On All Fours.

It was the festive season and in this country it always occurs at the end of the year, some were saying the winter was unseasonable cold, and the heavy evening of drinking at Joyce’s, perhaps did not make us over popular with our host, especially as we emptied the punch bowl twice, it was not a deliberate act us refraining from going to the toilet, but there was always a queue for the solitary toilet, and we felt that some revelers were taking just a bit longer than necessary, so the pressure in our bowls, the extended walls, meant some relief had to be found.

Our kitchen seems the ideal place, the ‘Yorkstone’ floor is easily cleaned, so with just a nod and a wink, I unbuckled my belt, unbutton the button, and let down the fly zip, my trousers effortlessly fell to around my ankles, but it was different for you, lifting your skirt, and hooking your thumbs through the elasticated band to your pants, then bending as you lowered your pants to your ankles, and lifting each foot in turn to disentangle them from your feet.

I turn and faced the dishwasher, got down on my hands and knees, I did used some of the trouser material to cushion my knees, because unlike you my knees do not have any extra padding, My cock began to erect as you pulled down my pants to just below my bum cheeks, with my smooth bum skin exposed you gave each cheek a sharp slap, which prompted me to moan quietly.

I felt the hem of your skirt bush my naked flesh, I imagined how you were positioning your legs astride mine, I hear that grunt you make as you prepare to relieve yourself, its a sound that always arouses me, and increases my anticipation, causes me to catch my breath.

It is never a disappointment when I feel that rush of hot uric load liquid, my minds eye see clearly its golden colour splashing my tail and run down the crack between my bum cheeks, it can at times sting my arse hole especially if my arse has been previously pleasured by your strap-on, but to-night all I experience is it running down my inner thigh to wet my pants and eventually my trousers.

As I hear you gasp with relief a lung full of exhaled air, and you experience its flow out your open cunt lips, I can no longer hold my piss and I too gasp, now our pee mingles on the stone floor, not unlike at a Gypsy wedding where the bride’s and the groom’s pee mingle in a bucket of water.

I am now, as I know you must also be, intoxicated with the smell of hot urine, it is all that is needed to set the seal on our evening’s lively and noisy festivities.

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3 years ago
Not really into pee games but diferent
3 years ago