Ha But

From the first fleeting kiss to the ultimate climax is a much varied journey.

A Kiss, should be so sensual, that its breath can be blown away by the draught from a passing butterfly.

There is more places to kiss on a woman's body then there are stars in the sky.

Eden, the unspoilt paradise is here in my arms.

Ha but, it is when you get me to brace myself, in the lounge, against the piano stool, with my arms outstretched and feet apart, its the feel of the cool lubricant, tricking down my crack, the long slender fingers probing deep ensuring I am well moist and that my anus is nicely relaxed, and you then clasp me around my waist with one of your warm soft arms, you then lean on me I feel your body weight and then your full breasts flattening against my back and sense the sharp nibbling of your teeth on the back of my neck, then with your free hand, coated lovingly with more lubricate, begins the slow gentle stroking of my engorging member, taking special care when you pull back my foreskin and expose my orb, for it to moisten with pre-cum under tender care of your eager exercising thumb.

Then I begin to accept the full meaning of your desire, when you plunder me deep with your strap-on, but first there is the exploratory sense of my puckered hole, before the power of your back muscles thrust with a feral f***e, a primeval f***e that drives you ever deeper into me, stage by stage, you penetrate, filling me with your favourite veined textured dildo, then there is at first the gentle pressure from your breasts, as I feel them roll back and fort and then the sc**** of your hardening nipples, each time you go deeper and deeper into me.

I feel your arm tighten around my waist as you draw me onto your shaft, I sense the increasing urgency as you service my cock, I know, your clit is receiving its own deserved attention, how, because of the way your breath is shortening and the deep throated moans you emit, as you drive deeper, ever deeper you go filling my cavernous orifice, with all your lustful love, the sensation of being filled excites and thrills me sending powerful pulses of energy through my entire body.

I am about to ejaculate, you know this, and so you remove your dildo, I feel its sticky wetness against my inner thigh so quietening me, but I know what I must do, and before I even stand straight, you are unbuckling and stepping out of your artificial man member, to push my aside and take my place at the piano stool, and insisting that I deflower you, doggy fashion from behind, I can now lean on your back reach around and cradle your tits in the palms of my hand, my thumbs seek your hard nipples, and rubbing this way and that feel their renewal growth, and know how the electricity flows through your body down to your cunt.

Your vagina and my cock are so now made for each other, hand in k** leather glove, I slide in so, so smoothly, I hear you gasp, I feel you tighten your muscles around my member, every time I try to withdraw, you milk me by clinching, as expertly as you always do, it's now time for me to take on the role I was was born for, that of a fucking machine, so now I pile into you, right up to the hilt, the wet slouching sound of your wet pussy slapping against my full sack gives me the enduring energy to pound, to thrust, to reach deep in into that heavenly void, to plant my seed, for it to swim and seek out any egg waiting in your womb.

I know, you can sense the warm cum, because of your thoughtful foreplay, with your dildo, I have one, two, three no four powerful ejaculations, in fact so much that as well as your sex fluid I know my sperm is flowing back against the thrusts that I continue to make, down your inner thighs trickle the warm sticky balm, although my cock is now not as thick or long, it still has shape enough to fill your cunt, so comfortably, that you are able to climax, so very soon after my sown seed.

Spent, but not unloved, we collapse to the floor, grateful of the thick pile carpet, you still find pleasure in squeezing my still cock wet with our sex juices, I gently finger your clit, our lips meet, not for the first time today we kiss, but now it is as a sign of thanks, of the patient foreplay, of each enjoying the other's climax. knowing, that we will repeat this time and again, even into our mature old age.

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3 years ago
a lovely tale :D