Early Morning Play

He opens his eyes and yawns, a hand moving down to confirm what he already knows. Shit, a hard-on again! They’d been making love all night. He can still taste her skin and sweet juices. He can still feel her silky skin beneath his fingers as they skim her every curve. Her throbbing body enticed him to want her repeatedly and he did possess her a few times before they finally collapsed on the bed and fell fast asl**p. Now awake, he hungered for more of her gentle caresses. He longed to have her above him, riding him till he burst deep inside of her. He runs his fingers between his messy hair and pushes himself up, an elbow holding him up as he scans her soft silhouette, barely visible in the darkness.

He sighs softly, as his hand moves down to his hard cock again, a sly smile on his rouged face as an idea suddenly hits him. It’s been a long time since she’d been awakened for an early morning romp. He rises swiftly yet silently and moves over to the nightstand, flicking the lamp light on and looking around the desk drawer for his camcorder. He’d love to preserve this for another time when she’s away and he’s in need for her. He sets the recorder on the table and positions it so the bed is clearly visible then leans slowly over her and moves a wisp of hair from her forehead. He lowers his lips down to hers, barely touching them as his hands scan her sexy body ever so gently. He moans slightly and grins to himself as she begins to awaken to his touch. He moves his lips down to her ear and nibbles on her lobe before wishing her a “good morning.” She begins to groan then laughs a bit as he takes her hand and moves it to his enlarged groin. “Never a dull moment with you,” she whispers before nibbling his lower lip, her hand stroking his manhood at the same time.

He moves his hips, rubbing himself on her as his body moves over her, pinching her hand between their groins. He gyrates his hips, rubbing her hand against his already moistened pajama bottoms as he pins her hands above with one hand and slowly unbuttons her silk pajama top with the other. He smiles down at her as he feels her body shiver underneath his. “You ready for more baby girl?” he inquires, though he’s certain she’s dying to feel him inside of her once more. “Mhmmmm,” she moans seductively in his ear as her hips wiggle in anticipation. Her head turns for a split second towards the nightstand and she curls up her lips in a smile, “You’ve been a bad boy…” He nods and moves his mouth down to her neck, his lips nibbling her soft skin as he responds, “you’ve always wanted to be a movie star. Here’s your chance sexy. You ready?” She wrinkles her nose with glee and nods slightly, “Mhmmm….” He chuckles wickedly as his lips and tongue move down her neck towards her bulging, ivory breasts. “I love you, my freak…”

She nods her head once again and groans, “Shut up and fuck me. You know I want you badly.” She wiggles again underneath him as his hand moves down to her panties. He pulls them down roughly as his mouth cuts off her last word, his body positioned above her. He rubs his pre-cum soaked cock on her slick clit. She gasps for him. He clenches his hand tighter around her wrists as his knees part her legs. She pretends to object but the legs open too easily for him. He laughs as his tongue flicks over her huge tits, slithering down to her hard, pointy nipples. He rubs again over her, his cock wanting to push into her moistened hole. He resists wanting to tease her a bit more. Her body arches for him and he willing takes her nipples between his teeth, pulling them gently. She cries out for him. He loves to feel her need. Loves to control her for he understands that she controls him more often than not. His tongue rims her nipples, going around and around as her moans become louder and more ardent, “Yesss…fuck yes baby!”

He pushes his cock into her opening, just barely but enough to withdraw a soft scream from her lips. His teeth clench on her nipple again, pulling her hardened tip harder. She screams this time. He’s totally enjoying it even though he needs her more than ever. “Yes….you like that don’t you?” he whispers in her ear. “Mhhmmmmmm…” is her response. He finally pushes himself inside her and now it’s his turn to yell as he feels her tightness around his enlarged cock. He pushes deep inside of her, laughing out loud not only because he needed her but because her legs open wider for him. She screams louder as her wet pussy is pierced over and over by his large sword. He pierces her gladly, sinisterly… knowing quite well that she will falsely deny she wanted another yet another fuck. But he knows better. Can see the desire in her beautiful, horny eyes and feel the warm breath emitting from her open, moaning mouth. She could say whatever she wanted later but for now, she was his and he took all of her.

His mouth moved up to bite her neck and he finally released her wrists only to move his hands down to clench her soft ass. He pulled her closer to him making sure he was as deep as he could go. He yelled again in ecstasy, “Fuck me…your pussy is so tight. I love it!” She bites her lips and just moans, her hips moving up to meet his pumping hips, “Are you gonna talk or are you gonna fuck me bitch?” She pretended to be in charge even when she knew she was not. He hardly cared as long as he was fucking her again. It just didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that she was under him and he moved his hands down to her knees, pushing her legs up on top of his shoulders as he fucked her, “Who’s the bitch now, baby?” She could not respond only moan and move her head back underneath him as he showed her that he was the mastermind of this whole fucking experience. So close to cumming and yet he fucked her faster and harder, his teeth licking and biting her ankles gently as she yelled insanely begging him to fuck her good. Sweat ran down his forehead and dripped on her belly. He looked down and saw that her own upper lips were full of small beads of sweat.

He moved his mouth down to cover his again, his tongue pushing inside of her as he pierced her gasping hole along with her scorching pussy. He fucks harder, her own movements joining his as she yells close to orgasm. He feels his so close as well and finally grits his teeth, a feral growl emitting from between them. His ass clenches tight, giving one last deep push inside of her as she’s filled with his hot cum. “Ahhh yesss….!” he exclaims before he goes limp on top of her, her legs finally curled up underneath him again. “Mmmm….what was that for?” she asked. “Just a surprise,” he responds, his hand moving to turn off the recorder as his free hand pulls her close. She nuzzles him and whispers, “You must surprise me more often then….” He nods and closes his eyes, a smirk on his face as he falls fast asl**p in her arms.
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