Boat Trip Sceret Scene

Jerry: THATS FINNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriella: Jerry? Is everything ok?

*Jerry walks back to the bed*

Jerry: Everything is fine. Just needed some air. This cabin is so congested.

Gabriella: I know what you mean

*Gabriella lies back*

Jerry: Gabriella?

Gabriella: Hm?

Jerry: I have always been um... curious as to how women pleasure themselves

Gabriella: Really? Well, I'd be happy to show you since you are gay. I would never do this for a straight guy.

Jerry: Hell yea girlfriend. *Snaps fingers in gay way*

Gabriella: *Laughs* Well first lemme get out of these bottoms *Strips off her cheetah panties and opens legs*. Ok Jerry.

Jerry: *Gulps*

Gabriella: Now this is a vagina. *Points to it*

*Explains the vaginal anatomy fully to him*

Gabriella: Now. Regarding pleasure. Normally I would take my right and hand place it over my vagina like so

*Places hand on her vagina*

Gabriella: Now. I proceed to make sure I'm wet. After that I start slowly making circles around it. I rub it all around and make sure to get the right spots. And after a while, speed up

*Gabriella really gets into it*

Jerry: Gabriella, how long have u been at this?

Gabriella: Since I was 11. *Gets faster*

Jerry: Wow. you really know how to tickle

Gabriella: Its all in the fingers, rather than the arm. *Screams*

Jerry: Are you ok?

Gabriella: *Moaning and ranting in Spanish*

*Gabriella begins jumping with her waist all over the bed*

Jerry: Oh Good Lord

Gabriella: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

*Squirts everywhere*

Jerry: Wow. Amazing

Gabriella: Gracias mi amor

(To be continued)
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