My b*****r (Part 5)

It was our mother. After finishing the day as regularly as possible and retrieving into our own bedrooms. My mind no longer was sure of what was real and what wasn’t. The rest of the day was too ordinary for what happened before to be true. But as my thoughts were revolving around the images of my b*****r’s hand between my legs, my panties were filling up with more moist.
I took off all my clothes, and for the first time in my life decided to sl**p fully naked. I enjoyed one corner of the blanket rubbing against my nipples and the other between my thighs. My naked butt revealed to the cool air.

I felt like a woman. There were new feelings and new emotions unlocked within me today.

The next morning we went to school as if nothing happened. Or almost. He kept throwing gazes at me. And although I never directly looked at him. I knew that he was looking at me more often then usually.

Today in the French class we were watching a movie. All the tables were put together and brought as forward as possible. I kept living the dream. My b*****r and I sit all the way in the back, and we end up just the two of us in the last row, our tables glued to each other.

The movie was boring, I never was a big fan of Obelix and Asterix, plus I didn’t understand the half of it. My body was aching, I was teased by my b*****r’s presence. The smell of his body was driving me nuts. If it would be up to me. Then we would have been all alone, in some hotel room, pressed hard against each other fully naked under the same blanket.
Suddenly he poked my shoulder and showed me a piece of paper. It read: “Guess what I am thinking about.” I automatically got red. He saw my face chuckled and wrote. “No silly. I was thinking one of my friends has a party after school, want to come?” I nodded and turned away, thoroughly trying to pay attention to the movie. When I felt a grip on my hand, and then my hand was placed upon his hard pulsating cock. I gasped. Luckily no one heard me. I wanted to say: “What are you doing to me? You’re driving me nuts!!!!” Instead I just looked at his face. He was staring back at me. His eyes so penetrating and intense looking me up and down. I want him…he knows it…he is playing around with me… and the worst of it all, this is driving me crazy with desire. Screw the movie, in my head, I had a whole other kind of movie going on. I kept picturing what it would be like to press myself up against him. I really want that. I really want to feel his body along mines.

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4 years ago
risky but so hot
4 years ago
getting very risky fooling around in class!
4 years ago
Yea dude keep on going! Its to perfect and the suspense would be killing us!
4 years ago
don't stop now. this is great