My gay friend

I was about 21 and there was this gay guy who lived across the hall from my apartment.We were good friends.He was always jealous because I had more men friends than he did.He was always telling me to ask if any of my friends were bi.Unfortunately for him none were.We were in my apartment one night and he asked me if I owned any dildos or maybe a strap on.I looked at him strangely and said "why you want to borrow one." I was k**ding.He was not. He said he was so horny and needed a cock even a fake one.I said I have both and again k**ding I said ' you want me to strapon and fuck you I never did a man before." He very happily said please on his knees.I said "what the hell let's do it." I got the strapon,we both stripped.When I saw his cock I remember thinking "what a waste of a good size cock."I strapped on and he got on his knees.He started sucking on the cock with his hands on my ass.He commented how firm and smooth my ass was.I just stood there not knowing what to do as he sucked this fake cock like it was real.I could see his cock getting harder as he sucked like a mad man.He asked if I had any baby oil.So I got the oil and he rubbed it all over the cock.He got down on his hands and knees.I stood straddling his ass and inserted the head slowly in his asshole.He moaned in a little pain but told me to keep pushing no matter what until the whole thing was in.I kept pushing and he cried out a few times but said to keep going.It was the strangest thing fucking a guy in the ass.I didn't know what to do so I just kept fucking him I didn't know what to do with my hands.So I gave him a smack on one cheek and he said " oh yes spank me spank me hard and fuck me harder." I obliged him and it was on.I didn't know he was jerking off too until after we were done and saw the cum on my floor.He sat on my couch his cock glistening from the oil and cum still ozzing out of his hole.I said to him "damn if you weren't gay I would suck that cum up." To my surprise he let me saying "it's my pleasure for doing what you did for me." I sucked the rest of his cum up and didn't want to stop and to my surprise he let me. " I will just close my eyes and pretend you are one of my hot gay friends because I know you like cum" he said.So I sucked his cock and he came another enormous load of cum that I got all to myself. Afterwards we sat got d***k and shared or experiences with men his favorite subject.
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2 years ago
we all love cum, even i we don't act like we like where it cums from...
2 years ago
Surprisingly erotic .. X
2 years ago
great incounter.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Sounded like fun.