At the beach continued

This is a continuation of my last story “At the beach.”
My two girls and I were laying on the beach.I was wearing a two piece swimsuit,not a bikini.Betsy, the skinny little slut, had on a skimpy bikini on her well tanned tight,skinny body.She was making me horny watching her the little slut ha ha ha.Tina being a big woman was wearing a full suit with a small sun dress.Betsy was laying face up on a blanket and every guy who walked by was giving her a good look.They could care less what a man face she has since she was just about naked.Tina and I were just checking out the guys especially the ones who would slow down to check out Betsy.I said to Tina "I am getting so horny looking at all this naked men,I need one.What can we do to get them to stop and talk?" Tina said "make eye contact with someone you think is hot and we will ask them to join us.Since when have you been so shy?"I said "it is just there are so many to choose from." I kept looking for a good candidate while Tina went to get us some drinks.I had closed my eyes for a second and heard Tina's voice saying well here they are but it looks like they are asl**p and maybe I will introduce them later."I opened my eyes as did Betsy and there stood Tina with five men who looked to be in their 30's.All wearing only swim trunks,tanned with gorgious bodies.Tina introduced us,not that I remember or care what their names were.They had beers with them and they sat with us talking and drinking.They told us they had rented a house and invited us to dinner that night.One of them was a chef and he promised a great meal.They said to come as we are because the house is on the beach.Of course they wanted us as we are the less clothes the better.
We arrived at there house around 4 PM after we went back to our room to get cleaned to make sure everything was clean shaved and ready for anything ha ha ha.They didn't disappoint on the dinner,lobster tails,shrimp,steaks.There was a hot tub on the deck and that was were we all wound up after eating.It was pretty crowded in the hot tub and the guys had us separated between them.One guy was paying a lot of attention to Betsy and the others noticed leaving him to pursue her.Betsy said it was to hot and got out this guy right after her.They stood drying off and talking,then they disappeared into the house.Things were getting a little intense in the hot tub.One guy started kissing me slideing his hand into my pants.I didn't resist and he said"oh I like that you have some hair there" as he rubbed my pussy.The other guy pulled my tits out of my top and began massaging them pinching my already erect nipples.I had a mouth full of tongue but I caught a look across the tub and a guy was standing up with his cock in Tina's mouth.She was deep throating his cock while the other guy had her big tits in his mouth and hands.They continued to kiss,feel and massage me.After a while I looked over and Tina was bent over the outside of the hot tub sucking one guys cock while the other fucks her from behind."Enough with the kissy feely" I said "you stand up." He stood and I took his hard cock in my mouth while I put my hand in the other guys pants grabbing and stoking his cock.The guy was pushing his big cock head down my throat and I was gagging but kept going.I stroked the other until he stood up and I took turns sucking them.The one guy pulled me up and bent me over the tub spreading my pussy lips and driving his cock deep and hard into me.The other guy climbed out of the tub taking his cock in hand and pushing it into my mouth.These two were rough.He fucked me hard,spanking my ass and fingering my asshole hard.Then he started going from my cunt to my asshole fucking hard while the other guy throat fucked me.Forcing it down my throat. I started to cum and he fucked me harder and faster exploding inside me while the other continued fucking my throat.He said "I want to cum down your throat." He pulled it out jerking off until he was ready to cum then shoved it back in my mouth as he came.I swallowed every drop and sucked him dry.I noticed that Tina and the others were gone.We all got of the hot tub.I dried and wrapped the towel around me following the guys inside.Tina and the others were sitting inthe living room drinking.I asked if anyone knew where Betsy was.Tina said" her and that guy most have hit it off,I think they are in the bedroom upstairs." I said "well I am going to check." When I got to the top of the stairs I could here they were having sex.I peeked in the door and Betsy was straddled over him on her feet riding up and down his cock moaing and trowing her head around.I had to watch.She rode him hard and fast for awhile then slowed to long strokes on his cock.She put her hands on his chest trying to muffle her cries she started to cum but got louder as I could see by his face he was cumming too. Her ass was slapping down hard on his balls and I could here the sound of her sloppy cunt juice.I wanted so bad to burst in and gobble up both their cum but I restrained myself then realized my own finger were in my cunt.Betsy fell on top of him so I left.As I came down the stairs my big slut Tina was inthe middle of a gangbang.She was being fucked in her cunt and ass while sucking the other cock.I sat on the stairs playing with my cunt and watching.One of them asked if we would do a girl on girl for them.I didn't even answer I just got up went to Tina and said "let's give them a show baby." Tina laid on the floor and I got on her 69.I started sucking and biteing her clit .She retaliated sucking and biteing mine.We were screaming in pain and laughing at the same time.The guys were already hooting and hollering and I heard one say " OH FUCK LOOK AT THESE TWO BITCHES GO FUCKIN HOT MAN." We were ravaging each others cunts with our mouth and finger fucking our asses.They really went nuts when I made Tina squirt.After that Tina grabbed me around my ass shoving her tongue deep inside my cunt.I sat on her face as she tongue fucked me until came in her mouth.The rest of the night we sat around and finally Betsy and her guy showed up.We left and Betsy said that she and this guy really hit it off.Betsy is a slut I doubt it will be anything serious eventually he will be fucking me.
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