Watching You Watching Me

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Another sl**pless night. I turn and catch the clock just as it changes to read 3:45 am. Great. Here we go again.

I try switching positions, on my stomach, on my side, flat on my back, nothing feels right. The sheets bunching and tangling between my legs don’t help. Not even the sound of thunder can relax me tonight. Just like last night and the night before.

I get out of bed hesitantly (what good will it do?) and walk into the kitchen. Goosebumps appear all over my body as I shed my blankets and expose my bare skin to the night air. I shiver. Pouring myself a glass of wine, I try to let my mind relax. I run my finger between my skin and the elastic of my cotton panties without even noticing. Comfort.

Glass of wine in hand, I walk back into the bedroom. I catch myself in a mirror and stop to take a peek. I love the way I look in this light, barefoot and wearing nothing but my favorite blue checkered print cotton panties, holding a glass of wine. My hair falls out of a loose ponytail and my breasts, covered in gooseflesh, give my silhouette an hourglass shape. I run my hand over my body one time, enjoying the view, when a light comes on in my bedroom.

Startled, I peek around the corner to see that the light is coming from the house next door, which has a window that faces the one in my bedroom. The lights are off in my room and I decide to sneak a peek into my neighbor’s window. What else is there to do?

I split the blinds apart with two fingers and watch my neighbors, a beautiful young woman with a handsome older man come in from their night out. They’re d***k and getting close, smiling and laughing and teasing. I watch him slip her dress off and run his hands over her bare body. Slowly, he guides her to her knees and unzips, pulling out his thick, erect cock, which she eagerly takes into her mouth. My hand has already made its way into my panties before he makes eye contact with me.

I freeze, staring into the eyes of a man who smirks at me and dares me with his eyes. Commanding me silently. I pull the blinds up and stand there, dipping my fingers into the wetness concealed by cotton. He pulls himself out of the young women’s mouth and turns her around to face me. We stare admire each other for only a quick moment before he bends her over and I obediently slip my panties off. Commanding me without words. My whole body is buzzing.

Her face as he slides into her, I’ll never forget it. A moment of surprise and release and ecstasy that I can feel myself reciprocate. I’m lost in the moment, the voyeurism, the exhibition. I stand there, naked at the window, pumping hard at my clit with my hand and occasionally dipping my fingers into myself, my other hand caressing my tits, pinching the nipples, sliding against my warming skin.

Both strangers staring intently into my eyes as he pounds hard from behind and she comes again and again. Me staring back, mouth agape, hand working on it’s own to make me cum. The storm rages on loudly, occasionally giving us better glimpses of each other with flashes of lightening. I watch her cum in a soundless grimace, I see him smirk at me confidently as he doesn’t stop. Just me and him now.

We stare into each other’s eyes, him pumping away at the girl who continues to writhe and pump back, challenging each other to cum first. At last I can’t take it anymore, I’m shaking so badly that I can hardly stand. I use my free hand to brace myself against the window as I press my body against the glass and feel the wave break. My whole body releases and I can still see his wide winners grin as he finally lets himself go inside of her. All of us connected by the eyes at that moment.

We stay that way a moment longer. None of us sure what comes next until I lower the blinds and walk away. Sliding between the sheets, completely relaxed, I fall right into a deep, satisfied sl**p.
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3 years ago
Good story, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
I wonder if the two will cross the space between them?
Good story. thx for sharing
3 years ago
Very good, nice story.Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Nice one. Love it