How i made a young black male's 2 dream'

We met a young black married male on line about a year ago now. After speaking to him several time's on line and getting to know him some. On Saturday evening we decided to invite him to our home to meet him in person.

When he arrived that night and i got my first chance to see him in person,i must say i was impressed. A good looking young man, with a fantastic body. As we sat in the living room talking my eye's kept on his crotch, even with his cloth's on i knew he was big as thier was a very large bulge thier i knew he was excited as well.

I was making myself very revealing to him and i knew he liked that, as he kept his eye's glued to me. He was in his mid twenties, and very mature and well mannered young man, he went on to tell us he alay's had two dream's . One was to be with a much older woman, as he went on to say he have never been with one even older than himself. His second was to be with a white woman, something he had also wanted in the worst way.We could tell he was sincere, guess when you have been in this game as long as we have you can tell the fake'sfrom the real deal and we knew without question he was the real deal.

After hearing all of this i must admit i wanted him even more, to break his virginity of never being with a white woman and a much older woman made me sooo horny i wanted him bad. I had been with black men before but never had been thier first white woman or older woman, i was not letting this one get away, so after hearing this i suggested we go to our bedroom. Once thier i layed thier and watched him as he undressed,,mmmmm he looked so fine, and as i suspected he was hung very well.

He layed beside me and began to kiss my lip's they tasted so sweet,, he ran his hands up and down my body,,sucked on my breast's, teased my nipple's, ran his tongue up and down my body,,kissed my inner thigh's mmmmm and than began sucking on my pussy lip's sucking them deep into his mouth and teasing them as he had them thier wow i was sooo turned on. His tongue was long and he began putting it deep in my pussy by now i was bouncing all over the bed moaning mmm.

As you would expect i let go and gave him a sweet load of cum,,he loved my cum and licked me up moaning as he did so.. I moved him on his back and began to suck his huge cock, mmmmmmmmmmm it was so good tasting mm,,i sucked it as deep as i could, but he was so massive i could not take it all, i nibbled at it's tip and bit gently on the side's of it's shaft, he really liked this and began to really moan hard,,, . The harder he moaned the harder i sucked it,, he was becoming so excited,, he rolled me on my back and began to pound his massive cock to my pussy.

His hip's moved hard and fast, as he drove himself deep in me. He had me moaning of so hard as my young black lover fucked his first older and white woman, he kept saying i have wanted this so bad so long, i just knew it be this good and more. I told him him enjoy babe enjoy and he sure did, i think we fucked in every position we could,, he felt so fucking good mmmmm. When he finally blew his load it was a massive one and he spraying his beautiful white cum all over my body so warm mmmm.

When finished we both were exhausted and lay thier abit, but after abit we redressed and we all went back to the living room. He was so excited about what had just happened he couldn't thank us enough, he went on say my 2 dream's came true in just one evening, and said i'll never forget this evening as long as i live. After abit of time talking he then had to leave that was the only time with him, but i won't forget that eveing eithier mmmmmmm.........
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2 years ago
we like thise one
3 years ago
4 years ago
lovely way to fulfill your dreams
4 years ago
great story, I'd love to be invited!
4 years ago
can i be the next invite
4 years ago
horny story,i love that
5 years ago
Nice very nice
5 years ago
love reading your stories. Soo horny thank you for sharing