My first time.

I found myself a somewhat horny girl from a young age. I remember at age six, stealing my Dad's porno mags and stashing them behind my bed to read at night, so I could get that tickly feeling between my legs that I liked so much. After my Mum found them and gave me a strict telling-off for it, I wasn't deterred in the slightest. I found myself constantly nicking the mags to look at the pictures and, when I got older, read the stories. Only now I was careful to always put the magazines back.

My life took a turn for the better once we got the internet, when I was around fifteen. Being quite computer literate, I was able to look up porn at night and erase the tracks of where I'd been, leaving no trace of it on the computer which my younger b*****rs also used. Now I am 18 and I have my own computer in my room, which means I have no need to take such measures.

Thus I found myself looking at things that shocked me a little, as I'd had quite a sheltered upbringing. I came across different things that all turned me on in a big way; lesbians, anal, i****t, and of course b********y. Of the first two I was curious, and thought I'd like to try (but that's another story!) and while the stories I read about i****t turned me on, I would never consider doing it in real life.

But again and again I found myself being drawn to b********y, and wondering why I was so fascinated about all of it. Not all forms of b********y turned me on, there were only a few things that would cause me to rub my swollen clit, or push my fingers in and out of my sopping pussy until I'd cum in a way that guys could never cause me to cum. But one thing in particular got to me, and that was photos and stories of women having sex with dogs.

I tried to hide these urges, telling myself I was a freak for thinking about it. But time and time again I'd find myself searching for it on the internet. I tried to console myself with the thought that while I'd have b********y fantasies at night, the thought wouldn't often cross my mind during the day. But then it came to the point where I would think about it many times during the day, sneaking glances at my own dog and wondering...

My dog is gorgeous, let me get that straight from the start. I've always thought rottweilers were the most beautiful dogs in the world, so when my friend's rotty had pups, I was there in a flash to tell him to save one for me. His name is Shadow, because as a puppy he used to follow me around everywhere. Original, I know. But now he is a proud and strong dog and perhaps the most important thing about him is that he never got neutered; he'll sometimes still breed with my friend's bitch and they produce the most good-natured, wonderful pups.

So he does tend to get horny sometimes, and humps against anything that moves. Even against things that don't move. I found myself thinking this was a good thing, and that it would make my 'mission' easier, should I chose to follow that path. Immediately I chastised myself for thinking it, telling myself I was sick and twisted.

Then it got to breakdown point. I had been thinking of women-and-dog-b********y for two days straight, and I was getting so incredibly horny. Since it tends to get extremely hot around here, I would sometimes walk around the house in only my bikini. Other times when nobody was home, I'd walk around naked, picking any surface in the house to flop down on and masturbate if I got horny; the armchairs, the sofa, the table, the kitchen bench. Throughout all these encounters, my dog was usually outside cooling down in the shade.

And then, it happened. Shadow was inside with me while I lay in the armchair dressed only in my bikini, idly flipping through channels to see if anything worthwhile was on TV. There was nothing, so I pressed the off switch and started absentmindedly rubbing my pussy through my bikini bottoms. As I got hotter and hornier, I unclipped my bikini top and threw it over the back of the chair. Then I plunged my hand down between my legs and reached inside the bikini to stroke my clit, soft at first, and then harder.

Pulling off my bikini bottoms and sitting in the chair naked, I desperately pushed my fingers inside my wet cunt, withdrawing them and then pushing them in again harder as my body ached for sexual release. As I took my hand away from my pussy and brought my fingers up to taste my juices, I used my other hand to rub and pinch my nipples. I left my legs spread wide open, my wetness gleaming for one and all to see. I let my head fall back and I closed my eyes, enjoying the effect my fingers were having on me, when I felt something cold push against my cunt. My eyes flew open in time to see Shadow standing between my legs, as his tongue darted out and licked me.

A shudder raced through my body and I squeezed my eyes tight. This was it. I was so horny, there was no going back now. I was going to let my dog eat my pussy, for as long as he wanted. I opened my eyes to see Shadow nosing around again, obviously curious about my smell. I nearly came on the spot as he licked me again. Spreading my legs as wide as I could and using my fingers to spread open my pussy lips, I whispered to the dog. 'Good boy Shadow, yes you are a good dog, good boy!'

Encouraged by my praise, the dog went back to licking me with fast, smooth strokes of his tongue. At first he only seemed interested in my cunt, but then he started licking me from my puckered little anus right up to my clit, and back again. I moaned in pleasure like never before, but I could only take a few minutes of this before my body shook with the best orgasm I'd ever had in my life. I stopped and put my legs together, still shaking from the strength of my climax. Shadow tried to push his nose into my crotch but I gently pushed his nose away and got up. I had plans.

I walked to my room, Shadow close behind me. I glanced back and saw a glimpse of his doggy cock hanging out of its sheath, before looking back ahead. Once we got to my bedroom, I grabbed a towel from my bed and leaned over to spread it out on the floor. Taking it as an invitation, Shadow started licking my ass, digging his tongue right inside me as I groaned with pleasure. Once I'd spread the towel I stood up and looked down at my dog. His big pink cock was huge! I immediately wondered how a virgin like me could handle such a thing.

My pussy was soaking wet already but I'd heard somewhere you can never have too much wetness. So just to be on the safe side, I grabbed a tube of strawberry flavoured lubricant out of my secret toy drawer (just because I was a virgin didn't mean I couldn't still have fun! Mind you, all I had in the way of toys was a tiny two inch vibrator and a set of those little vibrating balls). Thinking about how I'd never had anything as big inside me before, I spread lots of lube over my pussy, massaging it all around the general area and even right up my buttcrack to my ass. Then as I looked at the dog, who was whining slightly like he was getting impatient, I prepared myself for my virginal undoing.

I got down on my knees, facing the dog. Then I turned around and leaned forwards, planting my hands firmly on the ground. I waved my ass in the air ever so slightly for a second but that was all it took, and my dog lunged forwards, wrapping his paws around me and driving that beautiful huge cock into my pussy with one swift stroke. I screamed from the initial pain as Shadow took my virginity, but very quickly it settled into a swift motion of intense pleasure. He fucked me hard and rough, giving no thought to the tenderness of my virgin cunt, only thinking of his own release. I was now his bitch, and I had to wait until he was finished.

I groaned lustfully as I pushed back on the huge cock that impaled my cunt, and another orgasm shook my body. I had no time to stop and catch my breath however, as I started to feel a large swelling growing in my pussy. I realised this must be the part I had read about in so many stories, where the dog's knot would grow, and I'd be 'tied' to the dog. The mere excitement of it pushed me into another orgasm as I felt the knot grow larger. It kept growing, causing a slightly painful discomfort for a few seconds, and I was just starting to wonder if it was going to end up hurting me when I felt him release his seed into me, spurting his dog cum into my pussy.

I screamed as another orgasm, the most intense yet, wracked my body. Then, moaning softly, I waited for the swelling to go down so the dog could release me from his monstorous cock. I think we stayed about this for twenty minutes until at last I heard a soft 'pop' and the dog withdrew from me. He sat down and started cleaning himself, while I fell face down on the floor. I had just caught my breath when I heard a voice from the door.

'What in the fuck is going on here!'

Shaking and expecting the worst, I turned to see my boyfriend standing in my wide open doorway. Too late I remembered that I'd asked him to come over that day.

'Um, I ah...' I was lost for words, and felt disgusted with myself for being caught in such a position. Tears of embarrasment were quickly flooding my eyes.

'What were you doing?' he yelled angrily.

'I... I was...'

'You were fucking your bl**dy rottweiler! Giving your virginity to your fucking pet dog!'

'How long were you standing there?' I whispered. 'Long enough,' he growled, looking as if he would enjoy nothing more than slapping me around the face at that very moment. I began to tremble, afraid that now he'd caught me in the act, he would turn away from me. I imagined him telling all our friends, my f****y... my shameful secret would be public knowledge and I'd never be able to show my face again. 'I'm sorry, I was just so horny this morning and the dog came up to me and licked me while I was masturbating and one thing led to another and...'

I stopped as my boyfriend stepped inside the room, shutting the door behind him. He reached over and shoved three fingers inside me. 'You're soaking wet,' he said quietly, his expression changing to one I couldn't quite read. 'You never got this wet when we were fooling around.' 'Well we never had sex did we.' I replied, trying not to show my pleasure as he wriggled his fingers inside me. 'I'm sorry, I promise that I will never ever EVER -' 'Do this again without inviting me over,' he interrupted.

'What?' I gasped, bending around to see his face as he kept pushing his fingers into my cunt. To my surprise, he was smiling. 'I always thought b********y was disgusting, but actually seeing you there fucking your dog turned me on in a way I can't describe. I'm so hard now, look at my cock!' And he came around to kneel in front of me, pulling his cock loose from his pants.

'Babe, would you do it again for me?' No words will ever be able to describe the relief I felt at that moment. I had been so scared of what he would do, but having him wanting to watch me again turned out to be better than any outcome I could have hoped for! 'Well...' I looked over at Shadow, who was still licking his cock. To my surprise, it looked like it was still hard. 'If I can get Shadow over here again.'

I positioned myself again, my ass high in the air as my boyfriend stayed kneeling in front of me. 'Shadow, here boy!' I called, giving a quick whistle. The dog looked up and saw my ass waving temptingly in front of him. Stepping towards me he started licking my cunt again, pushing his tongue deep inside my pussy. I gave moans of pleasure as he licked his way to my ass and back, digging his tongue deep into my two holes.

Then without warning, he leapt up again and wrapped his paws around me, digging that beautiful, thick, hard dog cock deep into my waiting cunt. He fucked me even more wildly than before, and my pleasure was doubled when my boyfriend gently eased his cock into my mouth. I couldn't believe it; my dog and my boyfriend both had their dicks in me at the same time! Even with a cock in my mouth I still managed to cry out in ecstacy and pleasure.

I couldn't believe the stamina of my dog. This time he fucked me for longer, although my boyfriend came in my mouth quite quickly and was thereafter content to sit and stroke himself while he watched the dog's continued breaking-in of my sweet little hole. I lost count of how many times I came during that second dog-fuck, although I know it was at least five. And then all too soon, I felt his knot swell and his seed spurt inside me. Twenty minutes later Shadow pulled out and, after briefly cleaning himself off, curled up in the corner and went to sl**p.

I crawled up onto the bed where my boyfriend was sitting, dog cum leaking from my tired cunt. He put his arm around me and kissed me, then I asked him if he would give my pussy one last licking for the day. From the quick look of disgust that crossed his face briefly, I knew he was thinking about how he'd be licking up dog cum. But the disgust faded. 'Yeah, why not.' And I spread myself out on the bed and let my boyfriend lick all of Shadow's cum right out of my cunt. I think I fell asl**p while he was doing it, because next thing I knew he was shaking me awake and the sky outside was getting dark.

'Babe,' he said to me. 'That was the hottest thing ever, you letting a dog take your virgin cunt and then doing it again in front of me. Please don't tell me this was a one-off.'

I smiled tiredly. 'Why, did you like Shadow's spunk? And of course it's not, I think that was awesome. I definitely want to do it again.' 'Good,' he said. 'I never thought you were so kinky. And next time, I want to see him take your virgin ass as well. While I get it all on video.' I didn't even need to consider. 'Sure sexy, that sounds hot.'

And since then I've continued to fuck my dog on a regular basis. Sometimes when I send him over to mate with my friend's bitch, he wonders why Shadow sometimes seems almost uninterested. I just shake my head and say I haven't got a clue.

And my boyfriend did get it all on video, that day I let Shadow bury his cock deep into my virgin asshole. Having the camera on me the whole time only made it even hotter, and I've watched that video over and over again. But that's another story... hell, I've got plenty of other stories to tell. And soon I'm going to start trying to convince my boyfriend to let Shadow fuck his ass too, and maybe even make him fuck Shadow! But hey... that's also just another story, waiting to happen.
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1 month ago
So hot!

And, we would love to see the video ...
4 months ago
Awesome brought back many happy memories of the wife and our best friend, Thanks for posting.
6 months ago
So incredible how horny I felt reading
Naughty yet so exciting ..
7 months ago
Fabulous story. More please
8 months ago
Great story. Do you have more ?
1 year ago
fuck this is perfect,god I hope you add more
1 year ago
not usually into animal, but this story was hot!
1 year ago
Good work.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Awesome,,very hot indeed,,please post about other times and
1 year ago
WOW very hot and well done, k9 creampie is great
1 year ago
I read a lot of stories, but this story is most exciting .. I had 6 orgasme during reading it
1 year ago
Damn & I missed it all
1 year ago
Good story I remember watching my wife lie on the floor while her little dog licked her legs. I didn't pay too much attention till one day as she lay there with her bathrobe on the dog kept going further under it then she would spread her legs more. I finally decided that this was time for me to find out how she liked the dog.
1 year ago
Great story and my late wife can relate to that. She was very young when she use to watch her mother have sex with the men she brought home and I think that when she was around 8 she use to invite some of the boys over to play doctor and she always played the patient. She tried her neighbor's dog while babysitting. It was a small poodle but she loved it. Your story brought back so many memories of the stories she would tell me. Thanks for posting.
1 year ago
1 year ago
great story! ...made me hard!!!
1 year ago
very hot had my pussy dripping the whole read
1 year ago
Wow, surprisingly this was really hot!