A Dream

You reached out for my hand and licked it so I could feel your tongue and piercing. You moved your tongue from side to side on it.
I moaned because it felt so good and you moved your lips up my arm, kissing and licking while you pulled me closer to you.
Then when you got up to my neck you took out your tongue and licked it from base to chin, over and over until I was gasping for air.
Just when I started to tremble you moved your lips up to mine and pressed on them hard, parting them with yours and teasing me with your tongue between my slightly parted lips.
Your tongue went deeper into my mouth. It rolled over and over my tongue and alternated between twirling around with mine and suckling it gently then a little more desperately as you pulled me even closer. Your fingers caressed my hair and moved down to my neck and back again to my scalp as you French kissed me. And I was completely under your spell. My body wanted anything you'd give me.
While you French kissed me your hands moved up and down my body, slowly removing my shirt and tickling my bare skin. I didn't care because your French kisses were so good, I wanted you.
Your fingertips move over my breasts and rotated around and around my hardening nipples. You pinched them as you bit my tongue teasingly.
Then your hands started to move lower, caressing my belly. Your lips left mine and you started to kiss my chin and neck again, slowly giving me kisses and licking me with your pierced tongue. I cried softly with pleasure as your hands moved lower and started to caress me over my panty while your mouth covered my left nipple and sucked it. You removed your lips and flicked your piercing on my nipple, asking me if I liked that.
I begged you to keep licking me all over.
Your teeth pulled my nipple as your hand moved to the other nipple. You twisted it gently. You had a hand on my nipple, your mouth on the other and the other hand caressing my groin. My body was arching back with need.
Your lips moved down my belly, tongue flicking inside my belly button as your hand caressed my groin a little harder. Your fingers moved my panty and played with my wetness.
Your teeth nibbled my belly and you lifted your wet fingertips to my lips and asked me to taste myself. I suckled your lips and moaned at your belly nibbles. Finally, I pushed your head down and asked you to use that piercing on my hot, wet groin. You lowered my panties and smiled at me as your mouth moved down to kiss me.

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