A haunted night of sorts

A bunch of us got together to go to the local haunted prison it is supposed to be not only a holloween trick but a real haunted historical mark and we could not wait to try it out and they had a special where you could spend the night in a true haunted cell and since they were only allowing two to a cell I wanted it to be a man of coarse one that was hot and sexy at least. So about 10 of us poured into the truck and made our way to the village that this huge structure still stood it had been closed for years due to project cuts and the needing of rebuilding became more expensive then to just rebuild so they left it a tourist attraction and we had finally made it and it was huge to say the least and it was even more alluring then that of the movie that had show cased it some years ago. It was just massive and scary and I could not wait to get inside and the crew we were with laughed as we got in line and registered to get our room assignments and where everyone was going to be. we all coupled up and for some reason their were like 10 cells between us so we were in 5 cells but taking the space of 50 so we had a whole corridor together just us and then we noticed everyone else was there just for the frightening haunted house then going, poor saps they would never know what they were missing. We had all came on costume and I had dressed as a juggalette and my mate was a juggallo and we decided to settle in whole the crowd dispersed from the hauntings. We went into our cell to see what we had signed up for and every step we took echoed thru the whole place like you could hear a pen drop so I already knew sex was going to be interesting because unless we used some music or something they would hear everything so we had to be inventive to say the least considering the fact that i was an over grown screamer and i was having kinky sex here could care less what anyone else did but i was surely leaving my mark on this place. I had brought a dude I had met on the computer some time ago and he was all full of energy to be here as well and we had never been intimate yet but had talked about it. Since it was going to be a while before we all headed to the festivities i figured i would start some of my own and i grabbed joey and puled his zipper down and grabbed his soft but yet still firm thick cock and brushed my fingers along it and stroked it till it started to wake up and ran my tongue over the mushroom head of his beautiful pink muscular cock and then he grabbed my hair two handfuls of it and slammed my head down upon his cock and i suppose he was waiting to see me gag but he had no clue to the fact that i had no gag reflex and he just slammed my face over and over again into his crotch as his length grew and grew and it felt so good moving in my throat and i flicked my tongue along his length as it came across my tongue and i wanted him in me so bad my pussy was soaking wet with need of his cock but he would not give in and instead he threw me over the bunk that was to be our sl**ping place and i feel into the doggy position as he stripped my jeans from my ass and thighs and you could hear the chains on my pants jingle as he ripped them further down so he could gain access to my ass and pussy as i waited in anticipation and i reached down and started flicking my clit with my fingers and he grabbed my wrists and held them at length while he spread my ass apart by spreading my legs farther apart and started tonguing my ass running his fingers over my full ass and licking all the tender spots to make me start grinding against his tongue as if it was a hard cock. I was riding his tongue up and down the crack of my ass to my pussy and then he would change position and flick my clit with his experienced tongue and it was so wet and rough in all the right spots and i knew i was about to lose my mind and squirt all over his face and told him so and just as i was reaching my peak he slammed his cock deep in to my pussy and the sensation left me and yet quickened for it had now changed to my orgasm and i wanted to cum so bad and my pussy felt as though it was on fire and i could not take much more and told him so and he said listen bitch you will do as you are told no more and no less. And at first i was about to yell at him and ask who he thought that he was until the first wave of contractions in my pussy quieted my mouth and it was all i could do to still breathe. My pussy grabbed his cock to make sure he stayed right where he was and did not move and it must have done something to him as well because i felt his cock grow and his body became rigid so i knew he was about to cum as well and the cold steel and concrete was making me feel things that i could not have explained then and still cant now it was a evil mean crude cold feeling deep in my soul. And i screamed as the last bit of cum shot out of my pussy and slammed his balls and just then the rest of the crowd came to our cell and told us it was time to go and so we laughed straightened out clothes and went to the line that had formed in front of the gates to the opening of the haunted part of our travel. Myself and joey decided to pull up the rear and because we had vip tickets we went in together as a group so we were all together and started our travel the music was loud and erie and the air was musty and cloudy and people started jumping out at us and some of us screamed but not me and joey we had other thoughts going through our minds and i grabbed his hand and was thinking of finishing our sex right here right now but joey grabbed my hand and put up one finger as if too say wait like he knew what was running through my dirty little mind. Could he be thinking what i am thinking. No we had only known each other for a short time and there can be no way this dude knew how my mind worked yet or could he? so i took his hand and went back to the frights at hand and it was a really good haunt and at the end they served spiced cider and other hot beverages but joey had some of his own and handed me a tankard that he had under his black trench coat and i smelled it and smiled for it was my favorite rich alcohol and i could smell its tough elixer and evidently my joey had not expected me to just grab it and take a heavily drink and hand it back but what he had not known was that i had been drinking black label since i was a c***d and loved it so very much it has been known to make mean rabbid a****ls of men but to me it made me horny and 8 foot tall and bullet proof so i was on a roll.
I now knew that tonight was going to be an experience to say the least any ways. So we all decided to go back to our little corridor and grab a bite to eat and hang out until it was time to go to our own cells for the night. The prison did not allow video cameras or photos but they did not check our bags so we all smuggled in our cameras and some liquor and some food and blankets and we all went into the great hall and the guys spread out the blankets as us girls got the meal and drinks together and we all sit in the middle of the floor waiting and decided some stories were on the agenda so the men started telling us girls scary stories to try and get us all close to them and comfy i was anything but scared i was turned on and hot and wanted to play around and i had my joey between my thighs with his head resting on my chest as he laied back and got comfortable and made faces at the men telling their stories he was as amused as i was. It was turning out to be a good night and then a calm came over me and the room began to spin and i looked at everyone else and they all had confused amazed looks upon their face and then just as that feeling started to go away one of the girls and guys next to us started rubbing my back and joeys legs and the next thing i know the girl had joeys cock out was playing with it and the smell of sex over whelmed me and then the man grabbed me and threw me down and pulled off my jeans and he started lapping at my pussy and i remembered that joey had fucked me before we had left for the haunted house so this man was not only eating my pussy but was cleaning joeys spunk from within my pussy walls and the thought made me throw back my head and scream as a orgasm raked through my pussy one after another and i had no idea that this could be happening and i laid my head to the side and everyone was watching us then all of a sudden they all crept over to us and started licking my ample breasts and cleavage and i felt like i was being ravished and then someone sat on my face and i started licking their pussy and ass as it was perched over my face and nose. And then i saw cocks all around hard and sticking in pussys and asses and then my joey grabbed my ass and slammed his cock deep and he threw my knees to my ears so that he could get all his inches into me and i screamed over and over as it felt like he was ripping me over and over and it felt so good but stung as well. And he was growling like the wolf he was and started biting my neck and sucking my skin into his mouth and I could feel my bl**d coming from my neck and could feel it hot roll down my neck as joey lapped it up splurt ofter splurt of my red life fluid drained from my neck from the wounds his teeth left. What had gotten into us ad why were we acting as a****ls in heat and i was so in heat that i could not stand another minute i had to have him have his cum in me right now and i screamed for him to fill me with his spunk his seed and he said no not yet bitch i am not quite ready to let you receive me and he pumped harder and harder and i could hear the slaps of his groin against my pelvis as his cock plowed deeper and deeper into my center over and over and then finally he let out a strong growl and grabbed my shoulders and dug his nails into my flesh and came in me so hard i actually felt the explosion of his man seed within my stomach even and i screamed and clawed his back as i can once twice three times back to back and i could not cum any more there could not be any thing left. i shad to be spent right? nope not yet anyways and we all sat back and looked form couple to couple that had just finished and wondered what had came over us because none of us were the type of people to just fuck in public but no one was asking i sure hell was not going to no matter what.And so we all just started packing up and no words were talked about the gang bang that we all 10 had just had with each other and we all went back to our cells and settled in and fell into a deep dreaming sl**p about men fucking other men and killing each other and i could hear their cries and screams all night long and that next morning we dressed and prepared to live and no one talked of that night and no one has ever that i know of until now and let me tell you i have never felt ever again as i did that night and dont feel that i ever will again
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28 days ago
Great story you have a way with words.
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4 years ago
that made me hard again
4 years ago
Very HOT!