Close Call with Parents

I was 16 me and my GF were bringing two guys to my house to fuck them.Word got around and next thing we knew we had ten guys in the house.My GF and I decided to take them on one at a time.We flipped a coin,I won so I go first while she was look out for my parents.I went up to my room,got naked and sat on my bed.My GF made sure they all had a condom or they couldn't fuck us.The first guy drops his pants and was already hard.I layed down and spread my legs.He slipped on the condom,got on top of me and put his nice sized cock in my cunt.He didn't last long.I could feel his cock erupting in the condom and it was throbbing.Still felt good and he was cute.The next guy and couldn't get hard,he was nervous,so I sucked his cock.He was no sooner hard and he shot his load in my mouth.I didn't mind ,he was embarrassed and ran out.The third guy whipped out a big cock very proudly and said,"your gonna like this baby".When he put it in I started flexing my cunt and thrusting my cunt up to hit his balls.That did it he shot his load"aaaaaaagh shit "he said.I enjoyed taking him down a peg but that big cock throbbing inside me was great.The fourth guy wanted to fuck doggy so I bent over my bed.His cock was normal size.He shoved his cock in my cunt and fucked me for a long time.I was enjoying his hard cock and I started to cum,that's when he finally shot his load.He was proud that he made me cum and I told him how good it was so he could brag to his buddies.The fifth guy wanted a blowjob.As I was sucking his smaller dick I heard a commotion.My GF yelled "your parents are home".They all got out in time.When I came down stairs my GF was sitting on the chair and my parents were in the kitchen.She gave me the thumbs up.I talked to them and went back to my room with my GF.I went into the bathroom,lucky I did, their used condoms were in the trash can.
We went out and met up with four of the guys and laughed about how close that was.One of them said we could go to his house,his parents were at a wedding and he was sure they would be home late that night.It was only about 2 in the afternoon.We could only find two other guys,we didn't have cell phone in those days.So we had six guys we thought maybe just have an orgy,so thats what we did.At the house we all got naked.I got right on top of a big cock,had another get in my mouth.My GF was laying on a big couch,one guy was fucking her,she was sucking another and another guy was sucking her tits.The last guy got behind me sliding his cock around on my back.He sild down to my ass and had it between my ass cheeks.We fucked each guy until they came and then we switched.There were used condoms all over.These guys never did anal so we taught them. They each got to fuck us in the ass and without a condom,since we couldn't get pregnant,they loved that.We had tons of cum dripping from our asses, My GF and I gave them a show and licked the cum out of each others ass.They went crazy hootin and hollering.We showed them their cum on our tongue.They all had their cocks in their hands jerking off as we ate each others ass.We had them come over to us and jerk off on our tits.It was great watching their faces.They must have thought they died and went to heaven.We gave them another show and let them watch us lick their cum off our tits.We left laughing leaving the guys with a lot to clean up.
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3 years ago
These kids today don't know how rough times were back in our day, Grandma. LMAO Thanks for another great story.
4 years ago
wow what a day you girls must of had some sore pussy and ass holes, good times :}
4 years ago
What absolute whores. Nice.
4 years ago
holy shit that was hot!
4 years ago
4 years ago
yes more detail ....but good other wise
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
very good but needs details on you girls