A Favorite Fetish - My First time

My Favorite Fetish – A Golden Shower

I don't recall when it was that I discovered I had a nasty fetish. I do remember what it was that opened my eyes for the first time to water sports. It was a pictures. Just a picture. A woman leaning against a tree in the woods, her skirt lifted to her waist, and there shooting out from her groin was a stream of water.
Since then I have been fascinated by the idea of watching a woman pee. It is like I lived my whole life and never even thought about it, let alone seen it. My desire to experience the private event of a woman peeing became almost an obsession that I could do nothing about. I was not drawn to watching her in a bathroom. No, that did nothing for me. It was when done in a private, sexual, kinky way, laughing and enjoying it. When she will slip her panties to the side, looking you in the eye as she does so, and smiles. Her hands parting her lips, opening that velvet rose, when suddenly a stream of hot piss flows from her. She is watching you, you are watching her, both feeling as if you where getting away with something forbidden. No one getting hurt, no pain, just naughty fun between two people. What is it that draws me to this?

I have given a lot of thought to that question. I still am not quite sure, but I can't seem to escape the desire to play nasty and explore the pee fetish, Now I'm not into S/M. I'm not into humiliation. I'm not into pain. I do believe that the best sex comes from talking, sharing and be willing to go beyond the usual boundaries. At least when one has the chance.

Then one day, sitting at my computer in my room, this blond woman was introduced to me. Her name was Linda. She was there to get a little computer help and access to the internet. After about an hour together, we touched on the topic of k**s, she had 3 girls, I had 2 boys. We talked about many things. Now I never mentioned to even hinted at my secret fetish, when out of the blue Linda said “And I'm really into Golden Showers.” You know what that is don't you?
My inhibitions disappeared and I told her that was one of my fantasies that I had never been able to fulfill. I had never found anyone that had the same fascination as I did. Linda then told me that she had been peeing so the boys could see her for years and it really turned her on. I begged her to share it with me sometime. The sooner the better I thought. I couldn't wait. I am sure she could she that the idea really excited me and I couldn't get my mind off it.

Then that evening, finished with out work, we went out to dinner and played in the Casino. Every now and then Linda would pass me by and whisper “I can feel my bladder getting ready to burst, boy am I going to give you a gusher.” I waited, and waited. My balls and cock where semi-hard all night. My excitement kept building and building. I could feel myself ready to burst too,
Finally around 2 AM. Linda said, “We better go now or I'm gonna pee my pants”
In the parking lot I couldn't hold it. Linda, come here would you please? I pulled my cock out, and then looked at her and said, “Here will you hold it and take aim? Her small hand grasp my cock, squeezing a bit too hard at first. Not so hard, I can't pee I told her.. Then she started to laugh, and began spraying my pee all over the wall in the parking garage.

When we got home which was only a couple blocks away, Linda dashed into the bathroom and yelled out to me, “You better hurry or your going to miss this.
I raced to the bathroom throwing off my clothes as I went. She told me, Sit there, then parted her swollen lips, her pink center before me, and a gusher shot out of that tiny pee hole just below her clit. She had one finger rubbing her clit as the piss flowed from her and splashed all over my chest. There was so much. She really had been holding it all night.

That was the first time Linda and I played like that. I can't wait to play some more.

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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Great story...
4 years ago
loved it and hope you'll write more