Missy & her Daddy can't stop!

Chapter 2
Missy & her Daddy can't stop

Missy was all I could think about. I knew that having sex with a man's daughter was not right. But it felt so right. Missy was the best sex I ever had. She looked like her mother. Long Dark hair flowing down over her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes. Those lips perfect as they showed off her sparkling teeth. That smile she gave me. Missy and I had always been close. When her mother divorced me ten years ago it left just the two of us starting over again.

These last few years were the best ever. Missy had grown up a beautiful bright young woman. She was doing very well at college.

It started when she we a senior in High School. She turned 18 in April, just before she graduated. She was young, firm, sexy as hell and knew it. Always dressed to titillate. Missy had many choices when it came to friends. She had her few best friends. Most she had known since grade school. Summer was here and Missy was Junior in college now. She lived her own life. Yes she did still live at home, but she could come and go as she pleased.

Sunday dinner had always been a sit down dinner. I enjoyed cooking them. Often we would have some of Missy's friends over to join us. Especially the k**s at college who's parents lived too far away to see all the time. More than once the Sunday Dinner would start on Friday night.
Over again the vision of Missy consumed me. My cock would quiver. It was as if I had reached a permanent semi hard on. It would not go away. Now it was almost hard again.

The ass, her hair, her per ass, her hair, her perfume, the smell of sex. These things were stuck in my mind.

The way she sucked my cock. She seemed to know every one of the little things I loved a woman to do. I can't remember the last time I had cum so hard and for so long.
My whole body was trembling as I though of how she got every drop from my old cock. Where did she learn to suck my cock like that?

I couldn't help myself as I started to stroke my cock. My hand going slowly up the shaft, rubbing two fingers over the head. Thoughts of Missy sucking me going thru my head. As my hand moved down the shaft I imagined it going down to the back of her throat.

It was so wrong, but my cock never felt better than when it was in Missy's hand and mouth.

How good with it going to feel when I slid it up into her pussy?

Can I do that? Should I? Could I stop myself if she was there, naked wanting it as much as he did. I knew is was so wrong but could not stop myself. I was not sure if Missy could stop herself either. Thoughs of her sweet tight pussy was all I could think of.

Missy was in her room wait for the sounds of her Daddy go to his room that evening. She couldn't wait to sneak down the hall. If her Daddy loved the sex that afternoon, he surely would be stroking his cock tonight.

Did he want to fuck her as bad as she wanted his cock inside her?

Would he let her play with his cock again?

She could hear the sounds of her dripping pussy as her fingers plunged in and out. Her thumb rubbing her swollen clit. She was ready to cum and let the feelings flow thru her. Missy had to have her daddy's dick inside her now. There was no stopping her now. The need was too great. As she was standing in the hallway Misty watching her Daddy stroke his cock.

She had taken her panties off in her Bedroom. Missy started rubbing her soft squishy mound. A finger dipped into her little slit. Her lips began to swell up, her clit began to get hard and poked it's little head out of hiding.

The slightest movement around her clit sent shivers thru her body.

Missy never imagined that something as wrong as fucking her father would make her feel so good. She could not stop herself.

Her eyes glued to her Daddy's cock. Her finger goes deeper up inside her. She was so wet it just slipped easily inside. Now Three fingers worked their way into her cunt. She loved the way it streached her open. She was making sure her Daddys big cock would slip right in.

Watching her Daddy he began to stroke his cock faster, sliding up and down it's long shaft. Missy could not resist any longer.

She rushed into her Daddy room just as his cock began to let loose of his creamy load of cum.

It was all Missy could do was to takes his cock into her mouth, she sucked as hard as she could. She got another gush of cum. This one hit the back of her throat. She began to swirl her Daddy's cum around in her mouth. She didn't know why she did that, but it sure tasted good. It made her feel so nasty. She had never felt this way before. She loved how she felt.

That is when she lost it as a massive orgasm began to move thru her body. Her cunt quivered as that forbidden feeling swept from her toes to the top of her head. Her pussy was just gushing as it was throbbing.

Another stream of cum dripped out of her Daddy's cock. Missy licked the head of his fat cock. Then took it back into his mouth, cupped and squeezed his balls, sucking harder, there was a little reward for her efforts. A few more drops of Daddy's cum.

This was the 2nd time she got to taste her Daddy's cum. She loved how slick and sweet it is. The way it would escape from that little pee hole. She could see the cum make it's way up the vein on her Daddy's cock, then explode. She loved it so. His cum ran down the shaft of his cock. Missy runs her tongue over the shaft of her Daddy's cock.

Missy, come here my sweet little girl. Stand over me and spread your lips open. Let me see up close your beautiful pussy. That's it, now slowly lower yourself, my hungry mouth needs to eat your pussy, to lick up your fresh young juices. I have never tasted a pussy so perfect. You got to gobble up all my cum, I want to get as much of your juices as I can too. You are so wet, there is so much, it is still dripping out of you. Not even your mother when she was your age got as wet as you are today.

How could this be so good ?

That's it my baby girl, stroke Daddy's cock, play with it. Make me hard again so I can fuck my nasty baby.

When it gets hard sit on it? Go slow, so we can savor how it feels.

Do you want to fuck your Daddy baby ?

It was heavenly as her swollen lips wrapped around the shaft of my hard cock. I could feel Missy's pussy grasp it, Squeezing me tight. Slowly, wanting to savor each moment.

Suddenly Missy slammed down hard driving her Daddy's cock deep into her. She could feel it hit the bottom of her cunt. Once inside her, Missy did not want to let it loose. She had never felt anything so wonderful. She felt so bad, fucking her Daddy, yet it made her body feel so good. Her Daddy was feeling the same emotions.

Her Daddy put his hands on her hips, guiding her up and down on his cock. Her Daddy was giving her a slow deep fuck.

Now Missy I can't cum inside you. I can never get you pregnant. So when I get ready to cum, you have to get off my cock.

Then make me cum and don't stop until I tell you.

Missy could not believe that she was finally fucking her Daddy. Missy kept riding her Daddy's cock. Her finger was rubbing her rock hard nipples.

The juices flowed from her like they never did before. Missy was ready to cum. She could not hold back any longer.

Daddy! I'm going to cum she screamed.

Then her whole being become one trembling, orgasm. She never knew it could consume her so or be so intense.

Oh Gawd Missy, I'm going to cum too her Daddy cried out. Please, don't let me cum inside you. Missy couldn't stop. She kept riding his cock as her Daddy exploded deep inside her. She could feel his hot cum splash against her deepest regions of her cunt. Missy began to cum again, and again. Over and over, wave after wave swept over her entire body.

It was several moments later when her Daddy's cock now soft slipped from her slippery hole. Exhausted, Missy fell into her Daddy's arms. Her Daddy's arms went about her holding her gently in his arms. She had never felt so safe, so special, so satisfied. The two of them lay there in each others arms.

Missy's Daddy spoke first. We can't tell anyone about this you know. We have to keep this to ourselves. Missy's hand went back to her Daddy's cock, playing with his soft cock. Her Daddy's fingers moved gently around her soft wet slit.

Can we do this again Daddy?

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1 year ago
yes please write more of missy & her lucky daddy does she get pregnant hope so & they have s healthy baby together & sexually play with it at some point
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both parts were very good
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Well done, very arousing. I agree with Mikey, I'd like to read a couple more chapters of hot young Missy and her lucky Daddy.
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I want Missy......!
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Beautiful. Love it.
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i like daddy/daughter stories.
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Great story, Hot and we love it.
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