My Mothers s****r took me outdoors.

This story is not factual but based on fantasies I've had over the years which I've had no control over...

I received the phone call returning home from High School.
My Aunt Sandra would be in town for the weekend and wanted to take me camping in the hills just East of San Diego.
It was just what I needed. A little time away from Friends, Mom and Dad.
I had not seen Sandra in almost two years and she was always a woman who could pull fun out of a hat.
The older s****r of my mother who was born with natural beauty. high cheek bones, blond hair, tall, Swedish genetics to the core.

She married a man of wealth and had traveled the world in the process. A woman with a taste for life and an avid tennis player.
I never thought much of her physically in my youth but upon her arrival the following day I was awestruck at just how beautiful this older woman was.
She greeted me with a big hug wearing red heels and matching red dress that complimented every curve.
Her curly blond hair and glasses gave her the sophisticated librarian look.
I was impressed to say the least.

That night we had dinner and caught up on everything not spoken of for some time.
My aunt kept showering me with compliments and telling me how handsome I was which I was a bit embarrassed of but it was nice as I was not used to so much attention.
She was really working the crowd as she always had.
I didn't take it too literally but still couldn't help but notice just how attracted I was to her suddenly.
just a couple years earlier I was consumed with skateboarding and things that boys do on a day to day basis.

I now found myself drawn to her stories and beauty like a moth to a flame.
My aunt wanted my older s****r to join us for camping but she could not make it so it would be just her and I.
We finished dinner and ended the night with everyone drifting off to their own parts of the house.

As I lay there in my bed I could not help but think of my Aunt in her silky red dress that came up over her knees. I spent half the night glancing at her soft, pale thighs. Why was I thinking these thoughts? She was f****y and I could not get these twisted thoughts from my mind.
Her smile and tone of voice was intoxicating.

I had been swollen half the night and now fully engorged. I found myself thrusting slightly into my sheets thinking of my Aunt doing raunchy thing to me.
I imagined her sneaking into my room in a silky chemise.
I imagined her softly stroking my sensitive, swollen cock with soft warm hands.
I even saw her full lips wrapped around my shaft, working her wet tongue around the tip of my cock.
I fell asl**p with visions of thrusting my fully erect cock deeply into this woman until I could take no more. Such perverse, selfish thoughts.
I woke up as I fell asl**p.

The day started off early and My Aunt and I made good time towards the mountains. She had a perfect little spot picked out and proceeded to tell me about how she used to visit this very place when she was about my age with her girlfriends.
It was slightly off the beat and path and situated along side a river that resembled more of a creek.
The bank was sandy and covered mostly with shrubs. It was apparent that this spot would not not draw too many campers.
The day was warm and we decided after setting up the two man tent to get into our bathing suits to take a dip and cool off.
We took turns changing in the tent despite our being secluded.
I wouldn't change in front of my mother let alone my Aunt.

I was still a bit embarrassed about nudity. It was still pretty new. I wasn't sure if I was measuring up? 6 feet tall and 170 lbs at 15 years of age (about to turn 16) and I was feeling less than secure around such a well endowed older woman.

The water was cool and refreshing. The sun was warm and my Aunt worked her way out of the tent wearing a pale blue bikini top and bottom. The top was strapless and was doing everything possible to keep her full breasts from coming out.
She just smiled and confidently walked towards where I was wading in the stream.
She had a couple Corona beers as well. Just what I needed to take the edge off.
I cracked the bottles open and took a couple of gulps trying to seem interesting and at ease.
I tried asking her questions this time around and keep the conversation going without rambling too much.
Turns out her older husband was golfing in Laguna Beach with old work buddies.
She quickly turned the conversation to whom I was dating and school?
She was surprised that I didn't have a steady girlfriend yet.
I tried to play it out that I was too busy but I knew she was on to me.
She was good about it though and just smiled.

I was really enjoying this time away from the same old friends in San Diego.
This woman could keep an audience captivated for days on end.

We must have stayed in that river for 3 or 4 hours? The time flew by and we proceeded to go through 4 beers a piece.

The more we drank the more revealing our conversation became. We spoke of everything. She told me of old boyfriends I never knew of and dug up a little dirt on some of our f****y.
Good times.

We both had our shades on and I couldn't help but take in her beauty without her knowledge.
Her waist was usually below the soothing water but her breasts were exposed to me with nothing more than a sheer layer of pale blue fabric for protection.
The cool water would periodically wet the fabric inducing an immediate reaction.
I could see that her nipples were quite large. They would tighten up resembling the tips of ones pinkie fingers.
It was keeping me in a constant state of arousal.
On more than one occasion she would lift herself up to grab another beer exposing her lower half to me.
The damp fabric made her almost nude and clung to her skin as though it was not even there.
She was deliberately bending over with me directly behind her.
Her outstretched body and tone thighs from countless hours of playing tennis was driving perverse thoughts into my young mind.
The gap between her thighs as she bent over caused the bikini bottom to pull up in a tight manner revealing a perfect slit between her legs.
Never bearing c***dren over the years kept her far younger looking than her age might suggest.

She kept this outstretched position for far longer than necessary.

The sun was starting to set and we decided to get out, dry off and start a fire.
I got up and offered a hand to her. she offered her hand and as I pulled her up towards me her body came into contact with mine.
She was caught off guard and let out a laugh. her face was just inches from mine and her eyes gave an intense, alluring stare.
I could not keep the stare back and lowered my eyes. i lowered my gaze right down at her breast which seemed even larger and seductive.
I felt a bit embarrassed and quickly looked back up.
She began to pull me back towards the camp site...the two of us holding hands the whole way back like a boyfriend and girlfriend.
It was very surreal.

It didn't take long to get the fire going and with the heat of the flames neither one of us changed. We kept our bathing suits on which was fine by me.
I was taking in beautiful site.

We sat on chairs side by side and talked about everything imaginable.
The conversation eventually turned to sex as we got started on the wine that she brought along. being that I hadn't had much experience with went straight to my head and i found myself relishing the conversation and learning what she had to share.

The time was flying and before you know it was close to midnight.
The flames from the fire provided ample light to take in her beauty.
Every time she would get up to accomplish a task she did her best to give me an eyeful. The pale blue suit was like the sheerest of lingerie. A Bra and panties hiding her most sensitive of parts.
The contrast of pale skin meeting the pale blue fabric was simply intoxicating.
She would constantly adjust her bottom as it crept up her firm ass.
Constantly pulling her top up just enough to cover her large nipples.

Finally, we decided to call it a night. The tent was much farther back from the fire where the cool night air offered no warmth.
As we entered the tent the drop in temperature was quite evident. We discussed this and while at first joking about it we decided that we might have to share sl**ping bags?
Of course neither one of us wanted to be the first to suggest it but at this point I was more than willing to do so.

My sl**ping bag was built for two so we proceeded to climb inside.
The buzz from the wine made our laying next to each other practically naked seem less awkward.
It got really quiet suddenly and I noticed how good her body felt next to mine.
Then I said suddenly..."Don't tell Mom"...which got my Aunt to laughing.
She put her arm around my chest and asked "What would we ever do to need telling her anything"?
I put my hand on her soft waist. i found myself face to face with this woman who had me aching once again.
All fear gone and my swollen cock separated from her flesh by a thin layer of cloth.
"I usually sl**p naked" I whispered.
"So sl**p naked then" she told me.
And just like that I slipped out of my confining trunks.
It was getting warmer and the silence resumed. The flames from the fire provided just enough light to see her eyes looking into mine.
I pulled her closer and felt my hard cock jabbing into her silky soft tummy.
I let out a subdued groan and I knew she was going to be be fucking me in just a matter of time.
This woman would take my virginity. It was I wanted...what I needed.

Our lips came together slowly. Time stood still.
She asked me if I found her attractive? She asked me if i liked touching her?
She started talking dirty to me and kissing my neck and face.
like an angel from heaven she proceeded to softly glide her smooth hand across the length of my manhood teasing it ever more.
I was so swollen it almost hurt. my mushroom tip gorged with bl**d and sensitive nerve endings that need warmth, wetness, pressure and stroking.

I peeked back her top and and grope her tits as softly as possible not wanting to be any ruder than I already felt.
Our kissing became more desperate and I wanted to slide my soft fingers towards her pussy.
I did so leaving her bikini bottom on. She parted her thighs the best she could making access easy.
I softly rubbed circles around the length of her dampening slit.
I could hear her groaning. I don't know what i would do had we neighbors camping nearby?
Her moaning was continuous and aroused me that much more.
She then explained that she wanted to feel my virgin cock in her mouth but if I wanted I could peel back her bikini bottom and slide myself into her?
She told me she needed me to fuck her wet pussy.

I was going to lose my mind.
I slid her bikini bottom down a few inches. just enough to get my curious fingers slightly into her hot cunt.
This woman was dripping wet and my cock was straining to be inside of her...deeply.

I continues to manipulate her breasts and pussy while kissing her neck.
I could take no more. I positioned myself above this beautiful older Aunt of mine. I pinned her arms back to keep her in position. With barely enough room i moved my hips towards hers.
I could feel the heat of her. I could smell her sex.
My aching cock head was resting against the entrance of her sopping hot pussy.
The entire length of her was slick with lubricant and I slowly eased myself into her.
Our eyes looked glazed over as our bodies connected. My penetration of her becoming ever deeper.
She was taking every inch of me into her depth's. My thrusting was becoming heavier and she was taunting me to fuck her pussy good and hard.
So wet and zero resistance.

I kept her pinned and told her how hard ai was going to come. "I'm going to come into your pussy when I spasm".
She told me she wanted my cum in her all night long.
Her dirty talk was becoming too much for me.
Her heavy tits swaying back and f***e, the sound of lubricant as my cock steadily f***ed itself in and out...too much.
I cried out heavily as my whole body tensed up and thrashed uncontrollably into my Aunts perfect, pink flesh.
Her nails dug into my chest I hardly noticed.

I stayed there in front of her. 8 inches of swollen cock slowly deflating inside of her. I could not move.
The greatest day of my young life is fornicating with my mothers s****r and I love every minute of it.
An older patient woman. confident and beautiful taking my virginity and nobody will ever know.
99% (59/1)
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I wish I could fuck my aunt like that.
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