Cougar Breeding: The Agony and Ecstasy

So it was a year ago to the day when I had finally made that life changing decision to register an account with Xhamster. Before I signed up I found myself drawn repeatedly to a blog by a woman named Lisa. She would detail her exploits of teasing, indulging, deflowering, and defiling young inexperienced boys. She had this cute little street sign as her avatar that said "Cougar Xing" (though cute would be the wrong word to describe her sensual appetite), and I usually would feel my pulse quicken and pants tighten whenever I would click on that yellow diamond. It got to the point where I could be on the treadmill at the gym, and fantasies of being picked up by Lisa would cause such a hard-on that my entire workout would have to be put on hold so I could go relieve myself of the obsession and excitement in the dirty gym stalls: not the most intimate of locations. I found some psychic relief in the fact that I was 27, and so was out of her age range anyways. With this thought, I was able to forget about her playful wit, raw sexuality, and delicious perversion...but then something unexpected happened.

I had added her as a "friend" immediately on xhamster, and she accepted later that week. I can't remember exactly the comment she left on my profile, but it was something to the extent "Welcome to xhamster. It's nice to have a doctor in the house!". She did not know at the time I was a second year medical student, but I figured she was probably receiving enough personal messages after recently disclosing that she was getting divorced and also after coming back from an unsuccessful sex rehab stint, and so I did not want to disturb her. I actually looked at the comment a few times, and imagined her coming into the gym and saying that to me in person. The next day at the medical clinic I could not hide my iron steel erection through the flimsy fabric of my scrubs, and had to use the restroom for reprieve from my embarrassing predicament. But nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

Coming home that night from the gym, I signed on to the computer to see that Lisa had actually sent me a message saying "I'm feeling under the weather today. I know this is a little unusual, but could you do me a huge favor and just do a quick check up for me to make sure it's nothing serious." At the bottom of the message she had written her phone number, and my heart literally stopped for a fraction of a second. I was a little nervous, but more excited while calling her phone. She answered after a ring or two saying sweetly, "This must be Brian". I told her I was, and we had small talk for a few seconds before she told me (without a hint of sexual intrigue) "I've been feeling really tired lately and my stomach hurts a little. Not sure if I'm exhausted from all I've been through over the last few weeks, but I just wanted a check-up to be sure." I answered that it would be my pleasure as a student doctor to check her out, and she (seeming innocent) responded that she was so grateful and that she would love to pay me back with a lunch sometime.

When I initially saw her, I felt my scrubs (which I had not had time to change out of) shift with sudden arousal. She was petite, with small breasts and gorgeous silky blond hair that ran all the way to her midriff. Lisa was wearing a sexy sundress and flip flops which flashed a red wine colored polish decorating her slender toes. Best of all, her eyes had this mischievous sparkle which radiated a hedonistic frenzy that was bottled up and ready to explode at a moments notice. But even with this sensuality oozing off her body, it unfortunately did not seem directed at me. She invited me in, and I was instantly caught up in her innocent flirty and light-hearted manner. She asked if we could get the exam out of the way, because she had been very worried about her health over the last few days. I told her that we would need somewhere for her to lie down so I could check her sore abdomen, and she said that the best place would be the bedroom since the sofa hurt her back. I was a little worried about going there, since I did not want her husband coming home thinking I was one of her "boy toys", but she assured me that her husband (soon to be ex) and dog were at the vet, and would not be home for a few more hours.

When we got to the bedroom she kicked off her flip flops and gracefully let herself fall backwards onto the bed. Her sundress came up above her knees, and if she had given me even half a signal I would have started kissing from the bottom of those angelic thighs all the way up. But she did not give me a sign, and instead looked at me expectedly to start the exam. For the first time I felt a sense of awkwardness because of my lack of experience as a student. The scrubs started to feel almost like a boy dressing up as a doctor rather than a doctor himself. But the look that Lisa gave me was one of trust and expectation, almost like a mother who is proud to see her son transitioning from a young adult to a man. A mom who wants to nurture her son and help him even if he fumbles. With renewed confidence, I took the stethoscope from around my neck, and placed it slowly against her chest. When the cold stethoscope touched her warm skin she let out a startled laugh with a devious smile while saying "doctor, couldn't you at least have warmed it up a little first??". Keeping my mind on Lisa's physical exam took every piece of willpower I possessed. I bit my lip as her chest rose when she breathed deeply as I listened to her lungs. While doing a full inspection of her arms and hands, I fantasized about those fingers running down my back with me deep inside her. And while inspecting her legs, I yearned to start sucking her toes and then move steadily upwards toward her mouth.I don't know if she saw, but my ass tensed the whole time that my eyes feasted on her body below me, and the front of my scrubs was slowly pulsating under the pressure of my craving. But though her beautiful smell was intoxicating, she seemed to be all business- patiently waiting for me to give her my assessment. Over the sundress I felt her soft supple abdomen, and I could almost swear I heard a tiny moan escape her lips, but at that point I was intoxicated by her perfume and my own lust, so could not trust my senses.

I was coming to the end of her exam, and as I ran my hands gently over her lowest rib, I started to tell her that everything seemed fine, and that it was probably just the stress of the last two months that was wearing her down. Lisa turned to me with a look I could not read, like a devilish innocence hiding wicked intentions, and said, "this is a little unusual, but I actually hurt…you know… 'down there'. It feels like a deep pressure, soreness or tingling, and was hoping that it would not be too weird to have you..well… take a quick look. Just to make sure everything is alright". At these words an insatiable fire burst through my cock. Every muscle throughout my body tensed as the nerve receptors in my skin begged for her touch. Without even saying a word, Lisa deliciously pulled her panties down, and when I saw her wet pussy glistening I had to restrain an urge to ravish her with my mouth. I had to repress an overwhelming compulsion to run my tongue all the way from those two delectably parted lips down to the sweet dimple of her asshole. Her face betrayed none of those same erotic struggles, so I instead began to try and find the source of the pain she was complaining about.

In gentle circles I massaged the outer lips of this luring temptation before me. I ran my fingers from her pubic mound down the outer boundary of the inviting moist treat positioned in front of me as I searched for areas of pain or tenderness. As I got to the bottom edge of her pink snatch I daringly snuck one finger to lightly play and tease across her asshole, but dared go no further. I could see both of her holes swell and lightly throb under my wandering touch. At this point Lisa said to me, "you are such a good student. I really hope you can find Mommy's problem for her." When she said this my heart felt like it would beat right out of my chest, and she then quietly whispered, "Mommy needs a massage on the inside". With my thoughts racing, and my erection painfully aroused, my fingers cautiously crossed over the same boundary that I had just played around. On the first touch to her pussy, the juice started to run down my fingers, and cover them with lubrication. Lisa then half moans, half whispers, "it hurts deeper. Make mommy feel better". With no hesitation, I allow my fingers to penetrate into her. It almost feels as if she is drawing my fingers into herself with the seduction of her inviting moistness. And that is when everything changes. The same moment I find my fingers inside Lisa, is exactly when I feel her right pedicured foot start to tease and stroke across my cock while her left foot hooks around my upper back to pull my mouth directly down into her pussy. Without any instruction I know exactly what to do. It feels like fireworks of pleasure as I taste and worship her pussy and clit with my lips and tongue, and she starts to moan, squirm, and u*********sly drench my face with her juices. Both of her feet then grip onto the bulge of my wood through the scrubs as she willfully strokes my cock from head to shaft. I could have stayed in that moment forever as I became overcome with absolute ecstasy- her taste dancing on my tongue and her soles grasping and teasing my cock.

Within a few minutes, she hooks one side of my scrub pants between the toes of her right foot and the other with the toes of the left, and she slowly pulls them off of my hips. My erection springs out, finally freed from the constraint it has been battling with ever since entering her house. Lisa alluringly licks her lips, and then says the words I've been waiting for the whole time, "come fuck mommy. Mommy wants to feel your cock inside her". I can honestly not tell you if I came up towards her, or if she writhed down towards me, but the next thing I remember is the soft feeling of her pussy lips massaging against the head of my cock, almost silently begging me to fill her up. To my surprise Lisa suddenly wrapped her legs around me, crossing her ankles behind my back, and then locking them out tight. With the dominant gaze of someone who is in complete control, Lisa gives the order, "Fuck your mommy now". Then, without even giving me time to respond, she flexed her legs against the middle of my back, pulling us together while vigorously forcing my cock deep into her tight wet pussy. Her mouth planted fully against mine in a dirty kiss, and with a raw intensity my whole body exploded with burning pleasure as I felt every inch of her wrap around my throbbing shaft. What started as slow strokes, lead to harder and harder pounding, and I could see her back start to arch off the bed as she positions herself in a way to allow me in deeper. And that's when I think I hear her say, "Knock your mommy up." I feel a moment of anxiety, and notice that Lisa is staring at me. With her legs still locked behind me, she pulls my face right next to her, and taunts, "Such a smart med student. Perfect for breeding". I was noticing that the blush of her cheeks and the rhythm of her breathing meant she was about to cum , and I panicked as I realize she was trying to get me to impregnate her. Before I could do anything I felt the soles of her crossed feet press harder against my back locking me in tighter. A devious smile crosses her face as she whispers "and I noticed on your profile that you're a musician. Creative genes for my baby." I want to stop thrusting into Lisa, but her muscles clamp down on my cock with a grip that makes each stroke send numbing pleasure throughout my body, as her legs trap me inside. She finally closes her eyes, thrusts her hips forward, and moans, "and my son will have a nice big cock just like you." I cannot hold back any longer, her pussy gives a final squeeze as my ass muscles clench together, and I thrust as deeply as possible while exploding over and over into her. My cock throbs with each eruption, shooting one massive load after another. Her body shakes and trembles, while her feet grip my ass, pushing me greedily deeper into her soaked pussy. I keep having waves of pleasure wash over me, and thrust deep into Lisa even after almost all the cum is gone. She eagerly receives even these last few drops before I am completely spent, and it takes a few seconds before I can get the strength to pull out of her. Even post-coitally I was held captive by bliss, longing, and arousal. Lisa has a wide smile across her face now, while saying, "you did good for Mommy today." A few minutes later, with a mixture of agony and ecstasy I left her house in a half daze, wondering if I had maybe dreamt it all.

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if there is a musically gifted, high IQ baby (maybe even with a well sized cock) in the world because of that day, but either way, I would never turn down the experience to be Lisa's stud for the world. There are cougars out there, but none compare to my cougar. Hopefully she will decide to have a second baby soon, and if she does, I hope she knows whose cock she can ask for.

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what is the blog?
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hot fucking story.
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good length and detail