More Wet Adventures.

Another Wet One
I told you about my first time with Linda last time I was here. If you missed it, I told of the first time Linda peed for me. We had been at a casino most the evening, Linda kept telling me she had to pee, but was holding it till we got home. Leaving the casino, I had to pee bad and wasn't going to make it home before I would have peed my pants. In the parking garage, I asked Linda, “Come here and hold my dick while pee would you?” She giggled a little and moved next to me in front of the car. It was about 2 AM and there was no one around. She grasped my cock a bit to tight and I couldn't pee. Not so tight I told her, see if you can write you name on the wall. We laughed, as my bladder let loose.
When we arrived home, Linda hollered at me as she ran down the hallway to the bathroom. Hurry up, I can't wait any longer. As I slipped into the bathroom I got naked. Linda was already naked in the shower. Sit there as she pointed to the shower. Standing above me, she reached down to her pussy and spread her lips. Then it hit me in the chest as her bladder let loose. Her pee was hot. It was a gusher as well. She was telling the truth when she had told me she had to go. As her flow slowed, I reached behind her cupping her ass and pulled her pussy to my face. I licked up her pretty pussy as she wiggled and enjoyed the licking I was giving her. Then we took a shower together, laughing and talking about what had just happened. We both loved it and couldn't wait for the next wet one.
It didn't take long for that time to arrive. We had gone down to the storage unit where we where cleaning out the unit. We where the first one's there. Even the office wasn't open yet. There wasn't much left in the storage unit as we had been working cleaning it out for a few weeks at this point.
It only took about a half hour to get everything out, sorted and loaded up. I looked at her with that naughty gleam in my eye. “What do you think? Wanna get nasty for me my naughty girl?
I sat on the floor as she moved in front of me, then she turned around facing away. She dropped her pants, and bent over, as I got one of my favorite views of her awesome pussy.
I ever tell you about her pussy? Linda is about 5'2” and weighs in at almost 100 lbs. She has blonde hair, a wicked smile, and as nasty as I am when the opportunity presents itself. She has a protruding mound, and keeps her pussy shaved leaving a little patch in line with her crack. She has very large outer lips. They hang down and flap around when she fingers her cunt. I love that sight.
Bent over, her ass in my face, she began to pee a few drops, then a few more, then she let loose with a pretty steady stream. It was so hot and erotic. It was even more exciting doing it in public. If anyone had driven by, they would have got an eye full, Linda bent over peeing and me sitting there cock out stroking my dick. What fun that day was.
That afternoon we had finished the chores for the day. Taking a break, Linda looked at me with that sparkle in her eye, get a big glass would you, I have a surprise for my nasty ol man.
So I got a beer mug that was handy. She dropped her pants, showing off her pussy for me. Like that little cunt of mine do you? Ya more than you know Linda. You know I'm a pussy man thru and thru. And your pussy is awesome. Your big lips protecting it so nice, your clit peeking out, what more could a nasty man like me want. She replied with, hold that glass up closer to my pee hole. Spread my lips
Then she let it rip, the piss shooting out in a line as her lips where out of the way. I could see it coming out of that tiny hole just below her clit. She almost filled the glass. When she was done peeing, she grabbed my head and pulled it against her cunt, and told me to lick it clean you nasty man.

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