Two Girls and a Hot Guy

I was 18 and I went down to the corner to meet my GF one Friday night.She was already there and smiling from ear to ear.That meant she was up to something,usually something bad. She said"who is the hottest guy in the neighborhood with the coolest car?.I said "Rick "( is what I will call him)."Well" she said "guess who we have a date with tonight?"."What do you mean we?I said."I mean you,me and Rick".Rick was 19 by the way.She told me he invited the two of us to his house and he has a bag of pot,my favorite high then.We went to his house and we sat on the couch smoking cigarettes.Rick rolled a joint and sat between us on the couch.He lite the joint and we passed it back and forth until it was gone.We were all feeling pretty good when Rick stood up and started to unbuckle his belt,then his button and unzip his pants.He pulled them down and his half hard cock popped out.It was a nice size cock.He said "who wants to suck it first?' My GF jumped up and started sucking.I remember thinking sometimes she's a bigger whore than me.I sat there watching and looking at his gorgeous body as he removed his shirt.He was slim with a little muscle, beautiful ass.As she was sucking his cock and removing her blouse he said to me "why don't you get undressed so I can fuck you as soon as your friend gets me nice and hard".
I stood and removed my clothes.He told me to get on the floor on my hands and knees so he can fuck me from behind.I got down and he rubbed his cock up and down my pussy trying to find my hole.I reached under and guided it into my cunt.As he was fucking me my GF got naked came over and stood straddled over me facing Rick giving him her tits to suck on while he fucked me.He fucked me hard holding on to my hips slamming his cock into me.I started to cum, he kept fucking me hard as a wave of ecstasy came over me.When I stopped yelling he pulled out and told my GF to lay on the floor on her back.He got between her legs,she spread wide and took his cock.She was yelling already"Oh my god".I watched his sexy ass pumping hard against her.He fucked her for awhile.Then she screamed "OH MY GOD".At the same time he yelled out in pain and pleasure.He shot his load in her cunt.She was still crying out"OH MY GOD" and she came too.He pulled out of her and came to me sitting on the floor watching.He put his cock to my mouth.I licked and sucked both their cum off his cock.I continued to suck until he was hard again and ready to fuck me again.He laid on the floor and told me to sit on his face so he could eat my pussy.I did and he was really good.I was getting to the point I wanted to cum but I wanted to do it fucking.I got off his face, squatted over his cock and inserted his cock in my cunt.I rode his cock hard.I started to cum screaming out OH YES OH YES .I could feel his cum shooting inside me,what a stud I thought.His cock was throbbing inside my cunt and I was gushing.I sat on his cock,deep inside me.He said he needed a break,so we all sat and he rolled another joint.We shared it again.We all laid on the floor high from smoking pot.After laying there for awhile he said he wanted to fuck us laying side by side.We went to his parents bedroom and we laid on the bed side by side as he took turns fucking us on the bed.He fucked us back and forth hard,squeezing our tits.He was fucking me when he started to cum and he pulled his cock out and shot his cum on my stomach.My GF jumped up and sucked his cock dry.We took another break and smoked some more.He said he saw something in a book he wanted to try.He laid on the floor,had me sit on his cock while my GF sat on his face.We were facing one another and he wanted us to kiss and play with each others tits.We put on a show for him.We played tongue to tongue and pinching each others tits.We were giggling the whole time but he never noticed.I was riding his cock and she was grinding her cunt into his face.As we got more excited we did some serious kissing and tit play.He had us switch.I could see his mouth was all wet with my GF's cunt juices.We were both on the verge of cumming and we went back to kissing our tongues playing in and out of each others mouths.Squeezing each others tits.Both our nipples were hard.I could feel a flood of fluid releasing from my cunt as I climaxed.My GF was still riding his cock hard.I could see in her face she was getting ready to cum.She grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me to her and mashed her mouth to mine.She was cumming.I could here her wet cunt wrapped around his cock,squishing as she rode his cock.When we got off him he wanted us to share his cock and suck him off.We smiled at each other and began our show.We put our lips on each side of his cock and slid our mouths up to the tip until our mouths came together at the tip of his cock and we joined our mouths together around the head of his cock.We continued doing this and he was going nuts.His cock was so hard it looked like the head would explode.I had his balls in my hand squeezing them tight.He screamed AAAAAAAGH and his cum shot into the air,some of it landing in our hair.We kept running our mouths up and down the side of his cock.There was cum everywhere.We licked all the cum from his stomach,balls,hair,legs everywhere.We then took turns swallowing his cock until he cried for us to stop he couldn't take any more.
We sat around naked smoking pot and cigarettes for the rest of the day' until we had to leave.My GF and I were still horny,you believe that,but we were too high.We went to her bedroom and giggled all night about what we did to the coolest guy in the neighborhood.
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3 years ago
Superb Pat, You were a great lil ol whore then and i hope you are
3 years ago
I am loving your stories.
You think just like me, Love you talking nasty and erotic
Hot stories and what fun had by all
Well Done

3 years ago
HOT story.
3 years ago
wow got me hard and kept me there
3 years ago
Awesome story Did you know how hard my cock is now just reading that I love all of your storys There always get my cock so hard reading them thinging how I would love to get together with you sometime and we can make a new story for you
4 years ago
Fuckin awesome story loved it
4 years ago
very good