My Neighbor. I wish

The sun was finally peeking out from the clouds, making me wonder if it was going to rain or not. I was at my office desk on the 2nd floor of my home, looking out over the neighborhood.
I had a great view of the neighbors backyard. They kept it beautiful, with their flower garden, Koi pond and waterfall.

I was ready for a break. I like to surf a couple of my favorite porn sites up in my private office. Most offen i'd work naked wearing only my thick terry cloth rob. My balls where starting to ache, as it had been a few days since i'd had time to shoot a good load.

Rubbing my cock, and loggin into my fav porn site, I enjoyed the way my cock was starting to come to life. Too Bad my sexy neighbor wasn't playing with it instead of me. Often she would go out into her backyard, and sunbath. I'm pretty sure she knew I watched for her appearance.
She would wear a silky robe, and her large breasts would sway back and forth enjoying their freedom. Her nipples would be making little protrustions against the thin silk.

Today she had just come out of the house enjoying the same sunshine I was.

I moved my chair closer to the window, not caring if she saw me watching her. As a matter of fact, I was hoping she saw me. Then she waved toward me in a friendly manner, making sure I knew that she knew I was there. I smiled back down at her and waved back.

Did she know my other hand was around my cock? Perhaps.
She arranged her lounge laying out her towel, as she settled back, tossing her long hair back.
as she smiled. She slid her robe off her shoulders as she lay back, her big breasts in full view. Her hands went under them, lifting them, rubbing them as her fingers began to play with her nipples.

I could feel my cock stiffen as she was playing with herself.
Her hand went down between her thighs, moving her robe as her legs parted. She was making sure I had the best view possible

I could see that she had trimmed her bush, and was ready for bikini season.
Then she looked up at me, smiled, as she started to rub her magic button.

It was then that I stood there at the window. My cock erect, my hand moving up and down the shaft. Slowly I stroked my cock, not wanting to cum yet. I was wondering if maybe we could time things and cum together.

She parted her pussy for me, then laughed. looking up at me with that knowing smile, she started to pee a stream. It shot out from her hot pink center. I was surprised it went so far. I found myself unable to pull my eyes away from her. When her finger disappeared up into her, I could see how wet and shiny her cunt was. It must have been dripping.
What I would have given to have a taste, but alas, she was married. As much as I wanted her, she was forbidden fruit.
Gawd I loved watching her play with herself. I hoped she liked watching me stroke my cock as we both worked our way to a distant yet mutual gusher.

I nodded my head her way, letting her know my balls where about to errupt. Her hips where moving up and down as two fingers plunged in and out of her wet pink rose.
I could hear her moaning as she started cum.
That was enough to set me off, Rubbing faster, my balls tighened, my shaft quivered, as my hand moved faster up and down, and then I began to spurt hot white cream from my cock.

I was thinking how nice it would be if she wanted to gobble it all down. I was also thinking how good her pussy would taste, so wet and fresh from her cum.

Would we ever make the leap over the fence?
I ran my finger up the shaft of my cock then moved my finger to my mouth, letting my sexy neighbor know I wished she was tasting my cream.

She smiled back, dipped two fingers into herself, and then tasted her own cream.

How could I ever get a real taste.?

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4 years ago
great neighbor
4 years ago
man , just hopp over and make a wild nasty super sexy hot sex ,, what are you waiting for?

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