Bonobo Gardens, Chapter 1

Bud Packer looked over his naked 71 year-old body in the mirror. White hair covered his chest, down to his small belly and his pubes, overgrown, yet manageable given his large balls and cock. His wife Dorothy had passed away two days before, but they hadn't had sex in years. He remembered the first time they made love in the locker room in high school. He pulled her, clothed, into the water. Her young nipples pushed out against her wet shirt. They kissed as he slid inside her. She began to moan; Bud drew his arms down her back, both of them now naked in the shower, really fucking for the first time.

Bud gasped and slowed himself with Dorothy, wanting to hold on. As he opened his eyes, he noticed Coach Fitzgerald standing inside the doorway. He was about 62, an ex-military type coach with big thick hair on his arms and legs. He stroked his 7-inch cock, slightly curving upward. Bud had never seen an old man's dick before but he always liked Coach Fitzgerald and his reaction turned him on. Bud pushed deeper into Dorothy and she screamed. Bud kept pushing harder, matching Coach Fitzgerald stroke for stroke. He came back to Dorothy, her wet pussy, he had never known anything like it. It wasn't his first time, but it had always been a drier affair. He knew that at times, he was hurting her, but it turned him on to know he had a big cock. He pushed deeper, Ohh. Bud peeped back at Coach, who was now about to cum. Bud couldn't help it and he began to cum too, harder than he ever had. Ohhh-uhh.

A knock came at the door and Bud closed his robes and walked out of his sterile bathroom. Bud had lived in Boward/North Boward Gardens for three years but never really made any friends. Two of his neighbors, Shirley and Mark, were at the door. Shirley, an 64 year-old jewish widow, having lost like Bud. Mark was fit for 76, with thick white hair on his head. He invited them in and sat down with them in the living room, nervous. Bud didn't like well-wishers, especially when he is in his robe. Shirley started, "We're sorry to hear about your wife." She paused. "I'll get right to the point. Are you familiar with the bonobo?" Bud stayed silent. "Well, I can't tell you everything about them, but I can tell you one thing. When one bonobo experiences a loss, the others in the tribe offer sex to make them feel better." Bud shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "We are here to welcome you to the tribe."

Shirley stood up and slipped off her robe to her bra and panties. She had D cup boobs that looked tasty propped up. Bud's eyes traveled down to her see-through black panties. Bud swallowed. Mark then stood up, "And, as part of the tradition, the men offer themselves to each other as well," dropping his pants. Shirley and Mark bent over next to each other across the back of the sofa, waiting. Shirley's wet pussy was lubed up and Mark applied lube to his naired ass. Bud was speechless, but horny. He began messaging his dick through his robe while Shirley and Mark watched. Bud focused on Shirley, trying not to look at Mark. He wasn't gay, and he figured here was sex with a lady and it had been years. Bud stood up and untied his robe, he semi-erect cock standing taller each second. At his age, he was 6 inches strong, and three fingers wide. He came in behind Shirley, she shuttered as he entered. "Ohh, your cock is so big." Shirley's lubed pussy was the wettest in recent memory for Bud. She moaned in a low tone, her whole body moving with her breathing. Bud pushed faster into Shirley, feeling freer with each thrust. Huuh-uhh. He fucked her harder, a sweat breaking on his brow.

Mark, sensing that Bud was not interested, moved to a chair and began masturbating. Bud slowed down, moving his hands on her fat ass. Bud always liked the curvature of an old woman's ass; it was one of Dorothy's best features. He thought about his late wife, her hair and smell. Falling out of the moment, Bud looked over and saw Mark's cock, 7 inches, just like Coach. Mark's head was laying back, his eyes closed. He stroked himself to the sound of Bud and Shirley. She moaned again. Bud kept pumping, watching Mark, then back to Shirley. For twenty minutes, Bud fucked Shirley, one for each year since his last he later joked. The lube dried, but Bud kept fucking, his sweaty balls slamming against her clit. Shirley kept moaning then screaming and eventually got wet again. Bud hadn't felt this alive in years. Mark began to make a high pitched pre-cum sigh. Bud turned to see Mark cum on himself and began cumming. Uhhh-ooo-uuhh. Bud tensed his back and thrust his cock as deep into Shirley as he could. He kept cumming, pushing, rubbing her back and tits. Slowing down, he pulled out of Shirley and turned on to the couch. "I haven't felt this young in years," Bud said.

Shirley lit a cigarette, "Welcome to Bonobo Gardens, Bud."
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2 years ago
Good story. thanks for the idea of the not so old.