Fuck I'M horny!!!!-Donna's Sex Life Comp

Donna is one of my friends here at xhamster; I rewrote this for her.

Fuck I'M horny!!!!-Donna's Sex Life Complaint

Life and Society-by Donna

Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy doing shit like opening a profile here asking random guys to shove their cock into me, when I think, "You know what? Fuck what people think." I mean, am I really going to feel bad about wanting to have good fuck?

Why is it totally acceptable for a guy to say that they want to fuck women with big tits or ass, but if a woman says she wants to fuck a guy with a big cock people get judgemental?

You know what else isn't fair? The way people look at women who want fuck with multiple guys at once. I mean, obviously, all guys want to fuck multiple women at the same time, but if a girl wants to do that???

It even makes more sense for multiple guys to fuck one girl as opposed to multiple girls to one guy. A guy only has one cock to fuck no matter how big it is. A girl has multiple holes that can be fucked! It's simple math, people.

I know, you don't wanna hear the hardships of a sexually addicted woman here. You wanna hear about how I'm trying to type while fucking myself right now getting off to these ideas! Someone I actually know may stumble upon this and find out how I REALLY feel...Jeez, just don't tell my parents if you do - okay?

I love this little slut, and wish I lived in her town! How about you?
88% (20/3)
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6 months ago
Donna disappeared from here about two years ago. She lived in the Houston area and attended the University of Houston. She was an xHamster member here for roughly 18 months, however. All that's left is here 37 second video of a standing inverted BBC suck-job, http://xhamster.com/movies/1200089/i_love_sucking_bbc.html

(Her photo sets were awesum!)
2 years ago
What you have posted is so true
2 years ago
Hell yeah, it makes sense to me. It would be refreshing to meet a lady with this attitude.
2 years ago
I'm with you on those opinion's send me her profile would love to see more of her pics.
2 years ago
2 years ago
your 100% right on this. and you know what, if a female wanna be fucked, the least she could have is options of how she wants to be fucked, or else it's just isn't fair.