Monster Cock

I went on a lot of trips this summer with the senior citizens groups and had a great time.I got laid on every trip either by one of the senior men or someone I met where we went.There is this guy Vince who is 80 years old,widower and in pretty good shape for his age.He is always making comments to me.When someone can here he just tells me how pretty I look or how nice my outfit is,things like that.But when he thinks he can get away with it he will tell me how hot I am or he will brush against me touching my ass.I guess I kind of encourage him because I don't object and just smile at him.Anyway,I was on a trip and he was there.One night we were at a restaurant that had music so after dinner he asked me to dance.It was a slow dance.He held me tight like he was trying to feel my tits.I decided to play along and was grinding my body against his as discreetly as possible.He responded by holding me tighter.He said to me "you are going to get all these old ladies talking and they already think I am a dirty old man."I said" well are you?" He said "what do you think?" "I know you are." I said laughing. He said"I would like to get you alone and show you how dirty I am."I said "you mean you can still do it?" " You bet I can sweety" he said. I said "well I am very interested in seeing how good you are." We figured out how he could get into my room without being seen when we got back to the hotel.Once in my room we had a few drinks and somehow the size of his cock came up.He told me his wife never liked fucking because he was so big.I laughed and he got serious telling me his wife was very small and skinny. "Ok" I said "lets see it."He stood up pulled his old man pants down and he was wearing these big boxer shorts.He dropped them and when he stood up there was this huge uncut cock,it wasn't hard yet.It was so thick he could fuck you without it being hard.I reached out putting my hand around it,my fingers would not go around it.I sat up and slowly wrapped my lips around it.As it got thicker and longer I thought oh my god what have I gotten myself into this thing is massive. I had this massive cock in my mouth and realized that even though it was in my throat I still hand my whole hand between my mouth and his body with room to spare.My mouth was stretched almost to it's limit.All of a sudden he erupted in my mouth,actually in my throat,I gagged but regained my composure sucking and swallowing everything he had.He could not believe I swallowed it.I thought we were done.He told me to get my clothes off so he could fuck me.I said "you can still fuck after shooting all that cum in my mouth." "You bet baby" he said.I stripped,he pushed me down on the bed and went down on me,licking my clit,sucking my clit even nibbling on it which drives me crazy.He said "the wife used to like that too."He was good,I guess that's how he satisfied his wife.He had me squirming on the bed and just as I was about to cum he stopped,stood up,took that giant cock and slipped it into my cunt.He went slow and I savored every inch of that monster.Oh my god it felt so good as he slid in and out slowly.I was already excited from him eating me and it wasn't long before I began to orgasm.He continued to fuck me slow sliding in and out.My insides were spasming as wave after wave of orgasm rocked my body.He had my legs pushed back over my head and I was screaming with pleasure as his massive cock throbbed inside me my cunt contracting around his cock.He finally pulled out and I fell limp my body still shaking.Again he got down and started to lick my pussy juices dripping from my cunt.Oh my god he was good with that tongue.He got up and pulled me to my feet.He sat on the side of the bed and told me to turn around and sit on his cock.I backed into his cock and he told me to ride his cock so he can unload his cum inside me.He held my hips guiding me back and forth on his cock.At one point he put his finger slowly up my asshole.I rode his monster cock for a long time before he started many noises like he was ready to cum.I could feel his cock head expanding as I rode him.He let out this loud groaning noise as I felt him explode inside me.Hot cum filled my cunt,it felt so good.He continued to cum and I was shocked that this old man had so much cum.I could feel his cum dripping out around his cock.He pushed me up and told me to suck the rest of his cum from his cock.I sucked his cock and still more cum was coming out.He moaned and groaned as I sucked his sensitive cock.My cunt was dripping his cum on the floor.Then he stood me up got down on his knees and began to eat his cum out of my cunt.I couldn't hold it and I began to pee in his mouth.He lapped it up like a thirsty dog.We got cleaned up and sat down to have a few drinks.He said "baby I hope that we can do more tonight." I said"sweety if you can I can." "Oh honey I can fuck you all night,it is not very often these days that I find a woman like you." I had a hard time not looking at his cock,it was so massive.After a while I just had to suck it again.I got on the floor between his legs sucking his huge cock.It got hard quick and I knelt there stroking it just looking at it telling him"I don't think I have ever had a cock quite as massive as yours." "Are you enjoying it?" he said.I said "oh my god I am loving it." We fucked well into the early morning,lucky we had a free day on the trip to rest.My cunt was soar but a good soar from all that fucking.He went back to his room and the next morning he called me to see what I was going to do with my free day.I told him "well if you are up for it after we have breakfast we can go back to my room and have some more fun."His response was quick "you bet I am my cock is craving more of you." After breakfast we went to my room and he wasted no time getting me naked.We were laying on the bed him playing with my clit and pussy while I stroked and sucked his cock. When he was nice and hard I climbed on his huge swollen cock.I rode his cock until I was just ready to cum, got off and went back to sucking his cock.He just laid there enjoying it.Then he told me to get on my hands and knees.He got behind me inserting his huge cock in the opening of my pussy just putting the head in and out then back in over and over.My cunt was dripping wet.Then he drove the whole length of his cock inside my cunt and started fucking me hard.He pushed me down flat on the bed and continued fucking me hard.He was driving his huge cock in my cunt and I began to cum screaming and crying at the same time.I had my head buried in a pillow trying to muffle my cries so the whole hotel didn't here me.I could feel the bed under me getting wet from my cum.He kept fucking me even though I was done cumming but soon I started to cum more.This time more intense than the last which made this one longer and more pleasurably painful.He fucked me for so long my insides were hurting from the constant orgasms.All of a sudden in the middle of another orgasm I felt his hot cum filling me.He was groaning and yelled out as I screamed into the blankets.I reached back and started smacking the side of his leg telling him to "stop I can't take anymore,please stop." He stopped fucking me and just laid on my back kissing my shoulders,saying "fuck baby you are the best fuck I have ever had." I said "like wise honey you are an amazing fuck and that magnificent cock of yours is the best." I will definitely be seeing this guy again.
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3 years ago
wish I had a big cock
great story
love your story telling. :)
thx for sharing
3 years ago
That was a great story I loved it how big was he?
3 years ago
right place at the right time..