A Night at the Slots - A Vegas Story

One night at the slots

It was about 10 pm and my day was finally over. For some reason I was
horny as hell and had such a craving for some pussy that it was all
that had occupied my mind for the last few hours. I had to at least
try to do something about it. I had already called all the available
women I knew and no one was answering their phone. It was time for
plan B. Go out.

As I live in Las Vegas, the hour of the day really doesn't mean too
much. There are always places open and people out and about. So I
picked on a favorite place about 10 miles from where I lived. I got a
shower, put on some clean clothes, checked my wallet and out the door I

I valet parked as I love to do. There is nothing like just walking in
the front door of a fancy place feeling like a king. I headed toward
the bar in the middle of the place, and found a good seat to look
around and see what was going on. It was a week night so the place
wasn't too busy. I checked around the bar and there was a couple at
one end, concentrating on the machines in front of them. A young girl
and her friend where sitting about 4 seats away. Across the bar from
them were a couple younger guys, not paying any attention to the two
young girls chatting away. The thought crossed my mind, if they only
knew what I know now when I was their age. So didn't look like the
prospects were too good at the bar, but I did get my drink, and was
ready to go cruising the casino.

What I look for is a good looking mature woman sitting by herself. I
spotted a couple down one row of slots so I moved in that direction.
The Asian woman at one machine looked up at me as I approached. This
is a good sign that she's bored and losing. That was just what I was
looking for. I took the seat next to her, put in a $20 in the machine
and played a couple hands of video poker. I looked over at her,
smiling and asked how she was doing? Winning or losing?

She said she had been losing all evening, she could feel it wasn't her
lucky night.

I said, perhaps you might be lucky at love tonight, not gambling. She
smiled back and me as said, I wish. Looking into her eyes, and there
was a glow and passion there I had not noticed before. She smiling
back at me.

I put my hand on her thigh, leaned in close and whispered into her ear,
"How would you like to go to your place, take a nice hot shower
together, stay naked and play the night away till the sun comes up in
the morning?"

She looked back at me, not saying anything for a moment, then smiles and
said, "Sure why not" It's been a long time since I had a good fuck. I
then introduced myself saying my name is Tom. I gave her a soft kiss
on the lips. She gave me a soft brief kiss back and said "My name is

I asked her, "Your place or mine?" I told her I live about 10 miles
from here.

Lucy responded, I live about a mile from here. Let's go to my place.

I took her hand in mine, as we headed out the main door to the Valet

I gave the valet attendant my ticket, and we waited a few moments till
my car arrived.

While we where waiting I asked Lucy what she enjoyed doing most

She said" I love oral sex the most I suppose." I love having a man lick
me where it feels so good.. I also have a small penis fetish and love
to suck cock.

I had hit a bonanza.

Once we got into my car, Lucy reached over and ran her hands up my thigh
feeling my cock resting her hand there feeling my erection grow under
her tender touch. I was so horny I hoped I didn't cum right there in
the car. She slipped her hand into my pants and began stroking up and
down the shaft, enjoying the feeling as my cock grew harder at her
touch. She cupped my balls and gently massaged them feeling how heavy
and full they where.

Lucy said, well maybe this is my lucky night after all.

Turn left at the light said Lucy, then turn right at the 2nd street. I
followed her directions as she said "Pull over there at that house with
the Joshua tree in the front yard."

Parking in the driveway I followed Lucy to the door. I watcher her as
she walked toward the door, her ass was incredible. It moved with a
gently motion up and down with each step. She really was quite
beautiful. Lucy had that long beautiful black silky hair, breasts that
pressed against her shirt, her nipples where poking little bumps
against the soft material craving to be played with.

She opened the door, turned on a light and inviting me into her home.

Once the door closed, she pulled me into her arms and kissed me with a
passion I had not anticipated. I knew then that I was in for an
incredible night.

Care for a drink Lucy asked?

Sure you have any iced tea?

I have some sweetened iced tea she replied.

That is fine I said.

After pouring us each an iced tea, Lucy stood back and slowly unbuttoned
her blouse. She was wearing a black bra, her breasts craving to escape
their bounds. She put her blouse over a chair, then reaching behind
her said I want you to come a bit closer. I did as I was told, as she
unclipped her bra, and slipped it off, and tossed it over the same

Her breasts, magnificent, not too big, not too small actually in Tom's
mind they looked perfect. Yes they didn't have that youthful look
pointing at the sky, but the breasts of a woman. She had raised her
c***dren. Now it was her time. The circles around those hard tips
formed a perfect circle, an appealing light brown, with here actual
nipples being about the size of a dime. At the moment they where
protruding enough to let you know that they needed sucked and would
really stand out, like two proud soldiers at attention. Lucy she was
as excited about the events to come as I was.

Lucy put her hands under her breasts, a finger from each hand passes
over each nipple, then again, as she said,

"Come, suck on these girls. They really want to be loved and kissed.

I did as I was told.

It was easy to follow Lucy's instructions. It was not so much a command
as it was a wise woman knowing what she liked and wanted. There was a
quiet confidence about Lucy that she wore like a smile.

Moving closer, licking first the left, my tongue going round and round,
teasing, enjoying,taking a hard nipple into my mouth, my tongue now
just passing back and forth over the tip as I sucking, then sucked a
little harder as my hands slide under her hands as we both massaged and
played with her breasts. My other hand moved over her right breast,
rolling the nipple between my thumb and finger. Not too hard, and
loved the feel as that little numb stiffened up.

Lucy reached down and unbuckled my belt, as I slipped off my shoes. We
stood back a bit as I took my pants off, left standing in my boxers.
Lucy smiled as she slid her jeans off. Facing each other enjoying the
that first good look at each other practically naked. Lucy wearing only
her silk panties, as I stood there in my baggy boxers, my erect penis,
just the tip peeking out of my boxers. It wasn't hard to see a very
damp spot on Lucy's panties. Wearing white silk panties I could see
through them especially now as wet as they where. The line of her slit
clearly visible, with dark large outer lips pushing against the thin
material. Lucy was incredible for a woman somewhere between 35 and 45.
She looked closer to the 35 age, but it was impossible to really tell.
She was magnificent standing there smiling at me, watching as I pulled
my cock out and stroked it a few times, making sure she was watching
me. I had been stroking my own cock far to much lately and I really
wanted watch her watching me.

Lucy said, I have a hot tub in the back, care to try it out?

How could I refuse.

Lucy turned on a dim light, got a lighter, opened the sliding door and
lit a couple of those tiki torches. The setting was quite romantic.

I was so glad we went to her place. I couldn't remember if I had picked
up the dirty towels and clothes s**ttered about my bedroom. The old
pizza box on the coffee table. And I was sure there was an empty 6
pack stacked neatly on the coffee table.

Stepping out into the hot desert night, drinks in hand watching this
beautiful woman show me the way.

As Lucy leaned over her breasts hanging in a picture perfect pose, she
flipped a couple switches. The hot tub came to life. There was even a
waterfall behind us, and a cove to slip under. We crossed the small
bridge as I held her hand as she stepped up into the hot tub. I got
such a view of her pussy from there, I almost shot my wad right then. I
spoke up and told Lucy that, and she laughed, and said, You better not
waste that cum, that's mine tonight and I'll get it soon enough.

Things had sure turned out pretty damm fantastic considering the way I
had felt two hours ago. Here I was, soft lights, the hot summer night
in Las Vegas, with a sexy beautiful woman I was about to totally
enjoy. I was going to taste her, touch her tenderly, maybe slap her
ass, have the kind of time I had not had in a long long, time. There
is something so very special about the first time with a new person.
especially one where both of you seem to be of one mind without any
effort at all. It had been far too long since I had an evening like

Lucy tossed her long black hair running her fingers thru her hair as she
did some magic and presto, she had a tied naturally tied into a knot,
giving her a long pony tail and it kept it out of her face. Lucy
turned slightly with a grin on her face as she looked over her
shoulder. Standing with one foot on the first step inside the hot tub,
legs her legs slightly parted, said, "You should watch this.

She bent slowly slid her panties down, gathering them as the bottom of
her fine ass, then bent over, your pussy right in front of my face. I
could smell her, as I took a deep breath of her. Like a rare beautiful
oriental flower, wet with her dew, down to her ankles, and off, then
parting her legs even more, providing me with an incredible sight, as
her pussy parted, opening like a flower as the sun rises. The morning
dew dripping off those dark fat lips. I could see her clit, barely
visible as it was still hiding under it's hood. I couldn't wait to get
my mouth and tongue buried into her cunt.

Then she stepping into the hot tub, sliding down into the swirling
waters, she then looked at me saying, your turn to do a slow strip. I
want to see you show me your cock, and play with it a little as you
offer it to me.

I put my thumbs into the waistband, slid my boxers down to just above
the end of my shaft, pushing my hard on down as much as I could. Then
I turned around as Lucy had done, then bent over and parted my legs,
and slid them off over my feet and tossed them onto the grass next to
the tub. I'm sure Lucy got a good view of my hanging balls, swinging a
bit as I moved back and forth. I may not have a huge dick, but I got
balls I told Lucy.

I moved my hand to my cock as I turned slowly to face her. I had my
hand moving over the head of my cock when I was looking into her eyes
as she was taking in the cock she was about to play with

There I was, on the edge of the hot tub, Lucy as naked as I was as the
waterfall fell across her shoulders. I couldn't keep my eyes off her.
That long silken black hair, those beautiful dark eyes sparkling, her
smile, that soft olive skin, the water glistening off her body. Lucy
reached out, wrapping a hand around the shaft of my cock, as she slowly
stroked it.

Lucy said "I get so wet when I suck a man's cock. I love sucking cock."

She leaned forward her tongue teasing just the tip of my cock, as she
licked off a dab of pre-cum. "Mmm that tastes good" she said. Her
other hand moved to my balls, cupping them, gently playing with my ball
sack, feeling how heavy with cum they where. She then proceeded to
suck the head of my cock into her mouth. Her tongue moving round and
round the head as my cock grew a bit getting even harder. She moved
her hand off the shaft and started to pinch a nipple as she sucked the
whole shaft into her mouth. Lucy was moving up and down the shaft with
her talented mouth enjoying each moment. It was easy to tell that I
was enjoying her blow job from the moans that escaped from me as I
tossed my head back. Still playing with my ball sack, she then licked
up and down the back of my shaft, teasing the vein. Lucy then focused
her attention on my balls as she began to suck on first one then the
other. Lucy then went back to sucking on the shaft, moving faster and
faster as she fucked my cock with her mouth.

I had to speak up saying, "Keep that up and your going to get a mouth
full of cum Lucy." She moved her head back, saying now that wouldn't
be so bad would it? I replied, I don't want to cum just yet. I have
been craving a taste of you ever since I got a peak at your pretty

With that, Lucy stood up, saying, "Here, let me show you how wet I get
when I suck a man's cock, " as she reached down between her legs, two
fingers disappeared up inside her, then back out as the tapped her
tunnel of love, Her juices sparkled like a spider web in the light of
the tiki torches. She then moved her wet fingers to my mouth as I
sucked on them, finally getting a taste of her honey.

I slid down into the tub, moving between her legs, my hands on her
knees. I moved my hands slowly up the inside of her thighs spreading
her legs further apart, my eyes focused on her dark swollen outer lips.
She opened up like a rose in the morning dew, The hot pink center
glistening from all the moisture pouring out of her. My hands resting
on either side of her pussy, my thumbs an inch from her clit, moving
gently up and down, in a stroking motion, as her clit would peek out at
me when I would get to the top of my movements.

Lucy couldn't take it as she reached out, put her hands to my head and
pulled my face up against her cunt, saying "Eat me, eat me now! And I
did. My tongue parted her slit, moving down lower to her hole, the
fluids flowing, as I licked up every drop. My hands didn't stop
stroking her clit, as they spread her wide open. I sucked those outer
lips into my mouth, tugging gently on them. Taking my right hand
sliding it down her wet slit working first just one finger up inside
her, then two fingers, as her cunt squeezed tightly around them. I
slowly started to finger fuck her moving in and out as her juices
gushed out of her. She was flowing enough that the sound of her wetness
was making my balls quiver. That was when I put a third finger up
inside her. Each time I would move them in deep enough to pass over
her spongy G stop. Her clit was getting harder as it peeked out from
it's hiding spot. I sucked on that clit like it was a small cock. My
tongue going round and round the tip, as she had done to my cock.

It was then that Lucy spoke up saying "Did I tell you I was a squirter
and your about to get a mouth full if you keep that up. Looking up at
her from between her legs, I said "Just let me know so I can get as
much in my mouth as possible" then went back to what I was totally
enjoying. I could feel her G spot swelling up, and knew that it wasn't
going to be long, as Lucy's breathing was getting faster and faster,
matching the tempo of my fingers and mouth on her cunt.

Lucy let out a scream, "Oh gawd yes, I'm going to cum!" Her muscles
clamped down on my fingers, stopping their movement, as I massaged her

G spot. A heavy stream of sweet liquid shot out from her pee hole, as
she let loose. Her womanly ambrosia splashed all over my face. I did
manage to get a mouth full as she let loose. Gawd was her cum sweet.
Tasting like a sweet mountain spring water. I thought to myself, how
lucky could a guy get anyway. Lucy's tummy was still quivering as she
came. Her eyes rolled back, her head tossed back, as she savored her
orgasm. Finally her muscles relaxed enough so that I was able to move
my fingers. I kept at finger fucking her, only moving slower and
slower as I slowed down as Lucy came down from her high.

After getting her breath back, Lucy said with a smile and a little
laugh, "Ok, let's trade places again. I have a plan."

So I moved back to the edge of the hot tub as she slide down into the
warm bubbling water. Lucy grasped my cock and began to stroke it,
saying, now let me get this boy nice and hard, then I want to take it
for a ride. It didn't take her long, as she sucked and stroked my
excited cock, as Lucy then stood up and turned around. Reaching
between her legs, she grasped my cock, and guided it toward her pussy.
Her lips parted without any protest as the head of my dick slide inside
her as she pushed back against it, taking it all the way up inside her.
She was in total control as I sat on the rocky edge of the hot tub. I
could feel her muscles squeezing my cock, massaging it. I put my arms
around her, filling each hand with an ample breast. My thumb and fore
finger rolling her rock hard nipples, playing with them

The way Lucy was making my cock feel inside her was incredible. She
then began to ride me, moving back and forth. I moved my hands down her
soft velvet skin to her hips, helping to support her as she fucked me
with an a****l passion I had not experienced for many years. With my
hands on her hips, Lucy leaned forward, letting me support her. I
could tell that was all it took, as my cock came into contact with her
G spot just the way she wanted. She took her hand and began to move it
back and forth across her clit.

It wasn't long before she yelled out again "I'm going to cum. Cum with
me, fill my cunt with your hot cum. Do it now!" she commanded.

That's all it took, as I could feel my balls erupt, shooting their hot
load of cum deep inside her as she let loose with an intense orgasm of
her own. As she came down from her orgasm, Lucy turned around, and
stood up on the edge of the hot tub, holding on to my shoulders for
support and her pussy in my face. Lucy then said "Now I want you too
suck your cum from my cunt so we can share it. I told you I had a
plan for that load of cum of yours, she laughed. And next time I'm
sucking your cock, I want you to cum in my mouth. I'm not going to let
you get away from me until you do.

To which I replied, and who's trying to get away? Do I look like I'm
ready to leave? You may never get rid of me after this night.

95% (18/1)
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3 years ago
really hot story
3 years ago
Loved it. Thanks.
3 years ago
I like this one. Not enough mature erotic literature. Thank you for this one. ~.~
3 years ago
Damn fine
4 years ago
very good