Young son needs relief.

The trip to my Aunt's house in Washington State for Xmas started off smooth enough. My mother and I decided to drive up from San Diego taking her car in a nonstop trip switching out every few hours. I just got my drivers license and was quite happy to help out as much as possible.
The weather was quite warm this year and mom decided to wear a nice little sun dress that was a bit sheer even for her tastes. Something new and sexy she picked up from Nordstrom's a few weeks back just for our trip North.
It fit nicely on her. A pale blue silky material that was loose in just the right places and came with spaghetti straps. Mom was in very nice shape for her age (young 40's) being that she played tennis on a regular occassion and stayed out of the sun so long as she wasn't enjoying her favorite past time. Her skin was angelic. Men would always strike converstaion or give her looks whereever we went. i just became accustom to it growing up and it didn't really bother me but lately I began to pay much more attention to her. I was realizing that she was quite beautiful. Far more attractive than any of my friends mothers.
Puberty was coming on like a freight train and and I was having thoughts that were far beyond my ability to control or even understand for the most part.

We had just passed north of Santa Barbara when mom decided to nod off for a couple hours in the passenger seat. The sun was starting to set but the light coming through the window gave me ample view of her laying back and angled upward. A strap had fallen down her shoulder and the dress had ridden up her thighs significantly. She was unaware that she was giving me lewd thoughts as we drove up that long stretch of highway.
With her face turned away from me I was quite bold and began to look at her taking in her beauty. Her shoulder length Auburn hair was not long enough to hide the Pale pink satin bra that was partially exposed doing it's best to hold her C cup breasts inside.
I had not seen my mother naked in many years and could not quite remember what she looked like but now I was taking notes.
She was out like a light. Her long, slender thighs were starting to part ever wider in her sl**p and the matching pink bikini satin panties were there for me to see. Just the front of them covering her flat, smooth mound. Plenty of material to cover her most sensitive, sacred area but leaving enough to my imagination as well.
She was a thing of beauty. Petite waist with small curvy hips and a meaty ass. She stood at only 5 ft, 7 inches but her petite body gave her a taller appearance.

It wasn't long before my young shaft was swelling to maximum capacity. Why was I having these thoughts of perversion? My own mother sl**ping next to me and I was becoming so incredibly aroused. I was feeling guilty as hell but found myself incapable of not thinking about what it would be like to touch her with my hands?
How it would feel to slowly slide her panties down exposing her soft, pink slit to my curious young eyes?
I had only seen naked woman online or in magazines. Perhaps this is why I was so aroused? Not having the experience or girlfriend to alleviate these urges.

About another 15 minutes into the drive she had turned toward me which made me think she was about to awaken but she was infact quite out of it. With her arm d****d over her lap her cleavage was pushed together and i could now see clearly her pink areola with a half inch eraser tipped nipple peaking through the cup of her satin cage keeping her tits bound.
My young cock was really aching now and I was barely paying any attention to the road ahead of me.
She was sl**ping and I found justification to try relieving myself by stroking my 8 inch shaft. It was well hidden withing my pinstripe dress slacks but buldging noticeably...begging for relief on any kind. The pressure was building and stroking it was sorely needed. I kept my hard shaft inside my slacks but applied pressure with my agile fingers.
I went on doing this for the longest time holding off for fear of making a mess in my boxerbriefs. What would I do if I shot an intense long load without any way to clean up?
It was getting dark and the view began to vanish and so I just lost myself in fantasies of having my first sexual experience with my beautiful mother. I would have no relief tonight.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful and we eventually got to my Aunt's who was incredibly happy to see us. We had drove nonstop to get there and the exhaustion had really set in. It was early morning the next day when we arrived and we spent the next few hours eating, conversing and swapping stories.
Aunt Sandy informed us that there were more guests than she had expected and that we were to use the small cabin on her property instead of sl**ping in her large house. This was not a problem at all for mother or I until we realized that there was only one queen size bed and a very tiny couch.
Ofcourse neither of us realized this until later that afternoon after drinking large amounts of red wine and retiring early. Yes, my aunt is a borderline alcoholic and she doesn't like to drink alone!
I grabbed our luggage from moms car and began to bring them in the cabin when it struck me that I would be sl**ping on this incredibly small couch. Being over 6 feet tall I knew it was going to be far from comfortable.
Mom followed me in minutes later still wearing her cute little sundress (slightly wrinkled from the drive) and began to laugh. I asked her what was so funny and she told me that she had better give me the bed instead. I told her that there was no way that I was going to allow her to sl**p on the couch and so she told me the only way to do this was to flip a coin.
Problem was...neither of us had a coin!

"Well, I'm crashing out and I don't care where you sl**p" she told me. Mom was always a lightwight when it came to drinking and I could tell she was on the verge of collapse.
With that she crawled her way onto the mattress and in doing so exposed those beautiful, tempting thighs and ass to me again. Covered only in a silky, sheer layer of satin her pussy would have been exposed completely to me had she been not wearing panties.
Her sun dress was giving me another amazing view of her legs as she curled up on the bed grabbing a pillow to pull in close.
I told her that I needed a quick shower and would be returning shortly but I'm not sure that she even heard me? She seemed to melt right into that soft bed.

When I returned I noticed that she had somehow gotten herself under the sheets and so I lifted them to get inside as well. I had thought about sl**ping on top of the sheets but it was a little chilly inside that cabin.
I noticed immedietly that the sun dress was in a pile on the floor but I did not see any lingerie. My mother was still clad in bra and panties. She looked amazing. Like a pin up girl from the 50's. Classy, sensual and sexy. I disrobed down to my white cotton boxerbriefs feeling a bit too naked and bold.
The wine had went straight to my head. I was used to drinking wine with f****y but this time was different. The long drive and sexual energy was making me almost stoned.
Almost as soon as I slid into bed trying not to wake her she seemed to slither like a snake. her back was to me at first but as soon as I layed down next to her she turned over towards me and her arm came flat to my chest. She let out a little moan that sounded wonderful. her faced nuzzled up close to mine. Her leg then swung up on to my groin and stayed there as though locked into place. I was in heaven. She smelled amazing and she was so soft and warm. I must have layed there for an hour trying to get to sl**p. Had it not been for the wine and long would have been impossible.

Eventually the nervousness went away and found myself deep in sl**p.

It must have been around midnight that I found myself waking up to my mother still d****d over me. Her soft body was driving me crazy and it wasn't long before I found my young virgin shaft swelling within the confines of what little I wore. I could hear her slow heavy breathing and I found myself sliding my hand across her thigh. I was 16 and groping my mother like a girlfriend I hoped one day to have.
My hands were exploring her body and she was sl**ping right through it. It started off inocent enough. I was slowly feeling her thigh and pulling her leg up higher onto my groin. Then I was feeling her soft waist pulling her closer into me and the weight of her leg on my cock was devine.
I could not help but slowly thrust my hard shaft into her inner thigh.
I did this for a good half hour until she seemed to have awaken slightly and mumbled something to me but instead of pulling away she actually locked herself tighter around me.
My poor aching cock needed attention and I could not help but pull mt boxerbriefs down partially releasing myself. Flesh on flesh. Her smooth, silky thigh fely like sheer ecstacy on the head and shaft of my aching, sensitive cock.
Was this what penetrating a woman was like? Could a woman's cunt wrapped around a man's shaft feel any better than this?
My free hand went to my mothers bra and I slowly, gently pulled a strap down giving me more access to her soft mound of flesh still held in place but just barely.
Her breathing had quicked slightly and I was wondering if she could feel any pleasure from this in her sl**p?
My soft curiuos hand was massaging her tit and brushing lightly against her hard nipple.
She began to shift in her slumber but now her pelvis was making more of a direct contact with mine. I could feel the soft satin forcing itself against my swollen cock. I decided then that I needed to see what my mothers pussy felt like? I could not see it but I would visual by using my fingers.

I brought my hand back down to her waist and ran it across her panties to where her thighs came together. With her leg wrapped around my waist I had perfect access to to the soft material covering her soft pussy. She was still asl**p as far as I was concerned but she made little noises from time to time and so I went on exploring her.
My hand finally made direct contact with the satin that rode the length of her slit and I noticed immedietly that she was wet. Her poor pussy was a hot wet patch covered in satin.
I applied a little pressure to her panties pushing in then sliding up and down which got a quick reaction from her. her body jumped and it scared me.
I layed still for a minute then decided to touch her again. Slow methodical strokes against her soft panties and she was getting so wet. Her breathing had increased quite a bit now. Was she enjoying this? Was she having a good dream?
I needed to feel what her pussy actually felt like. I slid her silky panties to the side letting my fingers have access and I could finally feel the soft hairs that surrounded the roughly 3 inch slit from front to back. I could feel a hard nub that was her clit pushing outward at the front of her length. Swollen and well lubricated from the incessant teasing. Her hips started moving slowly against me now and she was moaning a little louder.
Was she awake???

I was rubbing the length of her pussy and searching for her entrance. She was quite small and tight but easily accessable from the lubrication. my cock was straining to be inside of feel her wet sheath stroke and caress my virgin cock. I need to feel mom wrapped around me.
I decided right there that I would take her if possible. Leaving her panties on I simply pulled the material aside exposing her soft, wet pussy to the head of my sensitive 8 inch cock. I was throbbing as I felt the tip brush against her pubic hair.
I was close now. Mom was still wrapped around me as if giving me permission to violate her. Her heavy breathing and periodic moans were far too much to take. I know she would understand if she knew how bad I need her at that moment? Her young son in need of a woman. My fully erect cock was now sitting directly at her silky cunt and my hips were slowly thrusting back and forth. The mushroom head began to slide against her slit and I could feel her hole opening slightly each time I thrust. She was so wet but so tight. Would she wake once I entered her? I was so nervous but could not stop.

Too late! Mom was now thrusting her hips slowly into me and mumbling into my ear. "Fuck it!" she said lazily and softly. "Fuck!" she said again.
I wasn't sure if she was completely awake or somewhere between but she was quite ready for what I was trying to do to her.
I steadied her hip and with one good, slow push I was feeling my virginity disappear as the sensitive tip of my cock popped right into my mother pink, wet sheath.
It felt like a velvety vice wrapped around me. The greatest d**g known to mankind. Or a young man for tha matter.
I pulled out just slightly letting her pussy stretch as I pushed a little more into her and she let out a moan that sounded of pain and pleasure. A deep low moan. I could not stop fucking her now and even if she begged me to pull out out I'm not sure if i would have been able too? Her soft petite body on mine and my shaft buried deep inside of her.
It would have technically been **** but she was now thrusting into me and I'm sure she was well aware that her own young son was violating her.
The whole event was so taboo and exciting that i could not hold out for much longer. Her nails dug into my arms and she whispered to me..."Do it baby!"..."Do it!" She was giving me the green light.
She wanted me to take it from her and I did. I wanted to kiss her but badly.

After holding her against me for several minutes letting myself slide in and out with no resistance from her (pausing only long enough to keep from coming) I finally sank my fleshy rod into her as deep as I could go feeling my shaft bottom out. I pounded hard into her shaking the bed violently as I released a huge load as far back into her pussy as I could. I groaned loudly and was afraid that I had made too much noise? That somebody might find out what I had just done? I laid there content for minutes feeling the sperm seep out from between our private embrace. She never moved and she let me stay inside her deflating very slowly.

I literally passed out from sheer exhaustion and I had woke up the next morning early to find my mother missing from our bed and when I went to the house she was in a very happy state. She was all smiles that morning and she told me later that night that what happened was not our fault. She told me that people have physical desires that at times they have little control over. She was not angry with me in the least but said it could not happen again and asked me if I understood why?
I did understand completely. And nothing has changed between us. One night of passion never to be spoken of again.

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2 years ago
wonderful story bro
2 years ago
What Terrific Story... You Painted such a Vivid Picture with Your words that I envioned every scenario just as though it was Me and My Mom Again! You sure know how how to bring back Great Childhood Memories!
Thanx... Naughty Johnny in California cleaning up my Sticky Mess! LOL!
3 years ago
nice story.
3 years ago
well what a good story , don't think ive read a story that has made me cum along with it, very well written..
3 years ago
very the details...well done!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
good story...
3 years ago
Nicely written thanks for posting
3 years ago
Good job. That was awesome.
3 years ago
;) we loved it ..
3 years ago
Well told!
3 years ago
great story thanks for sharing