Fun on a narrow boat

Once again, this is a true story of another dating site success.

I had been chatting online to Jayne for a while, she lived on a narrow boat near to Tamworth. Our chats had become very intimate, and it was only time before we agreed to meet.

I had a day off work and drove down to meet Jayne at the marina where her boat was moored. It was a lovely sunny day although a little cool. I parked up and she showed me the way to her boat, then showed me round it. It was about 35 foot long, going down the stairway at the back into a kitchen area, then into a sitting area, before going through a curtain into a bedroom with a double bed. It was all very different to me, but was cosy.

We decided to take the boat along the canal for a while, so we started the motor, untied the ropes and set off at the usual slow pace along the waterway. We eventually camr to a lovely pub alongside a lock, and after deciding to have a drink, found a spot to moor, and tied the boat up. The pub was quiet so we had a nice drink before going back onboard the boat. After closing the hatch, we started kissing, our hands exploring each other, both getting excited. We made our way through the curtain to the bed area and sat on the bed to continue our kissing. It wasnt long before my hands opened the button on her blouse and started fondling her breasts through her white lacy bra. She undid my shirt and helped me to take it off before I reached round and unclasped her bra, slowly sliding one strap down her arm as I kissed and sucked her now visable, erect nipple. I did the same with her other breast, hearing her gasp as I sucked on her nipple again. She lay back on the bed allowing me to kiss and suck both nipples whilst my hand undid her jean button and zip. I started to kiss and lick her tummy as I pulled down her jeans and white panties at the same time. I could see her pussy was hairy but neatly trimmed. My fingers stroked her pussy which was very wet and when I slowly pushed a finger inside there was no resistence, only a moan came from her lips as her hips rose to me the thrust of my hand. I moved further down her body to replace my finger with my tongue, she writhed under me as she pulled my head into her pussy, it was only a few seconds before she came, moaning out loud, her juices running down my chin. She pushed me away and told me to get on the bed which I duly obliged. She undid my trousers before pulling them down and off, this was.soon followed by socks then my boxers. My cock was, obviously, very hard and stood proud. She smiled at me before dropping her head, taking my cock into her mouth and immediately started givving me an amazing blowjob. She held my balls whilst licking and sucking on my cock, before swopping over, licking my balls whilst stroking my cock. I think she sensed I was about to cum so she stopped tending to my cock and moved up the bed to kiss me on the lips. We embraced a while, kissing eacj other before she reached down and started stroking my still hard and throbbing cock. She then got astride me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock, letting it slowly disappear into her pussy right to the hilt, she then started to ride me hard, i meeting her downward movement with a thrust of my own. We continued with this explosive sex for a few minutes before we both climaxed at the same time. She collapsed onto my chest as we regained our breath in each others arms.
After a while we cot our clothes back on and opened the hatch of thr boat to go and untie the moorings. A small group of people sitting outside the pub stopped talking and looked in our direction, all smiling at us. It was then I realised our noisy lovemaking must have been heard by all, and I wondered how big the waves must have been from the movements in the boat. We set off back to the marina, me thinking ........ "i must arrange a holiday on a narrow boat!!!!!!"
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3 years ago
very good story, but discribe the ladies better