The Diary of a Sex Addict - Intrusion

I heard the noise again, and this time I was scared. I was in the bathroom of my work, changing out of my uniform and into my street clothes. It was one in the morning, I had been a bit late closing, and the store was pitch black. I thought I had locked the door, I was sure of it, but when I heard footsteps I knew I was mistaken. I clutched my sheer, pink shirt to my chest, backing up against the wall as I saw a dark figure move in front of the door. There was no way out. I saw the doorknob turn and then stop with a click. I had remembered to lock THAT door. My heart was pounding in my chest and I felt weak at the knees. All I wanted to do was run. The intruder tried the door knob again, and this time, there was a quiet knock at the door. I whimpered.

It seemed like forever went by with my intruder not making a sound. Maybe he had left. I moved away from the opposite wall and slowly stepped towards the door. I reached toward the doorknob and there was a sudden ear-splitting crash. The very same doorknob I had reached for rifled past my head and crashed against the wall, rolling along the floor. I screamed and the door burst open. A tall man darted inside and grabbed me by my neck, pushing me backwards. My calves hit the toilet and I nearly fell. He pressed the back of my head against the wall. I could hardly breathe.

His eyes trailed along my breasts; heaving from my desperate gasps for air and cupped in a nude, push-up bra. And then down to where my skirt had been hiked up and a red thong was clearly visible. I tried to speak but he tightened his grip around my throat. He kicked at one of my feet and I raised it up onto the toilet seat, staring at him with wide, scared eyes. He cupped my breast in his hand and began massage it, biting his bottom lip, his eyes fixated on my body.

“No,” I whimpered, but he ignored me. He moved his hand over to my other breast and slipped it out of my bra, moaning. He pinched my nipple and I turned my head away, closing my eyes. “No, please don’t . . .” He bent and took my nipple in his mouth and I was done. My addiction flooded over me like a wave over the soft sand of the beach and I was lost in what was happening. My pussy throbbed and I felt my panties moisten. I moaned. My fear was gone. Every feeling was gone except the pleasure in my breast and the nagging, longing wetness between my legs.

He released the grip around my throat and moved his hand down between my legs, still sucking and biting at my erect, excited nipple. I felt him press his fingers against my clit through the damp fabric and he suddenly stopped, glancing up at me.

“You’re wet,” he grunted and I bit my bottom lip, trying not to look at him. “You sick bitch, this is turning you on!”

He moved my panties out of the way and slipped his fingers inside me. I cried out and arched my neck, my eyes still closed.

“No . . . no it’s not,” I lied. I felt myself get even wetter. He was pumping his fingers in and out in and out. I hated myself for feeling good. “Please, stop . . . stop it.”

“You don’t want me to stop,” I heard him say. I heard him unzip the front of his pants.

“Yes I do . . . please . . .” I whined, and I heard him laugh.

“Then why are you moving your hips on your own?”

I opened my eyes and glanced down. He wasn’t moving his fingers at all. I was sliding my hips back and forth, inviting him inside me. I was pleasuring myself with him.

I bit my lip and glanced up at him, my hips still moving. I stared at him for a long while, and then offered a shaky, naughty smile. He looked shocked, and he took his hands away from me.


“If you want it so damn bad just take it,” I said, a frown starting on my face. “I have places to be.”

He stood back and stared at me, his mouth open and moving to words he couldn’t seem to say. I realized that his penis was sticking out of his jeans. Hard and throbbing. My right leg was still up on the toilet and I could feel my wetness dripping down my thighs. He noticed too.

In seconds he was against me, slipping his thick cock into my pussy. I arched back, bracing myself on the back of the toilet and screamed. I kept my eyes closed. I didn’t want to see what was happening. I didn’t want to remind myself of my lack of control.

His hands were on my breasts, massaging and pinching and occasionally sucking. His cock rifled in and out of me, furtively. I tightened on the outstroke and relaxed as he plunged inside of me. It felt so good and my wetness was sliding down my legs. One of my socks was soaked in it.

He suddenly grabbed my hair, pulling his cock out of my hungry pussy and roughly pulled me down onto my knees. I cried out, tears starting in my eyes at the pain, and he f***ed his cock into my open mouth. He slammed against the back of my throat and the shock of it nearly made me gag. I regained my composure after a few seconds of him slamming his cock soaked in my pussy juices into the back of my throat and I was able to suck and flick my tongue along him. I grabbed the pockets of his jeans and he arched backwards, slamming his rock-hard, excited cock into my hot wet mouth. He was moaning, his hands tight fists in my hair and he screamed that he was cumming. I clenched my eyes shut and suddenly felt a wave of his hot, sticky cum spatter down my throat. He pulled out and another wave of it exploded onto my face and I flinched, quickly swallowing the mess inside my mouth. He tasted bitter. I sat on the floor, my hands curled in my lap, my eyes still closed as I heard him hurriedly zip his zipper and move towards the door. I heard him hesitate, and then his panicked footsteps as he ran out of the building.

I finally opened my eyes, one at a time. My eyelashes were heavy with cum and I could feel it matted in my hair as well. I uncurled my hands slowly and glanced down. His cell phone was sitting in the palm of my hand and I smiled. I dialled 911 and held the phone to my ear, smiling as I traced my fingers along the cum on my face. All of that lovely DNA.

I had to admit, as the woman on the other end of the line asked me what my emergency was, that he wasn’t that bad. Maybe I’d pay him a visit at the jail.
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Very hot !!!! ;)
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BRILLIANT, love the way your mind works.