The price of blackmail - the red leash

So, this guy had a camera memory disk full of photos of my wife brazenly naked and parading in our local woods. We should have been more careful and discrete. But the damage was done. Should she agree to meet with him? Quite a problem, but my wife didn’t want the exposure; if the photos were made public she might lose her college job. We both decided to play along. On the night of the meet we both knew she was going to get fucked by this guy but didn’t really feel comfortable to talk about it. Just pretend it was a harmless date. She drove herself around to the guy’s campus apartment while I stayed home – getting quietly intoxicated to cope will the stress (or was it the thrill). About 3am she was back and I met her at the door. She looked odd. Wrapped in her short white coat I could tell her dress was missing and she had a new red necklace. I asked her to open her coat. Sure enough no dress, instead chain-mail panties, a nipple chain and what looked like a red dog-collar around her neck attached to a red leash! What had happened?

She had arrived at the guy’s apartment; they’d talked and agreed that she’d strip for him. Both were drinking lots of red wine and my wife admitted that she was beginning to enjoy it – sitting there naked with a cute, much younger guy. She knew he had a decent cock, thin but long and cut, at least 8 inches. So why not enjoy herself? She’d always preferred that type of cock, a nice mouthful with plenty of shaft to stroke while she sucked. But before she could make a grab for it he wanted to play a game. Getting her on the floor on all fours he wanted to ‘pet’ her. ‘Let’s make this even more fun’ he’d said taking out chain-mail panties and a nipple chain that she was happy to wear. When the red leash came out however she got scared. Not done anything like that before, it took a while to persuade her to slip it around her neck and be led around the room on hand and knees. Soon she was sat curled up on the floor, at the guy’s feet while he stroked her head telling her what a nice ‘pet’ she was. ‘Did she enjoy being his pet’? ‘Was she a good girl’? The combination of the red wine, the embarrassment of being naked and the pressure from the clamps on her nipples soon had her panties soaking and more and more she was thinking of cock. But abruptly there was a knock on the door and two other young guys walked in. Finding herself firmly tethered to the chair by the leash there wasn’t a lot she could do. Soon they had her bent over on all fours, panties pulled down and all three stroking her, saying what a good, obedient puppy she was. She knew her face was now bright red with embarrassment while their stroking soon led to probing. She felt fingers probe into her mouth, pussy, squeezing her tits, eventually even probing her ass. Before long two guys were spreading her cheeks while each took it in turns to roughly finger-fuck her ass. Soon it was stinging so bad, so sore that she was on the verge of tears. That was when one guy announced ‘she’s ready’. No doubt they were each going to fuck her now. She had mixed feelings, these were post-graduates at her own college, it was too risky! But she wanted the memory card and also now she admitted she wanted the sex as much as they did. We’d both discussed many times how she’d always secretly fancied a lot of these young guys – even ones in her own class. So reaching behind she’d decided to do herself a favor and make it as easy as possible for these leering nerds. Just to get it over. Drooping her face to the floor she reached back to spread her ass and pussy wide – easy access for what was to come. Lots of cheers and lots of noise. Obviously was just what they wanted, confirming that she was as slutty ‘doggie-bitch’ as they’d always expected. But to her surprise, instead of a hard rod, the next thing she felt was a long, wet tongue, licking, probing and slurping at her clit, pussy and ass. Her ass being deeply tongued was a first but a welcome relief after the rough fingering her bum had suffered. But the surprises were not over –looking over her shoulder she saw not a guy’s face buried between her ass-cheeks but a young, pony-tailed girl. Must have been sneaked into the apartment during all the noisy cheering (was this planned?). Also she was a student for one of the very classes she’d taught that week!

While my wife recounted her ordeal she’d shown me how they’d humiliated her, making her parade on all fours and be tugged along on the end of the leash. All so that she’d get this second memory card back. Degrading humiliation was the price of blackmail and we were prepared to pay it. She’d even had to ask for her red vibrator to help to ease the burning soreness in her pussy while we talked. Off I went to top up our wine-glasses only to return to see my wife now sprawled on the bed, legs spread wide furiously fingering herself, oblivious to me entering the room. I knew then that she’d enjoyed herself and couldn’t wait to hear the rest. No wonder she’d looked so exhausted on her return, even forgetting to take off the red leash. What would she tell me next?

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17 days ago
Love your guys sexy stories - more, more, more.....please.....
1 year ago
Superb - pls next chapter .....
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Love this, keeps getting better and better
2 years ago
This is great please continue
2 years ago
great story, update the rest asap please!!
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good plot cant wait to see where its going
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good story and it and looking forward to the next....what a dilemma for her being both turned on and the gossip that probably results...omg
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photos as well good story keep it up 5/10