Saturday #2

On to David's place #2.
I stopped home to clean up and met Dave at a restaurant.Afterwards we went to his place.He is very aggressive and as we sat on his couch his hands were immediately in my pants kissing me hard.Next thing I know his cock is sticking out of his pants.I started stroking it but he got up on the couch pushing it into my mouth and shoving it down my throat.I was gagging and slobbering all over his cock.He was grunting and groaning like an a****l.I was hoping he would stop before I threw up but that wasn't happening anytime soon.He wanted that cock down my throat.Finally he pulled away his cock dripping with my spit.He quickly removed his clothes then took over removing mine.I was afraid he was going to rip them off.Once naked he pushed me down on the floor,grabbed my ankles holding them as he put his swollen cock at the entrance to my hole like he was taking aim.Once his head penetrated my cunt he drove it deep and hard.Fucking me again like an a****l driving his cock hard into my cunt.He stopped pulled out and pushing my legs wider he grabbed his cock pushing it in my asshole.He was not gentle.He f***ed his cock into my asshole as I cried out until the whole thing was inside me.My asshole was contracting around his cock as he just stayed still for awhile his face all distorted.Then he started ramming my ass.As he did he finger fucked my cunt with 3 fingers.I was enjoying the rough treatment it makes me want more.I could see by his face and the throbbing of his cock that he was ready to cum.As he was cumming he pulled out of my ass and pushed his dripping leaking cock into my cunt finishing dumping the rest in my cunt.I enjoyed it but was a little pissed it was over already.I was wrong.David got right down on my cunt his tongue flicking my clit and his three fingers back in my cunt.He fucked me like a bad man with his fingers licking my clit the whole time.Then as I was almost ready to cum he stopped and told me to get on top.I mounted his cock and he told me to do what ever I want to come to a climax.I love to ride cock.I lowered myself on to his awaiting stiff cock.I slowly rode his cock taking full pleasure in the whole length of his cock.My body was shaking as my orgasm climbed.I tried to suppress it for as long as I could.All of a sudden I couldn't hold it anymore.I began slamming my cunt down hard on his cock then felt a huge relieve as I gussed fluid out and all over him.It was so intense I had tears in my eyes and my insides were vibrating.As I finished he stood up holding me against him.I was surprised and wrapped my legs around him as he walked us to the front door slamming me against it.He lifted me up and down on his cock until he exploded a load of cum inside me making me well up having another orgasm with him.As we were finishing he walked us to the couch laying me down his cock still in me and stroking his cock slowly deep inside me.We kissed passionately for awhile.I cleaned up and left for my #3 date Bobby.

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3 years ago
fucking brilliant!