I had been talking to a male friend of mine who I have known since we were in our 20's.He is one of my fuck buddies and knows me from my wild days.After a night of fucking he asked me if I have had any gangbangs lately.I said I hadn't and wasn't sure if my old body could take that anymore.He dropped the subject and I started thinking later how much fun that was having 3 or 4 guys all to myself.After a week of thinking about it I decided to talk to him about getting some guys together and having a gangbang.I insisted that he know them all and that he would be responsible for me not getting hurt.I also wanted to make sure none of the men be any of my female friends husbands.He assured me he could get some guys who would be willing to participate without telling anyone.He called me one night to tell me he had 3 other guys all in there 40's and 50's that could be there whenever I want.We made the arrangements to be at his house on a friday night.I got to his house early so I could be there to greet the guys one by one.The three guys that showed up were good looking strong men.After some pleasantries and a few drinks one brave guy said so when do we start the party.I said "well since you were the first to speak up you are first.Drop your pants and I will start with you."He got up stood in front of me and dropped his pants.His cock was already half hard and I took it in my mouth as everyone else sat there with their mouths open.As I sucked his cock I suddenly felt hands on me removing my clothes.My tits were out in seconds my nipples being squeezed and sucked on.Some one took my left hand and put it on his already hard cock.I felt another hand sliding up my skirt to my hairy pussy.I forgot to mention that I was not wearing a bra or panties.A finger started probing my increasing wet pussy.I spread my legs so he could get deeper.I said "are you guys having fun?" All I heard was a lot of mumbling.A finger was deep my cunt and my cunt was getting wetter as he hit my g spot several times.The guy I was blowing said he was going to cum and I stopped long enough to tell him to go right ahead and cum in my mouth.I sucked and stroked him as he let out a loud groan cumming a huge load into my mouth.I could see everyone watching as I spit the cum out on to his cock then licked it off and swallowed it.The guy I was stroking moved in next and I began sucking his huge cock.The other two guys continued sucking my nipples taking turns finger fucking me.As I sucked the huge cock he suddenly without warning exploded into my mouth.Surprised I pulled back for a second and got a big glob of cum on my nose.I took my finger wiped in off my nose and sucked it off my finger.There were a lot a comments about how unbelievable I was.I sucked the other two guys off letting them cum in my mouth also.At this point I was stood up and the rest of my clothes were removed.They took me to the bedroom were one laid on the bed and they had me climb on top of him slipping his cock in my cunt.Another guy got behind me and pushed his cock up my asshole,lucky for me he lubed it first because he was not gentle about it. As they fucked my ass and cunt I had a cock shoved in my mouth.The final guy was squeezing my tits and nipples.Someone was spanking my ass once in awhile.The guy who was fucking my ass pulled out and another rammed his big cock up my ass.The three guys were taking turns fucking my asshole while the guy under me continued to pound my cunt hard.As one of them unloaded his cum up my ass I began to cum and the guy under me exploded his load of cum inside my cunt.I cried out as my pussy convulsed in waves of orgasm.They had to hold me up my legs were giving out but I didn't want them to stop and they didn't.They continued fucking me in the ass,the cunt and my mouth.I had cum dripping from every hole.Cum was on my tits my ass,my stomach everywhere.We fucked in so many positions and it was constant for about four hours.When they finally gave me a break my whole body was sticky with cum and sweat.I thought about taking a shower but said fuck it I like being nasty.I got an idea and I told them to take me to the bathroom,put me in the tub and everyone piss on me.They loved that idea and carried me to the tub.As they laid me in the I was laughing from being carried.They all stood over me and emptied their bladders onto me from head to toe.I was covered in pee now and licking my tits and fingers telling them to keep it coming.After they were done I asked them if they wanted me to take a shower and unanimously agreed that I stay all nasty and smelly.We went to the living room to get some drinks.As we sat drinking I got up and started teasing by slapping my nasty tits in their faces and stepping up on their chairs to smell my nasty pussy.They attacked me got me on the floor and resumed taking turns fucking me in every hole and either filling me with cum or dumping it on part of my body.This went on for a few more hours until they all fell limb.I tried to revive them by sucking all their cocks,rubbing my pussy all over them but they were done.I wasn,t so I made them all eat my cunt and bring me multiple orgasms.It was great my muscles were so sore from climaxing but I was in heaven.My cunt finally dried up and I had to stop.These guys have a real experience they will probably never have again to take to their graves.Me? Now that I am recovered can't wait to do it again.
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2 years ago
3 years ago
Hot story. Oh, for a fuck buddy like you.
3 years ago
nice i loved it. liz
3 years ago
Love your stories! Very hot!
3 years ago
great stuff! sounds like a good time was had by all!
3 years ago
Oh for a gang bang whore like this. I think GB's are the hottest and especially thinking about it from the cunt side. this is what a gang bang is all about fucking sucking and cumming.... keep on trucking oh and fucking