Best Time Of My Life

Back in 2007, my mind set was that of a basic pissed-off American teenager. I would go out almost every weekend to smoke, drink and raise hell. At one point my best friend and I almost killed each other with raw anger and broken beer bottles. Through the haze of Liquor, d**gs and Heavy Metal, thier was one non-lethal thing in my early life that brought some good times. A nice little asian girl who had befriended me, back in grade school.

She was a first or second generation American, who spoke with a slight accsent, a cute face, sweet modest breast and a ass you would have to be gay to not be turned on by. The bad thing for me was we were polar opposites. She was a A+ student, preppy, clean(d**g and sex wise), sweet and kind hearted. I on the the other hand was a Metalhead(still am), D- student, d***k half the time and High the other half. To top that all off, I had a of lack compassion, mixed with anger problems. I was unclear if she had feelings for me. But that changed.

One Friday I hit the partying a little early, during the school lunch period, me and my best friend(the one who I almost fought) enjoyed a dimebag in the parking lot. On our way back to the main building I heard my name. Frist instinct was "Oh shit, I'v been caught". To my relief it was my preppy girl. My buddy had to go meet somebody so we split up. Leaving me and her alone. She asked how I was. Being a little high I answered "Greaaat Mannnn". She laughted and asked if I wanted to go for a ride with her. Her doing anything bad was rare so I agreed.

We caught up with old times and told jokes until she stopped at a empty park. She stared at me for awhile until she broke the awkward silence by moving some of my long hair behind my ear. "Your cute when you show your face" she said. I was about to say somthing when she suddenly came toward me and kissed me on the check. I returned the favor by going for her lips. Before I even thought about using my tongue, hers was already in my mouth. When I opened my stoned eyes, she pulled away and started undoing my zipper. Usally it takes a little more for me to get hard but not this time. She smiled and stroked my cock until it was at its full nine and half inch mass. Thats when the fun began. First she licked the head and worked her way down. When her eyes weren't closed they meet contact with mine. Little bit later I warned her I was cumming. She answered by going faster. When the first drop left my dick for her mouth she seemed determined to get every little seed. She than sat back with a mouthfull of cum, on her side of the car seat, with a small stream of seman running down her mouth. I wanted to say thanks but what came out was "Can I try on you ?". She spread her legs and I moved in. When I undid her bluejeans, I could see her panties were a little damp. When those were out of the way I could see a freshly shaven pussy, I dove straight in. After about fifteen minutes she started to moan and a clear liquid shot dead in my face. I than found myself lying my head on her vag, while she was playing with my hair.

Before she dropped me off at my place(school was long out). She told me thier was a party that night and wanted me to come. I, still a little high and happy as fuck, said I'd be thier.

The party was alright. Some of my buddies were thier and plenty of assholes to match. I found her with a group of her friends. She jumped up and hugged me. Most of her peers disapproved of me. I failed to give a shit though. After mingling with the other party members. We headed to her place. Her parnets were sperated and her mom was out to work, so the house was all ours. She took me to her bedroom and immidently started foreplay. After that she took my Battlejacket(A vest Metalheads and Punks wear that have band patches on them) and went to her bathroom. She came back quickly only wearing the Battlejacket. She said she wanted to try anal, so we went for it. She got on fours and shook her nice little asian ass. Her ass was pretty tight but I didn't complain. At first it looked like she was in pain and I wanted to stop( She was one of the few people I cared about back than and didn't want to harm her). She just said to keep going and after a couple pelvic thrusts she started to smile. The intercourse was what I was nervous about, I had never gone missionary before. She was a smart girl and could tell I was new at that, so she guided me through it and once again the clear fluid came again. I pulled out and cum went all over her belly. We layed thier naked for awile, just holding each other. To this day I consider her my first love.

Soon after graduation she moved with her mom. We tried to stay togather over long distance but it just would'nt work. I still have contact with her but our relationship cooled down to just friends(We still love each other though).

(Thank you for reading. I'll try to make a more detailed verison if people like this one. Sorry if thier are some grammer mistakes.)
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3 years ago
very good keep going
3 years ago
Nice story.
4 years ago
good 1
4 years ago
not to shabby buddy
4 years ago
wonderful story of young love & lust all rolled into one
4 years ago
Great story.
4 years ago
you did a nice job writing
4 years ago
Loved the story, thanks for sharing......