[b]“My Name is Crystal, and I am my husband&

We are preached at by society that people and especially women are not suppose to be sexually objectified. Yet my entire life has shown me that this is not only what most people have done to me, but at some point I also learned that I really preferred it over anything else.

Society also preaches we are so many things at the same time. But why can’t being sexually objectified be one of those things? And if we excel in one of those things and enjoy it at the same time, why can’t we specialize in it? 

Imagine a married woman with c***dren. Ask her who she is? You would probably get a reply like “I am a mother first, wife second,” and so on. Ask her if she is ever not a mother and get a big “No!”

Well, by contrast, I am a sex object for my husband to instruct, use and play with first, with no close second - even if the second is all my other wifely duties together. Take all the time an average woman might take for a full-time job, being a Mom and the extra chores and other demands of being a couple. Instead of that, my husband prefers that I do not worry about it. we take all that time and use it to maximize using me as the sex object in his life.

My husband is my rock in our hedonistic pursuits, surrounding getting sexually used by him and other men all the time. In fact, I call my husband “Rock,” as in “rock hard cock.” Ultimately, my mood is irrelevant and the places I have it limits my choices. But I still always want it.

My husband Rock likes to describe his role in our lives like this: Imagine a zealous and perpetually horny but clueless and incompetent pimp who falls in love with his one and only whore. He wants her always in whore mode and whores her out, but almost always forgets to charge for her services. He enjoys getting her properly used - fucked always and often, sometimes hard and roughly.

What is my life like, day-to-day? Imagine me as a somewhat classy call girl. Graduate educated, living in upper middle class suburbia. To see me in public as a stranger, you would not see anything out of the ordinary.

But you might notice how I pretty much always look like I spent lots of time on my appearance, with my clothes signaling that I am sexually available - I want to project ‘smart but sexy bimbo.’ If you knew my husband and me, some people might have heard rumors or stronger words about my sl**ping around or of us having an open marriage. We hear about these superficially appropriate rumors.

But with a ‘classy call girl’ ambiguity on the surface, the reality is a completely full-bore focus on living a highly sexed life, which sees my body shared among many men. Neighbors just cannot figure out what goes on with that house! “They seem very nice, normal and in love, but why all those cars with single men there? They come over for a short time and leave at all sorts of odd hours?” Including some during the day when hubby is at work. “Why is she always in a robe or a bikini so often when I spy on her from our window and see her outside?”

The answer is easy. My name is Crystal, and I am my husband’s cunt.

I am easy with warm wet holes. It is our real life and not us playing in our chosen “lifestyle.” Just because you fuck one man when you are in the mood does not mean I cannot fuck more than one man.

I am not proud nor am I ashamed that my holes need a lot of cock. It is just me!

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4 months ago
Think if my wife REALLY opened up to her inner feelings, she could be this lady. And she would enjoy it. So would I.