At the beach

I was on vacation at a beach with two of my girl friends.Betsy is a 55 year old woman not very good looking.If she had short hair she would look like a man.She has big teeth and is very skinny.Also a big smoker.Tina is very pretty 60 years old,long blond hair,on the heavy side with giant fat tits and quite a big belly.We were staying at a hotel and sharing a room because we are sexually active with each other.The first night we were there we left a bar without any guys picking us up.We were all horny so when we got back to our room I started to tease Betsy saying things like "are you horny baby you want a man to fuck you?Well you struck out tonight so all you have is us." She said "fuck you Pat you couldn't either." Tina came over grabbed little Betsy throwing her on the bed and saying "come Pat lets **** this bitch.I am so fucking horny I need to cum so bad." I said "fuck yeah let's **** the little slut."I joined in and we stripped Betsy naked without too much of a fight which made it boring.So by this time Tina and I were naked.Tina climbed on Betsy straddling her face shoving her pussy into it hard.I jumped right on her pussy sucking,biting and smacking her pussy hard.Betsy was screaming into Tina's pussy.I could see Tina's hand pinching Betsy's nipples in her fingers and was pinching them hard.Betsy has unusually large nipples on small tits and you can really get hold of them.Now it was fun because Betsy was screaming and trying to get away.Tina was smothering her and she was kicking and wiggling trying to get free.Betsy finally with all her strength pushed Tina off and yelled "stop you fucking bitches that hurts." I said looking at Barb "fuck her get her." We both jumped on her.I sat on her chest with my ass in her face and Tina grabbed her ankles pulling her legs up to me.I held her ankles as Tina started to spank her ass and pussy.Betsy was yelling into my ass and the more she yelled the harder I pushed my ass into her face.It was actually feeling good her vibrating my ass and cunt with her screams,I was enjoying it.I had her ankles pressed against my shoulders and as I looked down Tina was shoving her four fingers into Betsy's cunt.Betsy's screams turn to moans of pleasure as Tina probed her fingers deep into Betsy' cunt.Betsy's ankles relaxed so I let go of one licked my fingers and started to rub her clit which is also unusually big.Betsy began to lick my cunt spreading my lips and pushing her tongue deep into my cunt.My juices began to flow I was so horny.I wanted her pussy so I released her ankle pushed her legs apart going down on her big clit sucking it like a little cock.Tina by this time had her hand in her cunt up and past her wrist.Tina was fucking Betsy hard then all of a sudden yanked her hand out of her cunt.A gush of fluid came spraying out all over my face and Betsy screamed wrapping her arms around waist.Tina shoved her hand back in Betsy's cunt pumped a few times then pulled out fast and again her pussy juice squirted out her screaming deep inside my cunt triggering a massive flow of my pussy juices and my pussy vibrating in a uncontrollable orgasm.I bit down hard on her clit and her nails dug into my sides as she squirted again.This time Tina clamped her mouth over her pussy sucking up her juices.Betsy and I were shaking and I was getting weak from the intense orgasm.Betsy's legs fell lib as Tina continued to lick up her soaking cunt.I fell off Betsy on to my back on the bed.Tina came over to me and kissed me passionately her giant fat tits pressed against mine.Betsy just laid there moaning."Fuck that was good" she said."I know right" I said" I loved tasting your juices and what an orgasm.The harder you came the more I came."Tina moved from kissing me kissing Betsy.Tina's ass was facing me as she kissed Betsy on her hands and knees.I began rubbing her big ass cheeks then her asshole then slipped my hand between her big fat pussy lips.My hand disappeared into her big cunt easily.I was up to my wrist and still going.Tina's cunt was dripping juices.It was like having my hand in a warm bucket of water.Her cunt juice was running down my arm.I saw Betsy got up under Tina's fat tits that were hanging on the bed sucking,kissing and sometimes smacking them.I got up on my knees pushing my hand as deep as I could.Tina was beating her hand on the bed moaning out loud.All of a sudden I felt a gush of fluid coming out around my arm as Tina screamed and yelled "oh my god yes oooooooooooo fuck yes."She exploded her cunt juice squirting all over the place.I pulled my hand out and saw Betsy already under Tina's cunt indulging in Tina's cunt juices.I joined and my jaw was hitting Betsy's head as we fought for Tina's cum.I don't know what Betsy was doing under there but Tina was laughing and her body was shaking.She tossing her head all over her hair flying back and forward.I was going from her cunt to her ass and then pushed my two fingers into her asshole.Tina's head went straight up and she screamed "fuck Pat that hurt be careful."I do not play nice in the heat of passion.I dug my two fingers in harder with Tina yelling to stop.She would pulled away but Betsy had her arms around her and whatever Betsy was doing Tina did not want to move.Finally Tina could take no more and rolled on her side taking Betsy and I with her.My fingers were still inside Tina's asshole and Betsy quickly got on top of Tina planting her mouth hard on Tina's cunt while pushing her own cunt down on Tina's face.As I continued to fuck Tina's asshole the two of them were in a cunt eating frenzy carrying on like two dogs in heat.I got beside them,my fingers still in Tina and with my other hand put my fingers in Betsy's asshole.Now I'm fucking both assholes. Their moans and groans got louder and louder until they both,with muffled screams started to cum in each others mouth.I was so jealous I wanted to cum too.When they were done they fell on their backs on the bed and I went from Tina to Betsy licking the left overs from their soaked cunts.I told them I was jealous and I needed to cum bad but they were exhausted and told me I would have to wait.I got us all a glass of wine and we laid on the bed naked sipping wine.I thought the night was over and thought I would have to pleasure myself and have them watch me.So I started to rub my clit and cunt.Tina and Betsy sat there watching me and it only took a few minuets before they were on me.Betsy was kissing me our tongues wrestling in our mouths.Tina was kissing my clit and giving it little licks which was making it tingle and grow hard.Tina gets up and leaves while Betsy continues to kiss me and takes over stimulating my cunt with here finger.Tina comes back shortly and I see her standing at my feet with this huge dildo.She pushes Betsy's hand away and starts to rub my clit with the dildo.Betsy starts to suck and nibble on my nipples.I feel Tina drip some cold oil on my clit and I twich but it is good.She rubs the dildo up and down my slippery clit.My orgasm is building,I am moaning and groaning as Betsy continues on my nipples.Tina must have sensed that I was ready to cum because she slid the dildo down my clit to my cunt hole and shoved it in hard at which point I let loose a flood of fluid my whole body convulsed and I screamed out emptying my cunt juices all over the bed.Betsy realizing this quickly got down and began licking my cunt cleaning me and Tina helped still holding the dildo inside me.Tina kept fucking me with the dildo and just as I was relaxing another wave of orgasm hit me.It was just as intense as the last and Betsy had my clit in her big teeth making it even more intense.My whole body was in spasm and I thought I was going to pass out.Finally they stopped.I laid on the wet bed with Tina and Betsy laying next to me with their arms and legs on me.We fell asl**p.When we awoke in the morning we all remarked how good we all felt and we showered and got ready to out on the beach for the day.Hoping that we find a few guys we can party with later.Tell you about that later.

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Nicely done.
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Keep it up girls!
3 years ago
Good story to daydream to.