My b*****r (Part 4)

Soon he was back. He sat back down as if nothing happened and clearly tried to avoid looking into my eyes. He positioned properly the book, grabbed his notebook and pencil and then in deep thought put the pencil to his mouth, turned the page in the book, put away the pencil, licked his lips, and then pressed the pencil back to his mouth.

-So where were we?-he asked.

But I was too much in a trance to answer. Seeing the pencil I used pressed against his mouth like that, has given me mental images like nothing before. It was as if he was tasting me. I pictured what it would be like, to see him spread my pussy lips with this pencil and then lower his head and taste me. His tongue running up and down my slit, gathering its moist. Shivers were running through my body, my pussy contracting over and over.

-Kelly…-he called.

His eyes were staring at me and suddenly his expression changed. I am not sure what it was, but suddenly I felt so uncomfortable and almost transparent.

-You seem hot.- he said, with the back of his hand running down my cheek, then he positioned his thumb on my lower lip.-your lips are plumped, and your chest is heaving. –he added lowering his gaze.

-Are you horny?

Wow…I didn’t not expect that question. Especially so direct. He really took me aback.

-No…-I managed to say stretching the “o”, this time my voice all husky, that I even had to clear my throat.

I guess my expression told the total opposite. Because he dropped the pencil, let go of my lip. And without any hesitation slid his hand into my panties. I must have been dreaming. It couldn’t be true. I moaned. I didn’t even hold back. It was impossible… I knew I was dreaming.

-Shit, you’re soaking wet.

His fingers have found my clit, and I couldn’t take it any longer. My back leaned against his shoulders, my face buried in his neck. One of my hands was pressed against the floor, the other one was on the bulge of his pants, softly rubbing the material against his throbbing cock.

It was too damn good to be true. My body was convulsing in pleasure, aching with excitement, arching and pressing itself against his body, my pussy moving along to the rhythm of his fingers. At first I was biting my lips…but then I couldn’t hold it anymore. I was moaning his name.

Just as I was approaching another orgasm, we heard the keys in the door. And he quickly pulled his hand out. He licked the moist of his fingers and grabbed the pencil and pretended to be deep in his studies. I did the same. Using my hand to cover as much of my face as possible. My mind and body still in shock from what just happened.

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