Fuck With Your Boots On

For the past two years I've lived in an apartment, with a good friend of mine and a punk girl. We never really talked, me and her. Nothing ever came up so I just minded my own business.

One day though somthing did come up. I was with a girl watching a movie in the living room. We had been drinking alot of Heineken, so of course I had to take a piss. Being a little d***k I headed to bathroom(thiers only one bathroom in the whole apartment). When I got to the door, I just pushed it open without knocking and thier she was. Her wet back was facing me and could full well see her anarchy tatoo located on her right ass cheek. A second later she turned around and I got the frontal picture of her body. Her wet dyed red hair was covering the very top of her well proportioned brest, while her hand tried in vain to cover her vag(with had a tatoo of a Skull and Crossbone right abouve the strip). The face she made matched mine. Our faces said "oh shit" and ended with me falling backwards and running back to the living room.

After that incedent(a few days later), she and some of her friends were going to a concert and asked if I wanted to go. I declined mainly because I did'nt want to see a Sex Pistols cover band. A few hours later I got a phone call from one of her friends saying she needed a ride home. Aparnetlly she had d***k to much and got in to a fight. I rode over thier after grabbing some food, just aspecting to pick a d***k up and be on my way. It didn't turn out like that.

By the time I got thier, it looked like a tornado have gone through the street. If thier was a fight it had obviously involved more than five people(she wasn't the only one with some kind of minor injury). I got out of my truck and heard "hey thiers my peeping tom". I saw her sitting on the crub with bleeding knockles. I went over to her ready to help her up, when all the sudden some shithead yelled "Look at that cunt". I looked back and say it was a punk with a 3-foot mohawk. I guess he was talking shit because I'm a Metalhead. I went up too him and headbutted the living shit out of him and made sure he didn't get back up until I left. I got my d***ken roommate and left as fast as I could, because I was out numbered 100 to 1 and everyone was giving me dirty looks.

When we got back to the apartment, Tobby was'nt thier(our other roommated who worked nights). So it was just us. I held her hair back for obvious reasons, made her some coffee to help sober her up and started putting badages on her hand. While doing this she put her head against mine and kissed my forehead. I dismissed this as her being d***k as shit and went to start up her shower. She came in the doorway without her shirt on, exposing those great breast. I looked in awe as her plaid skirt hit the floor. An interesting fact is she goes without underware. She sat in my lap and her only words "Take me". I didn't want to at first because she was a little wasted, but her kiss changed my mind instantly.

I took her to my room and undressed only leaving my boots on(No time to take them off). She was about 5,1 and me 6,4 so it was going to be extra fun(less weight to pickup). I started to tease her pussy by only sticking the head of my dick in. Than she got the full package. She than grabbed my shoulders and got on top of me, jumping up and down on my dick, not once letting it slip out of her tight wet pussy. She than layed down on top of me and kept going, her tits rubbing on me while my dick got harder to control. She started to cum and it got everywhere. After getting of my dick and slowly stroking it, she ask if I had cum. I said no, with her reply being a simple "good, now do my ass". Getting on all fours, I grabbed her hair with one hand and slapped her ass with the other while gently putting my hard cock in her hot little ass. She started to moan, while I was about ready to explode. She once again changed positions on me. While grabbing my hair this time, she mounted on my dick while I was still on my kness, with our heads against each other. After about 15 minutes I told her I was ready to cum and she said to cum inside her. When I did she let hers come too and a epic climax happened between our sweaty bodies. After falling back, she asked if I had any more, I said yea and after five minutes she had a mouthfull. We both had a good nights sl**p after that.

(Thank you for reading and sorry for any grammer mistakes. The next one I right will have some longer sex sences.)
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4 years ago
spell check is a good thing but you wrote a good story and the words were close enough to be understandable thank you
4 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
That's a good story, a hot little chick you see naked wants to fuck you after the fact. I have had a similar experience happen to me although not as fuckin hot as this chick was. She sounds like she was fun.
4 years ago
i look forward to it my brother i wish i could fuck a hot punkchick
4 years ago
good shit my brother bang those bitches like you bang your hand