and low cut, just above the nipple line at the breasts. The suit was a thin white material that became almost transparent when wet.

I could see their mouths and eyes open as they looked at my bride. Then they started snickering and whispering to each other, as Angel and I got into the pool.

"Let them look", I thought to myself, "let the little guys have some eye candy. No harm in looking!" It made me proud to see that my bride, in her fifties could have such an effect on the young boys.

We swam a few laps and then I became tired due to my medical condition and laid down on one of the lounge chairs next to the pool.

The boys had now put on their goggles to see better underwater. Angel being aware of this decided to have a little fun with them. I noticed that she had loosened the strap holding her suit up, then went and dove off the diving board. Of course the top of her suit fell down to her waist as soon as she hit the water.

I could see the boys all holding their breaths watching Angel's bare breasts bob around underwater through their goggles while she took her time pulling up her top and feigning surprise. She then, taking her sweet time, retied the strap and got out of the pool and lay down on the lounge chair next to mine and gave me a knowing look.

The boys, seeing the fun was over, scrambled to their towels, trying to conceal their little hard ons, and left, giggling and laughing. Boy will they have a story to tell, not to mention a nice picture in their minds to masturbate to later!

As we lay there, in the sun, we suddenly heard a deep voice asking, "Would you like to order a nice cool tropical drink?" It was one of the ship's waiters. He was Latin, dark, not an inch of fat on his body and very good looking.

He had directed his question to Angel as he stood by her chair, smiling down at her. Angel's obviously erect nipples were pressed tightly against the nearly transparent top of her bathing suit.

"What would you recommend?" Angel asked the young man.

"I've heard 'Sex on the Beach' is good!" he replied, smiling.

"Ooooh sounds delicious! How about you hun?" She asked me.

"No, nothing right now thanks, I'm still hung-over from last night." I replied.

"So I guess it's just me, and a little 'Sex on the beach!" Angel said as she winked at the young handsome waiter.

"Oh boy, here we go again!" I thought to myself.

Part 3

After lying in the sun for two hours I started feeling sl**py and went back to the cabin to take a nap. Angel was flirting with three guys by the pool when I left. I fell asl**p almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

After about an hour the sound of Angel and her three admirers laughing and staggering into the cabin in an intoxicated state woke me. Two of the guys then grabbed me and lifted me from the bed, stripped me against my struggling and protesting and then proceeded to tied me in a chair and duct-taped my mouth.

Angel was laughing at me, helpless in the chair. She pointed at my tiny dick and said "See what I mean, how's a bride suppose to get any satisfaction from that?"

They all laughed and one of the guys said, "Oh you poor baby, don't worry, me and my buddies will take real good care of you. Now, why don't you just give us a little show to get us warmed up?"

Angel went over to the iTunes player and selected a real sexy playlist which we had pre-recorded for our wedding night and started dancing for the men. She spread her legs wide and started undulating her hips in a slow circular motion, lips parted and a dreamy look in her eyes.

She then began touching her body with her hands. She rubbed her hips with her arched palms in small circles, and then slowly moved up to her breasts. As she cupped her tits she squeezed them hard, causing her nipples to become erect and pop out against the top of her bathing suit.

One of the guys moved behind her untying her top, allowing it to fall to the floor.

Angel has magnificent breasts, soft, full and tipped with quarter-sized pink nipples that turn rose colored when they get hard. The three men started breathing heavily as they watched them bounced to the rhythm of the blues music when she danced.

She then slipped her thumbs into the waist band of her swimsuit bottoms, and tugged at it teasingly, slowly inching it down, revealing her bald pubic mound. Just before her pussy came into full view, she turned her back on the men flashing them her bare, plump, pink ass. She jiggled it just enough to show them how soft and supple it was. Then without bending her legs, she bent forward and slipped her bathing suit bottoms down to her ankles, giving them a nice rearview of her ass and pussy as she stepped out of the waistband, throwing it at me. They all laughed when it landed on my head.

She was nude now, except for her high heels. She then turned and faced the three men, showing them her full frontal nakedness as she did a bumped and grind with her hips. She played with her nipples, pinching them until they were red and throbbing.

"Oh no," I thought to myself, "This is going way too far!"

The guys were really getting turned on, and began stripping off their swimsuits and rubbing their hard cocks. All three of their cocks were much larger and thicker than mine. I could feel my own little cock swelling and aching between my legs but my hands were tied and there was nothing I could do to relieve my engorged prick. I was feeling humiliated, angry but incredibly turned on too. So far, it had just been a game between us. Now here she was, dancing naked for three strangers, and just asking to be fucked.

I knew she had taken this beyond the point of no return. She was teasing them and they did not look like the kind of guys that would take no for an answer. I couldn't believe it. What happened to our fantasy? I could see by the look and all their faces, Angel was going to get gang-fucked by these three men and there was nothing I could do about it!

Then one of the men moved behind her and started swaying against her undulating bottom with his hard cock pressing between her ass cheeks as his hands squeezed and fondled her tits, playing with her nipples. Angel gets very hot when her breasts are touched!

Another guy got on his knees between her legs and started licking her cunt while the third man, went over beside her and placed her hand on his cock.

I could tell by the soft moaning sounds coming from her lips she was getting very hot. She reached down and pressed the head of guy on his knees tightly against her pussy lips, smearing his face with her juices and making low a****l moans.

"Do you want something?" The guy whose cock she was holding asked.

"Oh yes!" Angel replied between her moaning and heavy breathing.

"Tell us baby; tell us all what you want." He continued in a mocking tone.

The bastard, he was toying with my bride.

"I want your cocks. I want them in me now!" Angel replied pleadingly.

I felt totally humiliated as he manipulated her.

"And just where do you want our cocks sweetheart?" He chided.

"I want them in my mouth and my pussy and my ass please!" She begged.

All three men laughed as they picked her up and carried her to the bed.

I was furious, frustrated and yet, incredibly turned on. Here was my bride, who I had not even consummated our marriage with, was begging three guys to fuck her! I could not move or even protest!

The first guy lay down on his back on the bed while the two other men lowered her, ass first, on to his cock. They used her own juices to lubricate her tight asshole and gently lifted her up and down until he was buried deep inside.

"Oh yes, that feels so good, oh yes!" She moaned, looking right into my eyes.

She really seemed to like being ass fucked. Hell, she hadn't even let me put a finger up her ass and now she was taking it like a pro!

After she had taken all of his cock deep in her ass, they laid her back against his chest and the second man moved between her legs and started rubbing his cock up and down her wet pussy lips saying, "Do you want my cock too, honey?"

"Oh yes!" Angel replied. "Give it to me now, don't tease me. I want to feel both of you in me at once, please!"

He smiled and slipped his cock all the way in her steaming cunt. She didn't need any lubricating at all. She was ready.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" She screamed, but it was not a scream of pain, it was a scream I had never heard before. It was a scream of pure ecstasy. "Ohhhhhhhh yes, don't stop, give me everything! I feel so full, fuck me hard, harder, oh yessssss!" Angel's eyes seemed glazed over.

I felt tears running down my cheeks. I had never seen her so turned on. How would she ever be satisfied with my tiny, limp prick after this? I wished I had never told her my fantasy. How stupid I was and now I have lost her!

The third man who had been watching the action and rubbing his cock moved up to her mouth and slipped it between her soft lips. Her scream and moans turned to muffled sounds as she deep throated him.

My beautiful bride was now a full service slut, offering all her orifices to these men and loving every minute of it! As humiliated and angry as I was, I couldn't help but fell a sense of pride at the way she was taking everything they had to give her. I could feel myself starting to cum!

The moaning and screaming became louder and louder. We all came together, her, the one in her ass, the another in her pussy, a third in her mouth and me in my chair. Our voices echoed thru the cabin door and down the passageways of the ship! I knew we could probably be heard for at least three decks.

Just then, I suddenly hear Angel's voice. "Darling, darling, wake up. I think you were having a dream. I slowly started to focus on the room around me. I was in the bed, in my shorts with a big wet cum spot on them. Angel was still in her swimsuit sitting beside and we were alone in the cabin. A dream! A damn dream, but it all seemed so real!

"Hurry and get ready for dinner honey and put on your new tux, its formal tonight." Angel reminded me.

Part 4

Tonight was one of the three formal nights aboard ship on our fifteen day roundtrip cruise from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Angel and I were very excited as we changed into our formal attire.

I was wearing a black tuxedo and bowtie. Angel looked magnificent in her royal blue evening gown cut low in front to accent her beautiful milk white breasts. It looked like she had been melted down and poured into it. Every curve and valley fit perfectly.

Just as we were about to leave the cabin, our phone rang. "Hello," I answered.

"Good evening Sir, is this Mr. Hodgkin?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Yes, this is Mr. Hodgkin speaking, how can I help you?" I replied.

"Good evening Mr. Hodgkin, my name is Lieutenant Werzing, I am the ships executive officer and it is my honor and privilege to invite you and your lovely wife to dine at the Captain's table this evening. Are you available Sir?" The Lieutenant inquired.

"Yes we are," I replied in a surprised tone. Usually you had to have had at least three cruises under your belt or be someone very important to get this type of an invitation.

"Very good Sir, Captain Wellworth will be expecting you in the Emerald Room at twenty hundred hours this evening." The Lieutenant replied.

"Who was it darling?" Angel asked.

"I don't believe it!" I responded, "We have been invited by the executive officer to dine at the Captain's Table tonight!"

"Oh how wonderful!" Angel said in her excited voice. "I wonder why they invited us. We didn't even request it on our pre-boarding questionnaire?"

"Beats me, it must be your beauty that has paved the way to our fame and fortune, darling!" I countered.

Angel laughed and through her arms around me and said, "I think it's your distinguished looks. Anyone as handsome and debonair as you must be a very important person!"

"Did you say impotent or important?" I replied.

We arrived at the Emerald Room at eight o'clock sharp. Very snazzy! So this is how the upper crust lives. The waiter e****ted us to the Captain's Table where Captain Wellworth, Mrs. Wellworth and a half a dozen guest were chatting.

Captain Wellworth was a mountain of a man. Easily six foot six and two hundred and eighty pounds and black. I don't know why I should be surprised seeing a black captain in charge of a cruise ship. I guess I didn't think an ultra conservative, English owned cruise line was that liberal.

Mrs. Wellworth was stunning! At least six feet tall, built like a porn star and possessed the chiseled face of a Nubian Queen. When she looked at me I felt like falling to my knees and saying "Yes Your Majesty".

The table had place settings. Angel's place was next to the Captain while mine was at the other end of the table next to his wife. This bothered me a bit but then I thought, "Oh well, when in Rome..."

Captain Wellworth started the conversation which, while directed at both of us, was said looking directly at Angel. He took her little white hand in his massive black hand and said, "I am so glad you two could join us this evening, my nephew Dan, your steward, has told me so much about you." He smiled wickedly at Angel as he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it gently as Dan had, much too long!

Angel blushed at his remarks wondering how much information Dan had divulged .

I looked over at Mrs. Wellworth to see her reaction to this obvious pass her husband was making at my wife. She was piercing my gaze with a look and a cruel smile that seemed to say "You are mine, slave."

I could feel chills run up and my spine causing me to have a visible shiver, which seemed to amuse her.

The rest of the dinner was uneventful with chit chat and small talk. I couldn't help but notice how much attention the captain was giving Angel, who seemed to love his attentions, while he seemed to just ignore me.

Noticing this, his wife, looking at me mockingly whispered. "Your wife seems quite taken with my husband this evening, be careful he has a way of collecting passenger's wives to brighten up the cruise. Don't worry; if he does steal her away, I'm sure you and I can find something to do to pass the time."

"He won't steal my Angel!" I responded, "She loves me very much and is completely faithful to me!"

"Would you care to make a small wager?" She asked.

"What kind of wager do you mean?" I questioned.

"I will bet you that your beautiful bride sl**ps with my husband before this cruise is over." She replied.

"Ridiculous!" I answered. "How much do you want to bet?"

"If I lose, I will have the cruise line refund your entire fare and the extra charges you incur." She countered.

"And if I lose?" I asked.

"If you lose, you will be my slave and sex toy for, hmmmm let's say two days, agreed?" She replied. "Agreed!" I answered happily, knowing I had just won us a free cruise with all expenses paid to Hawaii and back. Angel will be so pleased.

Meanwhile, Angel and the captain got up to dance. I thought to myself, "Isn't it proper to ask the husband's permission first, even if he was the Captain and complete monarch of the ship, manners are manners?"

As I watched them dance to a slow, romantic song, I couldn't help but noticed how they seemed to melt together. Angel had her cheek pressed against his and was smiling as he whispered in her ear. They just seem to float, effortlessly, across the dance floor. I had never seen her dance this way! The way I had always wanted to dance with her but couldn't quite manage it. As they danced his hand slipped lower down her back until one had rested firmly on her buttocks! Angel didn't seem to mind as he squeezed and massaged her ass cheek.

Everyone at the table seemed to notice this but did not seem surprised or shocked. I could hear the guest's murmur, "Aren't they beautiful together?", "Looks like our captain has made another conquest!", "Got to hand it to him, he never seems to miss."

I was fuming! My new bride was acting like a slut on the dance floor, allowing him to fondle her ass and pressing up against him, humiliating me in front of everyone. I decided it was time to "cut in", but as I got up from the table, Mrs. Wellington quickly took my hand and led me onto the dance floor.

Before I could object, she held me tightly in her arms and said. "I wouldn't if I were you. It wouldn't pay to annoy him. He can very vindictive when crossed. Anyway, if she is faithful as you say, there is nothing to worry about, right?"

She was right. Why was I getting so upset? I knew Angel loved me. Why act like a jealous fool! I resigned myself to being a gentleman and overlook this harmless flirtation. It was then I noticed that Mrs. Wellington was leading. Oh well, why not?

After the dance, Mrs. Wellington or Eve, as she insisted I call her, requested I accompany her out on deck for a breath of fresh air. As we walked around, looking at the beautiful moonlight reflection on the water and smelling the ocean air, I felt compelled to ask my beautiful companion a few questions.

"Don't you mind having your husband seducing the female passenger's right under your very nose? I inquired.

"Not at all," She replied. "He has his fun, I have mine, and someone has to console the poor cuckold husbands, right?"

"Well, I guess so," I replied, "but it sounds quite risky to me. What about retaliation from the enraged spouse, possible scandal, law suits?" I asked.

"Listen baby, by the time I'm through with the husband, they're in no position to say anything. Not if they don't want to face complete public humiliation. Beside, what's good for the gander is good for the goose!" She laughed.

By the time we got back to the Emerald Room the dinner party was over. Where was Angel? Where was the captain? I guess she went back to our cabin. I said goodnight to Eve and headed back to our room. When I got there, the cabin was dark and empty! Where could she be?

Part 5

I was worried about Angel. She had not come back from the Captain's Dinner and it was late. Suddenly the phone rang.

"Hello Darling!" It was my precious Angel. "Listen my love," She continued, "I want to play a game. Are you willing?"

"Of course baby, anything you say." I replied relived that she was safe.

"In my black bag you will find four pairs of handcuffs and a ball gag. Go and get them."

My first inclination was to ask her where she was, who she was with, and when will she be coming back, but something inside me said, "Wait. Just follow her instructions, don't question her now."

I found the bag and emptied the contents on the bed. "OK, got it, now what?" I asked my lovely bride.

"Put on the ball gag first. Then take off all your clothes, sit in the chair in front of the television and handcuff your ankles and wrists to the chair but before you do that, turn on the TV and put it on channel 18."

I put on the ball gag and stripped naked. I turned on the TV. I had a little difficulty, located channel 18. It seemed to be some kind of on- board channel but I was finally successful. It showed the inside of a seemingly, vacant, rather handsome luxurious suite aboard the ship. I could hear soft music playing in the background. Then I cuffed both ankles to the legs of the chair and my wrists to the arms of the chair. It was tricky locking my last wrist, but I finally managed.

Then, to my surprise, Angel appeared on the TV in front of me. She walked in front of the camera, wearing just her bra, panties, garter belt, hose and high heels and said, "Come here lover." Which confused me because I was cuffed to the chair and could not come anywhere. Then I saw who she was talking to.

It was our Captain dressed only in a thin black Kimono. He walked on camera and took her in his arms. She looked back on camera, at me and said, "I'm sorry Darling but I just couldn't resist our beautiful captain. He has ordered me to his quarters for a little close arms inspection." At this point, the two of them turned and embraced. It was a long and passionate kiss that said, "We're going to do it!"

I was in shock, my own wife, making love to another man on the big screen TV while I was helpless to stop them or even say anything! I tried to close my eyes but it was like being hypnotized, I could not stop looking at the spectacle on the screen.

Angel then turned and looked at me and said, "Surprised, confused? It's really quite simple. Think of it as a wedding present. I know, deep down inside, you have always wanted to see me make love to a black man. Well baby, here it is, on the wide screen in full Sin-O-Color. You just relax and enjoy the show. Adam, or Captain Wellworth as you know him, is truly a magnificent man and he has agreed to consummate our marriage for you. Isn't that nice of him?"

My head was spinning. Yes, it's true. This has been a fantasy I have had for years. But here it is. A reality. Could I really get off on seeing my precious Angel fucking and sucking this guy, for real! No, Yes, I don't know! I was in total turmoil. So, in silence, I kept watching.

Adam picked Angel up in his arms like she was a feather, and carried her off screen.

"Thank goodness!" I thought. "At least now I won't have to witness him ravish my sweet bride!" I thought too late. Another camera came on and I was watching him lay her down on a King-sized bed on red satin sheets.

Her pale skin and black lingerie contrasted beautifully against the scarlet sheets! He let his robe fall to the floor and stood beside the bed naked, looking down at her the way a lion might look at his prey.

He was truly magnificent! His muscles rippled under his black velvet skin. There was not an inch of fat on his six foot six, two hundred and sixty pound body. His cock was hanging flaccid at least eight inches and his balls were the side of pool balls.

Angel looked up at him and licked her lips. She liked what she was seeing! Her breathing started to increase. Her eyes were full of fire as they appraised this incredible man who was about to take her. Her mouth parted as she licked her lips, which had become dry in anticipation.

I was filled with so many emotions as I watched. My brain was saying, "Yes, yes, fuck her! Giver her everything she needs and deserves, no, no don't touch her, she's mine. She's my wife!"

He started stroking his now erect cock which had grown to its full twelve inches and was as big around as a baseball bat!

Angel eyes widened as she gazed at his manhood. She looked like a small bird that had become mesmerized by a cobra. A small dribble of saliva started running down the side of her face from the corner of her mouth. She took off her bra and panties, leaving the garter belt and hose on to frame her pink and white bald pussy. The light in the room reflected off her moist labia. She was hot, she was ready!

I could hear the captain's voice, teasing her, playing with her, "You like it baby, you like what you see? Does the size of my cock scare you, just a little? Don't worry, I'll take it real slow. I can see you are wet enough. You are going to love this. You will never forget it. You won't even be able to feel you husband's small insignificant penis after I'm through stretching you!"

What he was saying was true. He knew it, Angel knew it, and I knew it. Nothing would ever be the same after tonight. I could not blame him, or her. I could only blame myself. This was my fantasy, my dream. I had planted it in her mind. She loved me more that any woman has ever loved me before. She was doing this out of love. Love for me, to please me. I felt tears of joy and sorrow running down my cheeks.

Angel spread her legs wide, welcoming him to her. She rubbed her thighs and groin and pelvic folds in anticipation.

He got on his knees between her legs. He gently lifted her up while placing two pillows under her ass and lowering her back down. Now her cunt was angled up toward him, beckoning to his cock to come in. I could see a river of quim flowing out of her pussy to help glide him inside her.

He placed the plum --sized helmet of his huge cock, which was already oozing pre-cum, to her glistening pussy lips. Slowly he rubbed the tip up and down her wet pussy lips, teasing, taunting her. "You want it baby?" He whispered, "Beg for it. Let me and you wimpy husband know how badly you want it. Tell us baby."

"Oh god yes! Please give it to me! I need it so bad! I want it, more than anything in the whole world. Please fuck me, please fuck me now!"

"What about your husband," he continued. "Don't you want him instead? I'll take you to him now so he can fuck you instead of me. Would you like me to do that?"

"No, not him, you! I want you! Please, don't tease me anymore, give me what I need!" She begged.

He then fell forward, thrusting his enormous twelve inch cock deep inside her until his balls slapped up against her cunt lips.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" She screamed. It was at first a scream of pain but it quickly turned into a scream of ecstasy.

I was afraid he would split my poor Angel in two, but then I noticed she wrapped her legs around his back and was trying to pull him in even deeper. She moaned and groaned. She cried and begged him to fuck her harder and faster!

He eagerly complied. He fucked her like a jackhammer! It went on and on and never seemed to end. She kept cumming and cumming. It sounded like a five minute orgasm.

I could hear him starting to moan those, "I'm cumming", moans while she said, "Yes, oh yes! Fill me up lover! Shoot you cum deep inside me where no man has ever reached! Oh god, yes! I can feel it squirting inside me; it feels like a fire hose!" She started screaming again with another climax.

I would have screamed too, except for the ball gag. Saliva was running out of my mouth around the gag, tears were pouring down my cheeks, and cum was pouring out of my cock. I had never seen anything like it. It was like watching your wife, starring in the best porn film you had ever seen!

Then, all was still and quite except for our panting, as we all recovered from the amazing three-way climax we had just experienced.

Then my feeling of exhilaration was replaced by shame and sorrow. I have lost her. No, I have given her away, just to feed my sick perverted needs. The captain was right. We will never forget this. Nothing will ever be the same.

As I gazed tearfully at the screen watching my wife and Adam cuddling and cooing in afterglow, I suddenly saw the captain's wife, Eve looking out through the TV at me smiling wickedly and saying, "You lost the bet, slave!"

Part 6

I sat in the chair, handcuffed, gagged, tears rolling down my cheeks. What have I done! What a fool I was! By revealing my fantasies, I had convinced my bride that I truly wanted to be cuckolded and she had set this whole night up to comply with my wishes. She was willing to go along with my sick needs and let another man seduce and fuck her just to please me. She had also arranged it so I would be helpless to stop it, knowing the guilt I would feel by actively permitting it. She had thought of everything, just to please me.

I could not blame her. This was all my doing. And now I had just watched my lovely wife get the fucking of her life! God was she hot! I have never seen her so responsive or cum so hard! Now what? How could I ever follow that? She will never be satisfied with my puny penis again. I had just committed marital suicide!

After their initial encounter, the TV screen had gone blank. I figured after giving me my little show, they wanted some privacy. I wondered how long I would be cuffed to the chair. I hoped the maid service wouldn't find me this way. How embarrassing! Well, if they did, I deserved it. At least they could uncuff me so I could use the toilet. Boy would they have a good story to tell the rest of the staff about the couple in #701.

After a few minutes, I heard the door unlock. It was Angel! "Oh darling, are you ok?" She asked as she undid my gag and started to unlock the handcuffs, "I got back as soon as I could. Adam wanted me to spend the night with him but I told him I needed to get back to you. I hope you liked my little surprise. Isn't this what you always wanted, to see me fucked by a black man while you were helpless to stop it?"

"Yes honey," I blubbered, "but I was wrong! I should have never told you about my fantasy, now I have ruined everything, our love, our marriage, everything!"

"Don't be silly! Nothing's changed. I still love you more than any man in the whole world! You think just because a man has big rippling muscles and twelve inch cock, he can steel me away? I'm disappointed in you! You should give me and our love a little more credit than that!" She scolded.

I was both astounded and relieved. She still wanted me! My tears of sorrow turned to tears of joy.

"Darling, let's spend the rest of the cruise together, just you and me. No captain, no steward, no other men, just us." Angel said while snuggling up in my arms.

"Oh yes baby, let's....oh shit!" I suddenly said.

"What is it?" My wife replied.

"The bet, the damn bet I made with the captain's wife, Eve! " I answered.

"What kind of bet?" Angel asked.

I explained the terms of the bet and how her fucking the captain had lost us a free cruise and how I would now have to be Eve's slave for two days.

"Oh, my poor baby," Angel said, with a slight smile on her face. "I guess we got fucked more ways than one, last night!" Well, a deal a deal and I expect you to be a good slave. I hope she lets me watch. This could be fun!"

"Well," I replied, "You sure are taking this slave thing quite lightly! God knows what she has in mind for me or what I will have to do!"

"Come on now darling," She laughed, "You will just have to man-up, or woman-up to this, depending on what she has in mind. Adam says she can be a real castrating bitch when she wants to be! Whatever she has in mind, I'm sure you will make me proud! Well I think we both had better get some sl**p. I'm exhausted and you know why!" She teased, "And you are going to need all the rest you can get."

We fell into bed and Angel was soon fast asl**p. I lay awake, reliving the evening's events. I was so relieved that I still had her love, and so turned on remembering her magnificent performance! I soon found myself, cock swollen, between her legs, licking her red, ravished cunt. I could taste their love as I listened to the sweet moans of her approaching orgasms. In my excitement, I shot my own cum all over the sheets. She was still mine. I cuddled up to her and fell fast asl**p. It must have been about noon when the phone rang in the cabin, it was like being splashed with ice water, pulling me out of my sweet dreams and back to reality. I let it go to voicemail and listened the Eve at the other end.

"Good morning slave, or should I say, good afternoon. I really enjoyed your wife's performance last night. Of course it was recorded on videotape for legal purposes, and our friend's amusement. Listen slave, your servitude will begin at 10:00pm tonight after dinner. You will come to my private cabin. Just ask your steward, Daniel where it is, and oh yes, bring that pretty wife or yours along. She won't want to miss this! Your attire should be informal, let's say, a pair of panties, under a robe should do nicely. Well, have a nice day slave, and oh yes, one more thing. Except for the hair on your head and eyebrows, I want all body hair removed. Your bride can help you with this. Ta, ta."

I shuddered as I listened to her message. This was going to be a long two days, I thought to myself.

Angel, who had apparently heard the recording, whispered in my ear, "My, she means business. Don't worry, you can always grow you beard back again. It's going to be fun to witness your feminization darling! And did you hear what she said, they taped Adam fucking me! I wonder what I will have to do to get that tape back. Hungry darling? Well, I'm famished, let's go eat. We must keep our strength up, looks like we are heading into some rough waters.

After a buffet breakfast, I went to the Jacuzzi to relax my sore muscles from being cuffed to the chair for three hours last night. Angel said she needed to go shopping and to meet her back at the cabin later.

When I got back to the cabin, Angel was waiting for me. She told me to undress and then proceeded to remove my beard with a pair of electric clippers. She then soaked it with a warm moist towel, lathered me up and shaved the remaining stubble from my face. She preformed the same procedure on my pubic region.

I couldn't believe how I looked. I had not seen my cheeks, chin or upper neck in fifteen years. It took at least twenty years off my appearance and gave me a rather soft, feminine look. My shaved pubes made me look like a little boy with my smaller than average penis. She then put a smelly pink lotion on the rest of my body and after ten minutes, I could feel my body tingling all over. She instructed me to shower the cream off my body.

I was amazed at how effectively the lotion removed my body hair! She then took off the remaining hair with a razor and rubbed a sweet smelling lotion on me, which soothed my itching, burning skin. She led me over to the mirror. I was shocked at how much younger my body looked completely denuded of hair. I felt very naked and exposed.

"There," Angel stated, "That should satisfy your new mistress's wishes! My,but you do look sweet and cuddly!" She started rubbing her hands over my sensitive skin. My cock immediately became hard which prompted her to say, "Hmmm, you do seem to be enjoying this. Maybe I will keep you this way and make my maid!"

"Angel," I replied in an annoyed tone. "You know the only reason I am doing this is because you fucked the captain and made me lose my bet with Eve! Let's don't forget who the man is, and who the woman is in this marriage!"

"Sorry baby" She cooed, "It's just that you look so cute and feminine, compared to your usual macho image, I couldn't resist. Now what color panties did you say you wanted to wear tonight, Mr. He-man?"

We both laughed and I lisped, "Well, blue would be nisth but I think I would prefer some frilly, pink ones pleasth."

We both laughed again and she proceeded to produce some pretty pink lace panties from a paper bag she had brought from the ships store. "I got them for you today," She explained. "The woman in the store asked me if I was sure they weren't a bit large for me. I told her they were for a close friend."

We laughed some more and Angel suggested I put them on under my dinner cloths to get use to them seeing I may be wearing them for a couple of days.

I slipped them on. They really felt sexy against my smooth skin. I thought to myself, "Careful, you are starting to enjoy this a little too much."

We then finished dressing and went to dinner. After dining we went to the Wheelhouse Bar to enjoy some drinking and dancing. While we were dancing cheek to cheek Angel said, "I have never felt your bare face against mine before. It's kind of nice, but I do prefer your snowy white beard. I prefer your rugged, distinguished look!"

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. "Mind if I cut in?" It was the captain's voice. It was more of an order than a request. "I like the new, beardless look, very sweet; it seems to fit you better." He added with a smirk on his face.

My face turned red with anger as I reluctantly handed my Angel over to Adam and went back to sulk at our table. Waiting for me there was Eve. "Well, deja vu," She chided, as we sat there looking at my wife and the captain, pressed closely together as they glided across the dance floor. "I must say you look quite pretty without your beard. I can hardly wait to make you my bitch tonight!" Eve, continued.

I ignored her comment watching Angel press her hips tightly against Adams. "Oh crap, I though. This is going to be a long night!"

Part 7

Eve continued to tease and chide me as I watched my sweet bride being groped and felt up by the captain as they danced at the Boathouse Lounge. I could hear other people laugh and make crude remarks, as Angel and Adam publically humiliated me with their show of intimacy.

Eve said, "Look how beautifully they move together, I'll bet you wish you could dance like that."

I ignored her remarks and just sat there and watched them cavorting on the floor for three dances, listening to Eve's verbal abuse. I couldn't stand it any longer! "Tell Angel, when she comes back that I went to the cabin with a headache." I told Eve.

"I'll do that." She laughed. "See you both at 10pm... slave!"

When I got back to the cabin I was really feeling depressed. This whole cuckold/humiliation thing was getting to me. I know I had started it by telling Angel about my fantasy, but now, the reality was hitting me hard. I decided to let Angel know how I was feeling when she got back. Fortunately she came back a few minutes later.

"Hi darling, how's you headache, are you feeling better?" She asked.

I told her this whole thing was starting to get too me. Her flirtations with the captain, watching her dance and feel her up, the humiliation of everyone knowing he had taken her from me, Eve's constant verbal abuse. "How much was I supposed to take?" I asked.

"Why didn't you mention this sooner, baby?" Angel asked. "I can't read minds. First you say this turns you on, and then it turns you off. How am I supposed to know what you want?"

She had a point. I know I was vacillating back and forth, how she was expected to know what I wanted?

"Listen," I replied, "I have to comply with my agreement with Eve, a bet's a bet, so for the next two days, it's going to be pure hell, but that's it! After that, no more games. Just you and me, OK?"

"It's a deal!" Angel agreed. "Besides, I don't know how much more of his big cock I can take! I am so sore and raw down there, how about some tongue therapy?"

Angel knew just what to say and when to say it. Soon I was between her legs, licking, sucking and tasting her sweet juices! She had four orgasms and I needed a release real bad. I was about to ask her for some nice cocksucking when she said, "Oh my goodness, look at the time. It's ten already. We had better hurry. The later we are, the harder she will be on you. Hurry and put your panties and robe on. I have to get ready too.

Not quite sure what she meant by get ready, I put on my pink panties over my throbbing cock and slipped on my robe. Angel came out of the dressing area wearing her robe and we headed for Eve's cabin.

To the other passengers, we looked like a normal couple on our way to the Jacuzzi or a massage. If they only knew I was a lamb, being led to slaughter.

We located Eve's cabin from the directions given to us by nephew Daniel who smiled knowingly as he wrote them down for us.

We knock on the door several times before she finally answered. "You are twelve minutes late, slave. You can expect a different punishment for every minute you kept your mistress waiting. These punishments will be delivered over the next two days and each punishment will become more severe than the last, but I am feeling merciful. If your lovely bride wishes to take a punishment or two in your place, I will allow it."

Angel and I exchanged anxious glances as we were ushered into her cabin. We were surprised to see her husband Adam, and his nephew Daniel waiting as well. They were wearing black silk boxers and smiling as we entered.

"You remember my husband and Daniel; I invited them to keep your bride company while I punish you, now, strip!" Eve commanded. I hesitated a little but finally let my robe fall to the floor and stood there looking like a fool, completely shaved, wearing my pink panties.

I could hear Adam and Daniel laughing at me and saying, "Boy, look at that sissy, how whipped can you get?" and "So what's a super fox like Angel doing with a wimp like him?"

I felt totally humiliated in front of these two men dressed like a pansy. Eve pointed to the stool next to the dressing table and said, "Sit, it's time to make you up to look like the sissy bitch you are!"

I sat down, broken, resigned to my fate as Eve applied lipstick, eye shadow, and blush to my face. She then topped it off with a blond, curly wig and instructed me to lie across her lap.

"The first thing a slave needs to learn is obedience," She informed me. "You were late and you hesitated to follow my commands. Punishment #1 & 2, coming up. At this point she pulled down my panties, baring my butt for all to see and started administrating a very hard spanking with a hairbrush on my smarting bottom. At first I was able to not cry out, but as she continued, my ass became redder and more swollen.

Soon I found myself crying out. "Please stop, no more! I'm sorry, I won't hesitate again, I promise!"

Eve ignored my pleas and continued administrating my punishment, each swat getting harder.

Soon I was crying like a baby. "Ohhhhhh no, stop, please, I'll be good! I will do anything you want, please stop!"

"Oh you will do anything I want whether I stop or not" Eve stated emphatically. She then stood up suddenly causing me to fall on the floor at her feet. She lifted her boot covered foot to my lips. "Kiss it, lick it. Show me how grateful you are for teaching you not to hesitate in obeying my commands.

Not wanting to incur more of her wrath, I quickly kissed her booted toe and licked the shiny leather surface of her boot.

"Suck it slave, just like you would a cock!" She added mockingly.

Once again I humbly complied with my mistresses wishes. So here I was, dressed like a complete sissy, tear streaks on my face, butt cheeks bright red, sucking the boot to show my gratitude for receiving a spanking for not obeying her quickly enough. And it had only been one half of an hour. Two days! Two days! I'm not sure I can make it.

I quickly glanced around the room as I sucked her boot. Adam and Daniel were laughing and pointing at me saying, "Man he sure sucks that good!", "Probably had a lot of practice!", "Maybe we can give him something else to suck on, that fucking, faggot, sissy!"

My face was turning red with anger and my eyes started to water up with tears of humiliation when I looked over at Angel. She had taken off her robe and I couldn't believe what she was wearing. There she stood in black nylons, four inch high heels and black lace garter belt faming her beautiful bald pussy. She had on a matching black lace bra with the nipples cut out. She looked sooo hot! She was smiling at me and playing with herself! She was actually getting off on this, seeing me feminized, beaten and humiliated! Knowing I was watching her, she walked over to where Adam and Daniel were sitting and squeezed in between them, placing a hand on each of their thighs. She smiled at me wickedly and said, "Be good sissy, and watch me be bad!"

Then I suddenly remembered an agreement we had made. If we ever got into a f***ed sexual situation and neither of us could do anything about it, we agreed to enjoy the moment! She was not doing this to hurt me; she was only obeying our agreement. I felt a little better.

"I didn't tell you to stop licking, slave, don't worry about your pretty bride, she will be well taken care of, just do what I tell you to do!" Eve said as she whipped my behind with a leather strap.

She stopped striking my poor smarting butt and said to me. "That's enough boot licking, suck my cunt, slave and do a good job or you're in big trouble!"

I raised myself up from her boots and looked directly at her cunt. It was shaved and cocoa colored on the outside with pink inner labia. It had a strong musky odor to it. She had a large clit that stared out at me like a tiny penis, begging to be sucked. I started placing soft kisses on her pussy lips and clit. I could taste her juices as I kissed her. I slipped my tongue in as deep as I could at the bottom of her cunt and slowly brought it upward toward her clit. She had a sweet bitter honey taste. I could feel her body jerk as I latched on to her clitoris with my lips and drew small circles on it with the tip of my tongue. She grabbed my hair above both ears and pulled me hard against her.

"That's right slave, suck me, suck me hard, swallow my quim, breath me in, and inhale my scent!"

I had to admit I was getting rather intoxicated with her pussy juice and smell. It was a little difficult to breath, being held so tight but I managed to keep sucking until I felt her cunt and thighs quiver against me and heard her orgasmic cries of ecstasy!

"Very good slave, someone has taught you well!" She said as she slowly released her death grip on my hair. I quickly gasped for air, replenishing my oxygen supply.

"Now, since you have been such a good girl, I can't really call a hairless sissy, wearing panties, make up and wig, a man, or a boy. I am going to show you a little mercy. Your lovely bride can take away two of your remaining eleven punishments by fucking and sucking my husband and his nephew. Remember, I told you each punishment would get worse? What do you say my dear, are you willing to fuck and suck to save your husband from some pain and discomfort, or should I proceed to the next punishment?"

"I'll do it!" Angel replied. "Anything to make it easier on my baby."

"I thought you might," Eve replied. "But just to make it more interesting, slave, I want you to beg them to let you suck their cocks hard so they can fuck your bride. Then I want you to get her pussy nice and wet with your tongue and guide their hard cocks into her mouth and cunt. Now!"

I remembered what Eve had said about hesitating to follow her orders but the idea of sucking cock repulsed me! I look at Angel who was giving me a look that said, "Remember our agreement?"

I swallowed whatever pride I had left and said, "Please Captain Wellworth, please Steward Daniel; let me suck you cocks hard so you can fuck my Angel."

Both Daniel and Adam let out loud laughs, hooting and hollering, "Listen to that sissy fag, begging for cock for his mouth and wife!" and "Man oh man, what a dickless wimp, she sure deserves better than that!"

Eve then put a collar around my neck and attached a leash. She handed the leash to Angel and said, "Go ahead, lead her over to suck the cocks hard, which will soon be pleasing you."

Angel then led me on my hands and knees to Daniel who was standing naked, by the bar. "OK honey, make it hard for me, be a good girl."

"Oh no, now she was calling me a girl too!" I thought to myself. "How much more of this could I take?" And the party was only getting started.

Part 8

Story from Angel's point of view:

My husband asked me to write this next installment due to the fact that he is a bit tied up at the moment. I am more than happy to tell you our story.

As you may or may not remember, my husband and I were in the captain's wife's cabin with him and his nephew Daniel. We were there to pay up on the bet my husband lost to Eve, the captain's wife. So far, my poor hubby had been feminized, spanked and made to beg to suck the cocks of the captain and his nephew to make them hard enough to fuck me. I was fucking them to eliminate two of the eleven remaining punishments my husband had earned by being late and hesitating to obey Eve's command quickly. I know it was a sacrifice, but I was willing to do anything to reduce my poor hubby's suffering.

As I watched him beg to suck the dicks that are about to pleasure me, I couldn't help but feel, a little aroused by the sight of my man, on his knees, sucking cock and a sense of pride that he, who I know takes no enjoyment from licking dick, would be willing to do such a thing, just to give me pleasure and not welch on a bet.

Anyone whould assume that a man in pink panties and sissy make up, being ordered to suck his wife's lover's cocks, has to be a total wimp. Perhaps this is so is some cases, but in my husband's case, this could not be farther from the truth.

I know he is a real man by any definition. He was both in the Navy and the Marines. He fought bravely for his country, saved lives in combat and faced many dangers. He has led a very adventurous life and has lived through many harrowing experiences, fires, flood, a building cave-in, and survived in the wildernes with wolves and freezing temperatures, just by using his wits to stay alive.

He is confident about his manhood. He is neither gay nor homophobic. He has spent his life loving women. All sizes, shapes and colors. He has been married four times, sired three c***dren which have given him three grand c***dren. All of whom love and respect him.

He is a wonderful lover! At sixty-seven, prostate cancer and age have made erections difficult but he makes up in affection, oral, digital, verbal prowess, technique and imagination, what he sometimes lacks in erectile fortitude.

What makes a man, a man, the length, girth and hardness of his cock? Well, perhaps to some, but a real man to me is so much more that an anatomical measurement. He is kind, sensitive, brave, and intelligent. He can lead and follow. He can make decisions, yet is open to other points of view. He can make me laugh, cry tears of joy, cum and feel like a woman who is truly loved. Such a man is my husband, and there is not a man on this planet that can hold a candle to him.

Now, back to the evening and events at hand.

Having sucessfully hardened Daniel's cock to an impressive ten inches; my husband looked over at me with eyes that said, "OK, he's ready darling."

I walked over to them, as Daniel lay back on the bed I straddled his magnificent cock. My sweet little sissy, held it in place while I slowly let his large dick enter my steaming cunt which required no prelubrication. It felt wonderful! It went deeper and deeper, straightening every internal wrinkle in my pussy. It never seemed to stop. I looked deep into my husband's eyes. His expression said, "It's ok baby, enjoy it, enjoy it. And enjoy it, I did! I rode his cock like a rodeo star, bucking and bouncing, holding on to one arm of my husband, and one arm of my lover.

Soon my bucking and bouncing turned to grinding and rubbing my clit and pussy lips against his cock and pelvic bone.

Sitting at the kitchenette bar, I could hear the captain's encouraging crys, "Oh yeah! That's right my sweet little white slut, you fuck my nephew real good, and you, sissy husband, can start sucking my cock hard so I can fuck your pretty wife in the ass. Let me explain to you both, what's going on. I truly love to spice up these cruises with some nice sexy playtime. I have every cabin on close circuit TV. This lets me know who would be a good choice for our fun and games. In this instance, my nephew tipped me off when you asked him to help humiliate your husband, and then jacked him off. We got the whole thing on video, plus all the action since then. This qualified you two to be our next victims! You see, you are both going to have to be very cooperative to get those videos back. We do this on every cruise!"

I could see my hubby's face turning red with anger at having been taken in so completely and knowing there was nothing he could do at this point but comply. Call the authorities? One look at those videos and "case dismissed", not to mention the public humiliation when copies were sent to f****y, friends and employers. They had us by the short hairs, except we were both shaven.

While my sissy sucked Adam's cock, the captain said to me, "Tell us all bitch, tell us how good it feels to be stuffed full of black cock! Go on tell your sissy wimp husband how it feels!"

"Oh honey," I gaspped. "It feels wonderful. Daniel is fucking me sooo good! I think, I think...oh god yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Yes, yes, yes, more, yes, don't stop! Don't you dare fucking stop, ahhhhhhhhhh!"

"You hear that sissy?" Adam asked, "She loves it! Wait till I get my cock up her pretty little ass, now suck me harder and get me ready!"

Eve joined in on the chiding of my poor hubby. "You heard him bitch, keep sucking and do a good job. Once you get him hard, lick your wife's ass and put my man's cock right on her cute little anus!"

My poor, humiliated husband sucked Adam's cock to its full twelve inches, he then licked and sucked my asshole and lined up the captain's cock. Daniel stopped his continuous pounding of my pussy to allow his uncle to enter my ass. It felt amazing, two cocks in me at the same time. I had never felt so full! I could feel both cocks rubbing against each other through to thin layer of skin between my pussy and ass. It was an amazing sensation!

At this point, Eve yanked on my husband's leash, and had him bend over in front of her, facing us. She had put on a large strap on dildo and was lubricating my honey's asshole. She smiled down at my humiliated baby and said, "I think you should share in your pretty slut wife's experiences, so I am going to fuck your ass, while she is getting her plump little ass reamed!"

She slowly inserted the dildo into his ass. I could see his eyes widen and hear a moan escape from his lips as she entered him. I knew it was painful for him. We had played a little "I fucked him," game at home and his anus was very tight and sensitive. Now he was being ruthlessly fucked by a much bigger dildo, by a woman who was showing him no mercy. Soon he started to get use to it and I could hear his crys of pain, turn into moans of pleasure. His butt was getting into the rhythm of things and he even was starting to move back to meet her thrusts.

In the meantime, Adam and Daniel continued their ravishing of my cunt and ass. The picked up their pace. It was really getting to me! I could feel them swell. A woman usually knows when a man is about to cum. There are several warning signs. The way he breaths, his moans, the way he moves his cock and the changes in his body motion. I could feel both of the men's climaxes building, not to mention my own. Eve too was starting to exhibit the sounds of a woman approaching orgasm as she rubbed her clit against the dildo ravishing my husband's asshole. Even my sweet hubby was about to get off from the relentless massaging of the dildo against his prostate.

Suddenly the room became a symphony of moans, groans, crys, screams and yelling. It was a five-way orgasm! We had all gotten each other off in one way or another. I am sure everyone on the ship could hear our crys of pleasure!

For about three minutes, there was complete silence in the cabin as we all lay there, exhausted, satiated and satisfied. I could feel both cocks in me shrivel. It felt like I had a cup of cum in each of my orifices.

Eve finally broke the silence by saying, "OK slave, clean up time!"

My poor husband, gathering what strength he had left, crawled over to me and started licking and sucking the cum running out of my pussy and ass. I know this was hard for him because he did not like the taste of even his own cum. I was proud to see him soldier on, licking me until I was clean!

"Now them!" Eve said, pointing at the two men's cocks.

My poor hubby was grimacing and gagging as he went from one cock to the other, licking them clean while the men laughed and teased him. "That's right sissy, taste your wife's pussy juice on my cock?"and "Do you detect a little lower intestinal flavor on my cock, bitch?"

At this point, Eve let us go to sl**p, me, between Adam and Daniel, and hubby, leashed and collared, at the foot of her bed.

The captain and his nephew fucked me and made me suck them a couple of times that night. Eve, getting turned on by the sounds of our copulating, had my husband suck her pussy and ass, giving her three orgasms.

We finally all fell asl**p and were awakened in the morning by room service, serving us a magnificant breakfast.

The next twenty four hours were pretty much a repeat with some variations and more punishments to my poor husband. Finally at about nine that evening, Eve told us his debt was paid in full and was even giving us an hour off early for good behavior. She warned us that everything was videoed and to keep our mouths shut or the tape would be made public.

We were both relieved that it was over. We put on our robes and staggered back to our cabin for showers and a sound night's sl**p, feeling sore, exhausted and emancipated, all at the same time.

Part 9

Angel and I were pretty much left alone for the rest of the cruise. We had a wonderful time, visiting the islands, walking on the beaches, playing in the surf and enjoying the sites of Hawaii.

We also enjoyed the ships facilities. We went to the nightclub shows, swam in the pools, watched first run movies and enjoyed the amazing cuisine offered almost twenty-four hours a day.

We figured the Captain and his wife had gotten their fill of us and were busy tormenting other passengers. We had seen them both in passing and they were polite, nodding and giving us knowing smiles.

It was the last night aboard ship before we sailed to Ensenada and then home to Los Angeles. We were in our cabin getting ready for dinner when the phone rang.

"Good evening," It was the Captain's wife's voice. "My husband and I would like you to join us and some friends after dinner in our cabin for a "Bon Voyage" party. We want to say goodbye and give you the tapes we shot of our last get together. Shall we say around nine?"

Both Angel and I knew it was not a request but a demand. Well, what the hell, one last night and then we will be free of them forever. Besides, we wanted those tapes back.

We arrived at the Captain's cabin promptly at 9pm. We were greeted by Eve, the Captain's wife. She ushered us into another room and explained what was to transpire that evening.

"We have left you two alone during your cruise but now it is time to pay the piper. During your cruise, you have been catered to, given top service and treated like royalty.

Tonight, in appreciation, you will serve us. There will be two other couples who are, shall we say, in the same boat as you. They have kept us busy and entertained while you two were enjoying the rest of your cruise.

All six of you will be our slaves for tonight's party. You will serve us drinks, refreshments, and do whatever is requested of you. Any hesitation or refusal will have severe consequences.

Your videos will be sent to your employers, friends and families. However, if you cooperate, you will be given your videos and all charges for the cruise will be refunded to your accounts. Do I make myself clear?"

Angel and I nodded meekly as Eve continued.

"First of all, strip. You will remain nude this evening for our guest's pleasure. The guests attending tonight are all close friends who often travel with us and participate in our little parties. You will immediately follow any and all of their instructions.

They will be arriving in a few minutes. So will the other two couples. You will strip now and wait in here until your co-slaves arrive. You will not talk to the other slaves and only speak to the guests when asked a direct question. Now strip!"

Angel and I quickly removed our clothing, knowing the consequences for hesitating to obey an order. My wife looked magnificent in her naked glory. Her faced was flushed with embarrassment, her nipples proud and erect. Even my usually flaccid penis was beginning to engorge, caught up in the excitement of the evening.

We heard a knock at the door from the next room and soon the two other couples were ushered into the room and given the same speech we had been given upon our arrival. The first couple was younger than Angel and I.

He looked like he might be an athlete or in the military judging by his short hair and buffed body. His cock was a respectable 8-9 inches and he had chiseled good looks. He wife was a knockout, a curvaceous redhead with large rose-colored nipples and a shaved pussy.

The other couple was Asian. She was a dark-haired beauty of about forty, slim and graceful. He was short but well built with an average sized cock.

We waited, naked in the other room, nervously glancing at each other, forbidden to speak. We all knew that we had all experienced the servitude of the Captain, his wife and friends previously and wondered what lie in store for us tonight.

We didn't have to wait long. Eve summoned us into the front room and started giving orders. She looked at me and said, "You will be our bartender, and Angel will serve the refreshments. The Mings will act as butler and maid, answering the door, taking the coats and help serve the refreshments.

Bill and Cynthia, you will assist any of the guests who wish to use the Jacuzzi or Sauna with disrobing, toweling off or getting them robes. Are they any questions? Good. Remember, no speaking to each other and only speak when asked a question by one of the guest, above all, you are not to refuse any request, no matter what. Do I make myself clear?"

We all nodded in compliance, looking sheepishly at each other, waiting for the guests to arrive.

The first guests to arrive were the ship's doctor, Michael Burns and his wife Mary. They looked like William Powell and Myrna Loy from the Thin Man movies. They were followed by a fortyish black couple, John Wells and his wife Aziza. He looked like a NFL football linebacker and she had the presence of a beautiful African Queen with a Grace Jones look about her.

Next were the Captain's nephew Daniel and his friend Bodiddy. Finally the Gillians arrived, a scary couple to say the least. He reminded me of the deceased actor George Sanders and she resembled the ex-thriller host Elvira.

The guests were greeted by the naked Mings who bowed respectfully and took their coats and raps. Angel offered refreshments and I mixed the drinks. The guests smirked at us in our naked and submissive states.

Daniel and Bodiddy had Bill and Cynthia assist them in disrobing and got in the Jacuzzi. I brought them cold beers. They decided they both needed to have their cocks sucked and Angel and Cynthia were assigned that task.

I kept mixing drinks while I glanced over to the Jacuzzi and watched my wife and the redhead take the huge black cocks into their mouths.

Cynthia's husband, Bill was seething as he watched his beautiful wife take a load of cum in her mouth and she was then ordered to gargle the semen and blow a few cum bubbles but not to swallow, for everybody's amusement. Bill knew there was nothing he could do and tried to remain cool.

Mr. Gillian, sensing Bill's anger decided to push the envelope a little. He told Bill to go over to Bodiddy and thank him for coming in his wife's mouth and French kiss her so he too could enjoy the taste of black semen. Bill followed his instructions to the amusement of the guests.

I realized that if we showed any emotion, it would be used against us by the guests and decided to remain as calm as possible. After Angel had sucked Daniel to completion she was told to snowball Cynthia with his load. The two women looked lovely embracing and passing the cum in their mouths back and forth to each other.

Meanwhile the Mings were instructed to sixty-nine each other on the floor while the Captain and the doctor fucked them both in the ass. As their passions rose the other guests chanted "Cum, cum, cum," repeatedly and applauded until all four of the participants reached orgasm.

The Mings were then ordered to lick and clean the cocks that had just penetrated their asses.

I watched the various scenes unfolding before me. It was like watching a porno orgy movie. I suddenly heard Aziza's voice addressing me, bringing me back to reality. It was soft but commanding. "Come here slave and kneel before me. Kiss my feet and worship your queen!"

I quickly fell to my knees before her and pressed my lips to the toe of her boot. She in turn placed the other boot heel on my back.

"Look between my legs slave and tell me what you see." She said.

I looked up from her boot and saw that she had lifted her dress to expose he beautiful brown hairless cunt with its pink inner labia. She was moist and I could smell the intoxicating musk exuding from her lovely pussy.

"I see the gates to the kingdom and paradise just beyond mistress." I replied.

She smiled, or rather smirked down at me and said, "Very good slave, someone has taught you well. Would you like a taste of paradise?"

"Yes please Mistress. I would be deeply honored to taste your honey and feel your moist cunt anoint my face." I respectfully replied.

"The do it, slave. Inhale and taste my sweet nectar and don't stop until I tell you." She commanded.

I became lost in my task. I was completely into my submissive zone, sucking and licking and breathing her essence when suddenly I felt someone spreading my ass cheeks and lubricating my anus.

I dare not look around to see who it was for risk of incurring Aziza's wrath for interrupting my oral administrations.

I suddenly felt something hard and large against my rectum. It was not a real cock because it had no give to it. I realized that one of the other women there had strapped on a dildo and was about to fuck me with it.

At first it hurt but I fought the urge to tighten up and relaxed as best I could. It worked. The pain started to subside as I yielded to the plastic phallus that was assaulting it.

The pain was replaced with pleasure as the dildo rubbed against my prostate and soon caused the semen in my balls to involuntarily rise through my penis and spill out on the cabin floor.

The woman behind me laughed and pulled out the dildo which made a popping sound and said, "What a good little faggot. You came quickly; I'll bet you love a big cock in your ass!" It was the Captain's wife Eve's voice.

It was not pleasurable. It was more like a reflex action which I had no control over. I had been milked like an a****l.

Meanwhile Aziza, who was pulling my by my hair so tight against her quivering cunt I could not breath, began to cum. She came violently crushing my face.

I was close to suffocation. I started feeling dizzy from lack of air and was about to pass out, when she finally came and pushing me back with her boot, sent me tumbling backwards on the floor.

As I started to regain my equilibrium, I looked up and saw Eve, smiling down at me with the dildo strapped to her groin.

"Ok faggot," She said, "You can thank me for giving you your puny little orgasm by laying on your back while I straddle your face so you may pay homage to my cunt.

I quickly rolled over to oblige her as she ripped off her dildo and pounced on my face smothering me and drowning me in her copious juices.

Once again I found it difficult to breath. I knew if I didn't make her cum quickly, she could easily suffocate me with her luscious pussy and thighs.

I quickly drew in a deep breath as she resettled herself on my face and using my lower lip to anchor her clitoris, started circling it with my tongue, carefully avoiding direct contact until I heard her start to moan.

I then quickly ran the flat of my tongue back and forth across her clit to create the most friction possible and listened to her screams as she came against my mouth.

At first she just collapsed on top of me but fortunately I could manage to get enough air to keep me going by arching my head forward and breathing through my nose.

She rolled off me and said, "You will be punished for making me cum so fast bitch, I prefer my slaves savor my pussy longer before licking me to orgasm. First get up and mix me a Manhattan, on the rocks.

I got up and headed for the bar. My jaw ached, my ass burned and I felt like I had been ****d by the Hell's Angels. I had made her cum too soon and was in big trouble. Worst of all, I had no idea how to mix a Manhattan.

I looked around the bar at the Captain's party and found a "Bartender's Guide to Mixing Drinks." I quickly looked up the recipe for a Manhattan and mix the drink for Eve. She grabbed the drink from my hand and took a swig.

"Not bad for a beginner," She informed me and walked away from the bar looking for another slave to torture.

As I looked around the room I could see that the Gillian's were putting my Angel through her paces. She was on her knees with her face buried in Mrs. Gillian's crotch while Mr. Gillian took her doggy style from behind.

The Mings were giving blow jobs to Daniel and Bodiddy while the Doctor and he wife, spanked them with belts. Bill and Cynthia were busy fucking the Captain and his wife.

It was nice to be left out for a change and I must admit the various scenes going down were quite erotic.

After a few more orgasms it seems everybody was ready for a break. "Let's go for a swim," the Captain stated and we all adjourned to his private pool just behind his cabin.

It was really refreshing, the water was about eighty-five degrees and there were millions of stars that you don't see from the mainland blotting out the sky.

Angel swam over to me and said, "How are you doing baby, holding up ok?"

I took my new bride in my arms and gave her a long lingering kiss. She tasted like Daniel's semen and Mrs. Gillian's pussy. "I'm ok, how about you?" I asked.

"My anus is sore from Mr. Gillian's cock. I'll just be glad when this night is over and we can go back to our own lives!" She answered.

After the swim, well all put on our terry-cloth robes and returned to the Captain's cabin. We were expecting to once again be told to strip and resume our slave status but instead we were told to dress.

We dressed and returned to the main cabin room. The Captain then informed us that we were no longer slaves and had paid our dept and passed out the tapes which they had used to blackmail us with.

We then spent the rest of the evening being served drinks and refreshments by the Captain's staff. We were treated like equals and spent a very pleasant evening chatting with the other guests just like a normal cocktail party.

As we were preparing to leave, the Captain informed us that we were now part of the "Captain's Circle" which entitled us to VIP treatment for the rest of the cruise and any future cruises.

All charges on our credit cards were cancelled and refunded to our account. We were given express disembarkation privileges and there was a limousine waiting for us to take us home.

The cruise was over, it had cost us nothing but a little humiliation. We were told that all future cruises would be half price and we would be given automatic upgrades and VIP treatment as a permanent part of the Captain's Circle. We can hardly wait for our next cruise.
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14 cruises and I have been cucked on almost every one of them
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good story
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1 year ago
Finally black women weren't completely left out of the domination. Wish she spanked the white girl or slapped the white guy's balls though
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wonderful story. Very well written and detailed.