Ride to the Bridal Shower

I was 20 and two of my GF's were getting married.I was a bridesmaid in both weddings.As luck would have it their families were having the bridal shower on the same day.So I had to split my time between them.I had my drivers license but no car and they lived about a mile apart. My one girlfriends b*****r was 19 and offered to drive me to the other shower when I was ready.As we drove he told me how pretty I looked.I was wearing a mini dress with shoulder straps.As usual I had no bra or panties.He kept looking at my legs.My dress was so short it just covered my pussy.When we got to the other house I thought I would tease him a little.I leaned over to him, kissed him on the lips and let him put his hand on my thigh.He moved his hand up until he touched my pussy hair,then I pulled back and smiled.
I told him to pick me up after the shower and we would go to the Dinner parking lot to fool around as it would be dark by then.He picked me up and we drove to the Dinner parking lot.He parked and we climbed over the seat into the back seat.I laid on the seat and we began kissing.His hand went immediately to my thigh because he knew I had no panties on and he caressed my thigh until his hand reached my pussy hair.He rubbed my pussy hair trying to get his finger in my cunt hole.I separated my legs a little to help him out.He finally got his finger in my cunt and started sliding it in and out of my cunt.I was plenty wet.I pulled my dress straps down over my shoulder to expose my tits and he didn't waste any time sucking on my tits.He kept finger fucking me and sucking my tits for a long time.I figured he was trying to make me cum so I just went with it,I didn't care how I came.He found my G spot and worked it .I went nuts.He had to actually pin me down because I was trying to jump up.I was in so much pain and pleasure I couldn't stand it.I was gushing all over his car seat.When I calmed down he let me up.He said he wanted me to suck him off.He sat on the seat and I undid his pants ,pulled out a good size cock. I was surprised because he was a pretty small guy.It was already hard so I swallowed it all the way.I sucked and stroked him for what seemed to be an eternity.Finally he yelled out AAAAAAAAAGH as he exploded into my mouth.I kept sucking and swallowing.He held my head down and wouldn't let me stop.I sucked him again for a long time ,he exploded into my mouth again and again I swallowed it all.I thought we would fuck now but he was done.I wanted to fuck that cock but he said no another time maybe.Maybe are you k**ding me.I was a little insulted but then I told myself it was his loss.
About two years later I found out that he was gay.Never found out if it was my fault or if he was gay when I gave him the blowjob.I guess that's why he wouldn't fuck me.
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3 years ago
A surprize ending... He turned out gay?
Think that would be the worst to have one become an ex and then dicover they where gay/lesbian

The kind of story that many know of parking at the makeout spot, ahhhh how much cum has been spent there at that spot. How many car seats are still stained?

fun story
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
very good wish i had known you then & knew you now
3 years ago
well you never know what is out there, as long as both were happy and satisified
3 years ago
That so sad you could not fuck him with a body like yours I would thought you could change his ways
3 years ago
haha great story! too bad he was a homo
3 years ago
the was ..nuts not to fuck a wet and ready cunt like yours...but you know next time..maybe you could call on ME...lol
3 years ago
Poor thing being denied that cock in your beautiful pussy...what a fool he was!
3 years ago
sounds like a big loss,hope you can turn him arround