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I wonder just how much you know about me..

You see not too many years ago I went to Romania and stayed with my b*****r Robert, he had married a nice lady called Eva, although she is my s****r in law, Eva insisted that I call her Aunty, hence the photographs I submitted to xHamster, please, don’t let on, shell kill me for sure if she finds out.

Robert went out to help a British company who was having some legal problems, Eva was assigned to Robert as an interpreter, well soon after the problem was resolved they got married, I don’t know if Robert married Eva or if Eva married Robert, one thing I do know is that I found the East European women to be more pro-active with regards to sex, you might rightly ask how old Robert was then, well let me just say that they were expecting their first grandc***d.

How old was I, well it’s a common enough story mum and dad thought it was safe to have unprotected sex, they certainly can now.

They have a nice flat in Bucharest and a Dacha near Romania’s Black Sea coast, this all came about because Eva did and does still have some considerable influence in high places.

Well every thing seemed quite innocent, I got tired of Bucharest the long walks through and across the bridges, and so was allowed to stay at the Dacha, Robert and Eva came out at the weekends, initially the weather was not too warm, in fact they said it was a bit early in the season for them to use the Dacha, but came to keep me company at the weekends, so I got to know my ‘Aunty’ very well, an excellent cook, and someone that one could easily chat with.

I was waiting for some exam results and had arranged that I would enjoy a complete break before starting work, I was therefore in time for one of their religious festive weekends, which usually means joining in with what ever the nearest village were doing to celebrate. I can still hear the rough music, taste the pigs trotters and the coarse red wine, Hm lovely.

I think Robert and Eva had enjoyed themselves rather well, rolling back to the Dacha arms around each other, I trailed puppy like behind happy that they were happy, well the weather had turned quickly as it does in counties of large land mass.

Certainly warm enough to sl**p outside, there was futons laid out on the veranda, I had enough alcohol inside me not to remember if there was any mosquito nets, if there was they did not hide what I witnessed.

I discovered that they slept naked, if they slept at all that night, and more to the point I was not able to sl**p that night, I also found out that the Eastern European women are more open about their sexuality, I had been at the Dacha for about a couple of weeks, living as a hermit, or as a priest, with only my cock for company,

It did not seem to bother them that I sat up my arms around my legs attempting to hide a roaring hard prick, and looking squarely in their direction, I saw it all Eva kissing Robert behind his ear, tracing her tongue down and then plunging it into Robert’s mouth, my experience of a similar type of kiss paled to insignificance, watch Eva mouth fucking Robert with her tongue, and she was not letting her hands be idle either, I heard Robert moan as his nipples got tweaked.

By now I had my hand firmly grasping my cock, I had to be very careful, I could ejaculated at any moment just on the performance I was seeing they could slow right there and I would have, I have never felt my pubic muscles tighten so, or how tight my buttock closed my arse hole,

Was that the end of it, no way, Eva’s hand reach down to Roberts engorged cock and started to stroke is growing length, now there’s a thing, I have never seen my b*****r’s cock, and seeing it now I was slightly jealous, I swear it grew form 5 to nearer 7 inches while Eva stroked it, I saw the foreskin being eased back and a shiny cherry showing, Eva finger teasing pre-cum out of the slit and using it to coat Robert’s cock.

All this time Eva knelt beside Robert, but as soon as she raised her left leg to straddle Robert I saw the most engorged ‘camel’s foot’, if I did not know the meaning of the term I did now, I looked wondering how ever is Robert’s thick 7” going to get passed those engorged labia lips, but a shiny coated cock entered Eva’s cunt as easy as a hot knife cuts butter, as they sighed and quietly moaned I pulled my cock in rhythm to Eva’s cow girl action.

I soon exhausted myself my spunk shot everywhere, and I went to sl**p, I felt embarrassed, I felt I had to leave and left for home the next day, even now if my minds eye replays the scene I have to jerk off, I never got intimate with my ‘Aunty’, but as soon as I got home, I turned down the job offer and started to learn their language because I intended to do my Post Graduate in one of their universities.


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3 years ago
Really good, thanks
3 years ago
great story,,hope you luck in doing her