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Cuckold Lexicon

Cuckold - is a man that is married to a woman that has other men for lovers. The husband is aware she has other lovers and accepts this. Sometime the couple may just be boyfriend and girlfriend. The cuckold also often does cleanup of the wife and her lovers after sex.

Cuckoldress - is a woman who is involved in a cuckold relationship with a cuckold. Sometimes the Cuckoldress also takes on the role of a strict dominant or disciplinarian. The relationship in many ways revolves around her wants.
In a cuckold relationship the Cuckoldress will take on other lovers aside from her partner. Her partner is called a cuckold. She may or may not choose to have sexual contact with her partner.
Just how many lovers the Cuckoldress has is up to her. Sometimes the Cuckoldress will just take on an xtra lover or two. But in other cases the Cuckoldress will take on many lovers, even dozens of lovers.
More women these days are taking on the role of a Cuckoldress. Sometimes their partner will know, but in cases they will not.

Cuckold Cleanup - is an important part of a cuckold marriage or relationship. The cuckold must know how to do a very good cleanup of both the wife as well as the bulls. Strict punishment should be gien to any cuckold that fails to do a good cleanup job.
Getting your cuckold to do a good cleanup takes only a small amount of training. For many a cuckold it should come naturally. But some cuckolds show a little resistence or are just being lazy. There are simply no exceptions on this. The cuckold should know the importance of doing a cleanup and do it good every time. It is important that the wife always checks to make sure the cleanup standard of her cuckold is always the best.

Cuckold Wedding is a very special day for both the cuckold and the Cuckoldress. There is much planning to be done. Although the cuckold wedding has all the basic features of a regular wedding, it has many other features that are unique to the cuckold relationship.
Often in a cuckold wedding, the Cuckoldress will invite along some of her lovers. One of her lovers may even be the best man. Often the Cuckoldress will spend the night before the wedding with one or more of her lovers. And often she will spend the wedding night making love to her lovers as her new cuckold husband performs his new duties. The cuckold husband may also be expected to give wedding gifts to his wife`s lovers.

Cuckold Contract. When a Cuckoldress and a Cuckold start out its a good idea to put a Cuckold Contract in writing. This is common practise in many Cuckold relationships and makes a lot of sense.
If you do decide to draw up a Cuckold Contract dont rush it. Take your time. Talk about it first. Write down a general outline of the contract first. Develop the Cuckold Contract over a few days or weeks before you decide on the final copy. The bulk of the Cuckold Contract will be about what the Cuckoldress wants, but make sure to add a little for the Cuckolds needs also. A long term happy Cuckold relationship needs input from both partners.
A good outline in the Cuckold Contract is to include all the rules and regulations that the Cuckold must follow. Also write in detail the expectations of what the cuckold must do. Make sure the Cuckold signs all areas of the contract.
Be open to change the Cuckold Contract over the years as circumstances change. You may need to add changes or remove some stuff that is no longer needed. A Cuckold Contract should serve more as a guide line and be open to change as the Cuckold relationship develops.

Cuckold Humiliation. When involved in a cuckold relationship, the humiliation of the cuckold can become an important part of such a relationship. Just how extreme that humiliation can become is usually up to the femdom.
Humiliation is often a very big turn on for the cuckold. In the case of a cuckold marriage, the wife will often gain great pleasure from the long term humiliation of the cuckold husband. That humiliation can come in many forms.
The most obvious humiliation is when the wife is with her other lovers. Often she will engage in verbal abuse and verbal degradation of the cuckold in front of her lovers. Sometimes the bulld will also get involved in the verbal humiliation. Sometime the wife will get the cuckold husband to thank the bulls for sl**ping with his wife.
The femdom might get the cuckold to lick clean the used condom of her lovers. Or dress the cuckold in a sissy maid outfit at home and get him to do the house chores. The list of ways to give cuckold humiliation is endless. In a long term cuckold marriage the wife will have many years of giving humiliation to her cuckold husband.

Fluffer - is a person employed to keep an adult film star aroused on the set. These duties, which do not necessarily involve touching the actors, are considered part of the makeup department. After setting up the desired angle, the director asks the actors to hold position and calls for the fluffer to "fluff" the actors for the shot. Fluffing could also entail sexual acts such as fellatio or non-penetrative sex.

Bisexual Cuckold. Sometimes a Cuckoldress will require the services of a Bisexual Cuckold. The Cuckoldress might enjoy watching the bisexual cuckold serve her lovers as well as other men in a sexual way. The Cuckold himself may not be bisexual, but the Cuckoldress has trained him to be bisexual.
The bisexual cuckold may be fucked to serve other men in front of the Cuckoldress or sometimes when she is not around. For example, she may phone the bisexual cuckold and tell him to go around to visit and serve one of her lovers.

Cuckold Handjob. Anyone would think a cuckold giving a handjob to one of his wifes lovers would be a simple thing. Lets face it, every man knows how to give himself a handjob. But a cuckold givimh himself a handjob is very different to giving a handjob to one of his wifes lovers.
The thing is that each of the wifes lovers will want a handjob done in a different way. So the cuckold will need to learn a new way each time a new lover appears on the scene for the wife. This is just part of the ongoing training for the cuckold and he should look forward to this. A cuckold husband will really want to know he is giving the best handjob he can to all his wifes lovers.

Cuckold Deep Throat Training. Having a cuckold that can deep throat the lovers of his wife is an essential part of any cuckold marriage. For some cuckolds this comes naturally, but for other cuckolds they struggle with the ability to give good deep throat. Some cuckolds resist giving throat and this can be a problem. Other cuckolds are just naturally lousy when it comes to giving good deep throat. Whatever the reason for these problems is in the end irrelevant, because it is essential that is cuckold can give great deep throat to the Bulls. This is why Cuckold Deep Throat Training is important.
Deep throat training is not easy and can take many months of practise to get it perfect. The more lovers a wife has the better, because this will give the cuckold more training at deep throating. The wife will be doing her cuckold husband a big favour by having many lovers. And the more well hung her lovers the better. The wife shold use very strict discipline in training her cuckold on how to deep throat good. And she should make sure that every time the deep throat is performed to the highest of standards.

Wifes Lover Humiliating a Cuckold. The Wifes Lovers Humiliating a Cuckold is often part of a cuckold relationship. Watching the Wifes Lover carry out the humiliation of the cuckold can be a nice experience and a lot of fun. The Cuckoldress will often find great pleasure from watching her lovers as they go about humiliating the cuckold.
The humiliation of the cuckold can include verbal, discipline, and other such things. The Cuckoldress may join in with the wifes lover on the humiliation of the cuckold. Sometimes a group of the Wifes Lovers will join in together to humiliate the cuckold.

Cuckold Husband Watches Wife. Often in a cuckold marriage the cuckold husband watches the wife when she is with her stud lovers. Sometimes for the cuckold he will enjoy this, but for other cuckold husbands they will be humiliates by watching while their wife makes love to other men.
Not all cuckolds are allowed to watch the wife when she is with her lovers. It really is a case by case situation that is up to the wife to decide. Sometimes the cuckold husband will only be allowed to listen, maybe through the wall or over the phone. At other times they will watch in person and sometimes be active in doing the cleanup.

What Turns a Cuckold On. There are usually many different things that will turn a cuckold on. It must be remembered that each cuckold is different. So what turns one cuckold on is different to another cuckold. The best way to find out what turns a cuckold on is through trial and error. Lets face it, it will be very obvious what is turning him on.
Some cuckolds are more turned on by the thought of something then it actually happening. This is where cuckold fantasy comes into play. Other cuckolds may be turned on by just having the wife tell him what happened, but not by being actually involved. Yet other cuckolds need to be actually involved to get turned on. Some get turned on by watching their wife make love to another man. Some cuckolds get turned on by doing cleanup. It may be only thing or a group of things that can turn a cuckold on.

Cuckold Foot Worship. In a cuckold relationship the Cuckold will be required to do foot worship. This foot worship may be of both his wife and her lovers. The foot worship can take on many forms for the cuckold, from kissing her feet to helping maintain them. Sometimes the cuckold will worship her feet while she is with her lovers.
The cuckold may also be required to worship the feet of the various studs that make love to his wife. This may also take the form of cleaning the shoes of her lovers. The cuckold may be the one to remove the shoes from the feet of his wife. Cuckold foot worship is very popular in a cuckold relationship, so if your not already doing it then now is the time to start.

Cuckold Honeymoon. A Cuckold Honeymoon will take a lot of talking and planning to make sure it is the perfect honeymoon. It is a honeymoon for both, so they both will need to gain pleasure and happiness from such a honeymoon. The new hotwife will be eager to use the honeymoon for some time with her many lovers. The new cuckold husband will be keen to be serving as a cuckold during the honeymoon.
The big question facing the newly married couple is if the hotwife should take along some of her lovers with her on the honeymoon or maybe she will just pick up some new lovers during the honeymoon. It may be that she will leave the cuckold husband at home and celebrate the honeymoon with one or more of her lovers. The new cuckold husband will certainly be keen to show off his cuckolding skills during the honeymoon.

Cuckold Condom Cleaning. It is very common in a cuckold marriage for the cuckold to be trained to do condom cleaning of the lovers of the wife. Sometimes the wife will return after spending the night with her lovers and she will give the cuckold husband a reward by allowing him to clean the condoms of her lovers.
The cuckold husband will give the condom a good cleaning often will his wife will watch and laugh. Many cuckold husbands love to do the cleaning of the condoms of the lovers of their wife.
At other times the cuckold will be present when the wife is with her lovers. Sometimes the cuckold will place the condom on the overs and remove it after for cleaning.

Kiss of Shame. Hubby coaches his slutwife on, as she buries her face into a black mans anus. She then proceeds to kiss, lick, and tongue the area, an act of ritual worship showing her devotion to black cock domination.

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