Step Mothers perversion Part II

My mind was clearing as Julie pulled herself from the closet and stood upright adjusting her silky chemise...towels in hand.
She came towards me approaching far too close and our eyes met as I towered above her.
The strain of my cotton sweat pants poked hard into her slim belly.
I couldn't help but wonder if this would be the same sensation of burying myself completely inside of her vagina?
She had never had c***dren herself.
My fathers cock was wide but appeared to be at least a few inches shorter than myself based on what I remember seeing of him years earlier when I walked in on him in the bathroom.

Julie was so short and petite. My father had good taste in woman like he had good taste in cars and furniture.
He bought only foreign and upscale items. the best that money could buy.
Jaguars were his car of choice. Furniture made of the finest woods and marble and expensive paintings to adorn the walls with.

His choice of his second wife was no less stunning.

She was alone with me in our kitchen and her boldness towards me was one that every young man should experience just once his life.

Even if she had stiletto heels on she would barely come close to looking me in the eyes.
I only wished she had them on now. Her breasts were closer than I had ever seen them as she pushed against me.

I took the towels from her and barely mustered a "thank you" to her.
She smiled and slowly turned away returning to the table to grab a few more items. I tried turning back into the sink as my erection was straining beyond belief and so completely noticeable that only a blind woman would not realize at any distance.
She explained that she needed her morning bath and proceeded to ask if I was going to bath as well?
I nervously giggled for a moment and explained that I needed to take one as too.
She stood there in the morning glow with her hands on her little hips rocking side to side and telling me she would "probably be awhile" (in a playful voice) until she was ready so I should probably take my time as well.

I told her that I understood as she walked back towards my fathers room.
I listened carefully in the that kitchen for sound of a door closing. I heard none.

I did hear the distant sound of a tub being filled with water though and I proceeded to move my way cautiously towards where my Step Mother was sure to be found.
My heart was pounding. The fear of her finding me sneaking towards her was as strong as the excitement of seeing her completely naked.
Was she still in her chemise?
Was she naked and in full site?
Was she already in the water?

As I approached the bedroom door I could see that it was fully open.
The sounds of water pouring into the tub were much louder now and only a 180 degree turn was between me and mirrored closet doors which I could use to see the entire length of the bathroom.
I slowly rounded the corner as I got my first glimpse.
It was as though she was waiting.
Leaning over the sink with her ass arched out. Pulling her hair up and taking her time.
Both of the straps from her chemise had fallen to the side of her arms and only her large breasts and erect nipples kept it from falling all together.
She began moving her hips from side to side seductively as if dancing with an imaginary partner.

I could see her entirely. Did she know I was spying? She must have.
She never came my way but stayed there waiting for the tub to fill.

Finally she turned the water off and the silence was deafening. I could hear my heart pounding! I got scared for a moment and turned to leave but as I left the room I stopped.
I needed to see more of her. I needed to fulfill my a****listic desires that I was having less and less control of.
I returned back to my place of hiding on my knees to watch her.

She was pulling the chemise over her small frame and her large breasts were finally free. They were beautiful, swollen, and forcing outward with large pointed, pale pink nipples.
Her entire body was a sculpture.
Her skin was naturally olive in tone and free of stretch marks despite men pulling at her delicate flesh for years and forcing themselves into her. Her pubic hair came up almost to her belly but was like a perfectly trimmed mohawk about an inch wide racing straight down to where her tight clam of a pussy came together.
It looked amazing and showed a fully matured woman who was ripe for bearing c***dren.

As she lowered herself into the soapy water I found myself stroking my young hard cock with the soft cotton material that kept myself in a sexual trance.
She paused on her knees as she brought the suds up to her heavy tits...letting it run down her length.
She made noises out loud as if the water was just a bit too hot but to me it sounded more like the sounds she made as my father was railing into her late at night doing god knows what?
Her thighs were still exposed and parted as she brought more and more of the soapy water up to her shoulders and chest adjusting to it's warmth.
My eyes were locked on her and my stroking was becoming more f***eful.
I could feel the precum leaking from the hardened tip of my 8 inch swollen cock and my hips were bucking slightly as if I was already inside a woman's wet cunt.
The sensations were overwhelming.

She then turned her back towards me and got on all fours. Did she know I was looking?
Was she doing this to torture me? Couldn't she just say that she knew I was watching and it was okay to join her?

She was kneeling down in the warm tub with her silky ass exposed for me to see and I lurched farther forward to get a better look almost revealing my face around the corner.
Her hand came up her thigh and rested on her cheek.
She was making a muffled noise as she pulled her cheek slowly to the side.
She repeated this over and over. Her hand disappeared for a moment and then it reappeared between both of her wet thighs.
Julie's soapy slick fingers were softly stroking the length of her slit.
I watched in amazement as she rubbed slow circles just below the opening of a reddened, pinkish hole that had given many men pleasure over the years.
Her ass was lowering and rising just inches above the water as she proceeded to masterbate herself without pause.
The visuals were too much for me after being teased by this woman for most of the morning.
The muscles in my arm, back and thighs tensed up as my soft hand slid across the hardened tip of my cock...wishing it to be buried deep in this woman's cunt.

I held my breathe and tried hard to keep from yelling loudly as my cock erupted in my own hand. Warm jets of cum were spasming from within me and running down my sweat pants which seemed to last an eternity.
It was only then that I realized she had stopped and brought herself upright in the tub.
She never turned to face my direction. It was as if she knew and was giving me time to recover before exiting myself back to my own bathroom to tidy up?

I did just that.
I found myself leaving her presence and walking with weak legs back upstairs to remove the soiled clothing from my body.
It was everywhere. I came harder than I could remember in a long while even though I had only been jerking off for maybe a couple years?
My cock was growing longer and wider. I was producing more sperm and my longing to fuck a woman's pussy was growing with each day.

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part 3 please!
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excellent & yes more
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really nice plz continue