Slutty Gangbang Wife Gets Used for New Years

Lisa Got Triple Played On New Years Eve
by Realgee

About Lisa

None of my wife’s f****y, friends or co-workers know she’s an adulterous slut wife. A couple of Lisa’s girlfriends have picked up on the fact that she has an unusual amount of male friends, but they don’t know that the situation extends to “friends with benefits“. One of her girlfriends knows about a man Lisa dated once a couple of years ago, but just thought she had cheated once, and really doesn‘t know the details. They rest all think she’s in a normal, conservative marriage.

Friends and f****y would all be surprised to find out the XXX rated things my sexy sweet wife goes out and does for her boyfriends nearly every weekend.

She loves being the gangbang girl for her two horny boyfriends. If Lisa drinks some Malibu Rum, her panties & bra falling off in no time. My wife does the sluttiest things for her two-boyfriends that some wives won’t even do for their husbands. She loves that these guys are lusting after her and call her when they want her to come out to play. It’s a ego boost for her to have other men wanting her, even if it is just for sex.

Those guys can’t get enough of my, blond haired, blue eyed flirty wife slurping & drooling spit all over their stiff dicks.

She gets to have sex with two men, and I get her afterwards. Sometimes she may just get finger fucked. Lisa’s puckered lips have given Steve & Mark a dozen two fisted blow jobs in Steve’s truck alone. Several times were right in the bar parking lot (two cocktails in the bar, then two cocks in the parking lot).

My wife has been acting more like a college school girl on spring break than a mature, 30’s-something wife.

I know in part she’s reached her sexual peak and she wants to impress her lovers. At times they had my wife face down in their laps, licking their cummy dicks clean. Then taking her home and fucking her so hard she walks funny. Lisa knows that her promiscuious slutty behavior is extreme by any standard.

Most wives aren’t out getting dicked by two boyfriends, but she likes it. It doesn’t bother Lisa that I refer to her as a “slut” or “slut wife”, or other applicable derogatory terms that most women would find offensive. But again, most wives aren’t fucking around like my wife…I’m just saying.

Lisa wasn’t always this way, she had a better than normal up-bringing. She came from a great f****y home. Her father is a banking executive, her mother a prominent real estate broker. She went to a private school, church, and grew up in a upscale suburban home where the highest moral standards were expected. Dance practice, piano lessons, honor roll, sports, cheerleader: their pretty daughter was all american, sweet, straight as an arrow- over acheiver.

When we got married I never dreamed that she would want to have sex with other guys, or that I would let her. Lisa’s got this dirty little secret she keeps from her f****y. She loves to fuck other guys whenever she can, and being a dirtly little gangbang slut turns her on.

I approved of most of this, but a few times over the years she flat cheated on me to get what she wanted.

So why does she do it? Lust, adventure, ego, the liquor, excitement, more lust, and the attention she gets.I have a large share of the blame for starting her into this, and enabling the situations that promotes her extra-marital misconduct which we both like. I enjoy sharing my hot wife with other guys and she loves to be shared.

None of her friends & f****y would ever suspect that for over a dozen years she’s developed into a nympho who begs me to let her go out on dates- so she can get some more fucking outside of her marriage; or that she keeps two boyfriends on the side for hardcore threesome sex whenever she needs them. They would be shocked to find out she’s had sex with about 35- other men since our wedding day, or that she was once happily in the middle of a group of five men who all stripped her naked and gangbanged her in a hot tub in California.

Some guys she slept with were one night stands, but many were affairs that lasted months to a couple of years. She’s kept her affairs discreet as possible for obvious reasons. Some of those guys still occassionally try to hook up with her again for casual sex, and some still do.

Lisa’s friends & f****y definitely wouldn’t understand it. They would try to get her to seek counseling for her and “fix” it, as if it were a disorder; or an addiction. And maybe it is a sex addiction. Lisa may be addicted to having sex with other men, but we are OK with the way things are.

My wife likes the sexual freedom to be a promiscuious slut and do what she wants -as long as I allow it. She is not completely careless, she takes precautions for safe sex most of the time. I like her to have a guy (or two) to play with. It keeps our marriage exciting.

I find it vicariously arrousing to allow Lisa go out on a dates with her other men. Some wives like quilting or scrapbooking. My wife’s passion is dressing up in sexy outfits for her boyfriends, and getting her g-spot & tonsils pummeled with penis before returning home with her insides coated in sperm. Everyone’s gotta have a hobby.

Her current situation is ideal. Her boyfriends occassionally date her individually, but Lisa prefers that they double up on her so she gets the two guys on one girl (her) sex she really likes. It’s not like she’s going out with two horny studs at a time for holding hands and foot massages. We both want her to get ridden hard and sent home wet. Her boyfriends know how to put Lisa to work. Steve & Mark have been known to keep our slut wife trainee in class for long periods of time. She gets a good home schooling from her two instructors who take turns fucking my wife’s mouth & pussy the way she likes it. I like that they fill her pussy full of cum and send her home to me so I can fuck it some more when they’re done with it.

Lisa obviously lets her two boyfriends bang her without condoms. My wife will actually orgasm if she gets a dick creaming her mouth while she’s being fucked. The’re always happy to help her out with that. Lisa doesn’t mind that they grab her blonde hair and pull her around to keep their cocks cumming either, or if they spank her ass for being a bad girl. She likes a little rough manhandling. She lets her guys pull out and splatter her cute face in cum, or shoot semen directly into her mouth if they want. Lisa got the Nuva ring birth control earlier this year so her boyfriends could splash her insides with baby batter whenever they want. Several date nights have concluded with my naked wife bent over the armrest of Steve’s couch, receiving the second sloppy load of semen

The New Years Eve Story

Only a few weeks ago, Lisa asked if I would let her go to her boyfriends place for New Years Eve night. I told her, “I might let you go… I‘ll think about it“. (And I really was thinking about it. I was thinking about my show off wife acting like a total trollop for a couple of swollen cocks leaking all over her private parts).

She said Steve had called and asked her over for a little New Years celebration party at his house. That usually means my wife “IS” the party at Steve’s house.

She said It was going to be Steve, Mark and… she hesitated a second before saying their friend “Rob” , was going to be there too. “Oh, Rob’s coming over too?, I questioned. What do you think they have planned for you?”, I knowingly asked. “Oh, I don’t know!, but maybe I should go over and find out?”, she replied back in her sexy tone of voice. “Hmmm, Yea I’m curious… maybe you should go there to check it out.”, I played along. (Steve, Mark & Rob; this could get very interesting)- I thought to myself. I didn’t have to wonder what would happen. I knew those three guys were going to gang R@pE the living daylights out of my willing wife and leave her gasping for air in a puddle of sperm.

The question was, did I want to submit her to that type of abuse. Hell Yeah I did.

This past summer Lisa was at Steve & Mark’s place. She got buzzed on alcohol, and was getting kissed and felt up by their friend, “Rob”, during their 4th of July BBQ. She said she felt comfortable with him, and enjoyed kissing him. Rob has been a friend of the guys for some time and they were sharing her with their friend. He is in his early to mid 30’s, same as Steve & Mark.

I thought about it and told her, “alright, go ahead and go!”. Steve & Mark wanted Lisa to dress up in something, negligee‘, then get fondled and taken by all three of them. It sounded exciting to Lisa who was all in with the idea, even though she was a little bit nervous.

She selected her nightie & panties she was going to wear for them, and left them laying out on the wicker clothes hamper while she took her hot bubble bath. I snapped a picture of what she was going to wear before she left to meet the guys. Lisa got out of the bath and toweled off. She had cleanly shaved her pussy smooth, the way Steve & Mark like it. She put on her makeup, pink lipstick, red Fredricks panties, tight blue jeans and a low cut t-shirt, with a red push-up bra- basically dressed up like a sexy slut wife.

She then put her blond hair up into a pony tail, packed her black and red nightie into a small sized overnight suitcase, before skipping out with some pep in her step to meet her boyfriend, Steve. He picked her up in front of the house in his pickup at about 9-pm. I knew she wouldn’t be home until late.

I found myself getting nervous & feeling guilty about sending my wife into to the wolves den to get devoured by the pack. I reminded myself that she can handle herself with the wolves. The hours slowly ticked away as I waited for Lisa to return home for about 4-hours.

Lisa came home carrying her little barbie overnight suitcase at about 1:25AM, smiling, buzzed, and looking like she got what she got.

“How was it?” I simply asked. From the little grin on her face I could tell she had a good time. I wasn‘t sure what to expect. Then she said, “I have never been so completely fucked in a long… long time”, with a slight slur in her voice. “Tell me all about it & don‘t leave anything out!”, I insisted, as I anxiously led her to our bedroom.

She said she got to Steve & Marks and they were making her some blended Malibu rum and tropical fruit juice drinks. She had a tall icy glass and they kept topping it off to get her d***k. Rob arrived to the house a short time later and joined them. They were all drinking and talking, she was dancing, listening to music, getting buzzed, and they were all dancing with her, feeling her up and then playing spin the bottle.

The guys hands were all over her, kissing her and taking her bra off, getting her jeans unbuttoned and unzipped. She said they were all circling around her, fondling her all over, sucking her tits and finge banging her wet pussy, including Rob. She was getting used as the party slut for all of them.

Lisa described how they were playing & teasing with her, and she was teasing them back. She said her panties were getting “soaked” after all the finger fucking she was getting from all the guys.

They teased her clit until she couldn‘t wait anymore. She said she need all their cocks inside her really bad. Mark gave her some Ibuprofin to take in case she got a sore cunt from all the fucking they were about to give her.

Lisa was getting buzzed from the alcohol she was drinking, and did a little strip for Rob to show herself off. She said his cock was bulging in his jeans and she told him she wanted to suck it.

Steve then told her to change into the nightie she had brought, and meet them in his bedroom. She changed into her sexy black/red sheer teddie to wear with her red soaked panties for the guys.

Lisa said she walked into Steve’s dimmly lit bedroom and all three were waiting for her. Steve joked, “Just open your mouth, we’ll do the rest”.

She said she dropped down on her knees for them and immediately started sucking Rob’s hard cock. They all circled around my wife, using her pretty face & mouth.

Rob watched intently as my wife eagerly swallowed his cock. She likes being Rob‘s suck slut, and he told her it was the best blowjob he’s ever had. He had been begging Steve to let him come over again when Lisa was there, ever since the 4th of July Party. He said he couldn’t wait to see her again because she was “Over the top”.

They were saying things like, “Lisa’s a spoiled girl!”, while each were taking turns massaging her tits, fingering her vagina, and ramming my wife’s slutty little mouth full of hard dicks. Lisa got her whistle wet on all three pricks but wanted more than that.

She was more than ready to be their fuck toy for the night.

Steve pulled my wife’s panties off her and then had her lay on the bed with her fanny at the corner of the bed. They both pulled her legs back so my her legs were over her head. They also put a pillow underneath her arched back and ass.

My wife described how the base of her naked torso was lifted up high and in the right position to get her cunt licked and dicked. They all tongued her pink pussy for awhile before their friend Rob stepped up and guided his cock deep into her slick slit. She said she was ready to get fucked from Rob.

She said Rob was giving it to her good. She really enjoyed having sex with him, saying his cock was bigger than average, and he knew how to use it. “So he fucked you good?”, I asked her. “Very good”, my wife replied with a smile.

Steve and Mark positioned themselves on each side of her face so she could turn her head side to side to suck off both dicks as Rob continued standing on the corner of the bed rapidly fucking her. Steve pushed and pulled on my wife’s hair to ram it deep into her throat until she nearly choked on it. He makes sure to get lisa’s lipstick circle around the base of his cock.

After the mouth r****g she took from the Steve, Mark enjoyed a more subtle approach. Softly rubbing the head of his penis across Lisa’s wet lips- letting my wife slowly kiss and lick it. She claimed she was loving all the attention she was getting from each of the guys.

Lisa’s hot pink cunt was taking a triple cock beating from the boys. But her eager mouth was getting a rough fucking as well.

Steve said had been wanting to do this since last summer. They got her into a doggie style position, ass up-face down. Steve, Mark and Rob took turns gangbanging my lovely bride’s slippery slut hole and throating her with alternating cocks at the same time.

Steve pulled out and shot some spunk across my wife’s ass. Mark took over where Steve left off. Mark’s big cock bossed my wife’s little pussy around some more as she worked her lips on Rob’s boner. Rob warned her that if she kept doing “that” he was going to jizz in her mouth. My cum drinking slut wife admittedly kept doing “that“ and let Rob explode a flood of warm jism into her mouth. That sent her into a huge orgasm.

Mark finally loaded up her used cunt up with enough sperm to take home. My wife got herself triple dicked like a naughty triple-X-rated cock whore.

After they were all done, Steve drove her home and kissed her goodnight. They kept her panties as a present for Rob.

As Lisa told me what happened to her all night, my dick got so hard I could have cut diamonds.

“Show me exactly how you were down on your knees in Steve’s bedroom”, I said to her. “I got down just like this“, she answered.” Lisa then got down on her knees on the floor. “And is this what those guys did to you?” I demanded, as I removed my cock from my pants and also pushed it into my wife’s mouth. “Yes“, she gasp, “all three of them kept pushing their big penis’s into my mouth over and over again, and were pulling my hair, making me suck their dicks really good,” she pouted. “Oh, you dirty fucking girl! You let have hated them put all those big hard cocks all in your mouth!” I told her.

“Well, uh Huh!” she responded. ‘Well how about servicing your husband for a change,” I countered. “OK…I like that.“ She answered. “Thanks for letting me be you’re slut wife,” Lisa cooed, as she engulfed my swollen hard-on. I told her, “Honey, I wouldn’t have you any other way!“.

Lisa is a Slut.

[edited for clarity]
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Great story but why not tag along and watch her slutfucked like a whore ?? Then slutfuck her creampied sloppy slutkunt !!!!!
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