open wide (fiction) part 2

After we have finished making love he was on top of me. Both of of out of breath...

“for so long I wanted this.....for so long I wanted you” I said slowly

“i have never felt like this in forever” he said with a laugh

he stood up looking at his wet cock and looked at my body. Show it shaked and twitched.

“did I hurt you....” he said concerned

“no I am not use to such passion before” I said turning my head

so he went to the counter and got napkins got on his knees and wiped my pussy. I looked with fascination as he took his time cleaning me up but the more he wiped the more wet I got

“well there is no use cleaning you if you keep getting wet” he laughed loudly

knock...knock...knock. it was the door

“Mr Nathan your wife is on line 3, and she want to know what time you will be home”

he arose like he was caught in the act. A wife I did not know he was married oh my I had sex with a married man what have I done I made him break his vows. It didn’t occur to me that he was waring a wedding ring. Was my desires so great that I would ruin a marriage.

I jumped up pulled on my panties and shirt and ran out the office stumbling to my car. I can hear him call for me but I did not stop. I got in the car and drove fast toward jammes blvd.

I went to the nearest parking lot and I paniced. The suddenly.....


“he...ll..o” I said in a studder

“how was he” a woman’s voice said

“who is this...” I said in demand

“all in due my you little cunt. Come to this address and all will be explained” she said so full of herself

I hung up scared as a sinner in church, then a ring again it was a text:

be at this at this address a 7 sharp
1234 miller Dr.
California, 90210

I was unsure of myself. I had to know who this woman was.

That night I put some pepper spray in my purse for protection. Using my gps I did not want to make myself late. Arivving at the estate I saw a mansion and a glorious lawn. At the front door was a woman in her mid thirties at the door tapping her feet. I parked having a vale take my car away

“well well well look who showed up” she said in a smug laugh

“ I was invited” I said stating into her eyes

so I followed her into the dinning room where there was a massive meal for a party.

“who all are coming” I said scared

“ no one but us”

“but this it too much to eat for just two”

she said nothing and sat down. Lifting her hand towards me to give me permission to sit also

“so I am not going to sugar coat it, why the hell did you fuck my husband” she said in a kind voice

I was stunned words could not appear, I was shaking even the maid looked at me in discuss.

“i did not know he was married”

“oh and he was waring a wedding ring just for show”

“ma'am I did now know, I thought he was a single man...”

“i have it all on tape, my husband doesn’t know I have a video camera in his office to keep a eye on him.”

then three men appeared very handsome and divine

“ I myself like to have a little fun” she said rubbing one of the mans chest

I turned my head

“oh don’t act so fucking innocent”

then she turned on the TV next to her and I saw my shame on the big screen.

“hmm wonder how your teacher and class mate would thing about seeing there brightest student getting screwed by a dentist” she said in a huff

“please don’t” I said with tears

there is only one way I can destroy this tape.

“what do I have to do”

me and my husband are trying a three some for the first time. The girl I choose will be waring a mask.
Be the third party or I will sent this to every college in the state you will be ruined” she said in a soft laugh.

What should I can i face him again...

to be continue......

so you guys like the woman dominating this time. This is my first time writing a three some so if you have any threesome video send them to me I need some inspiration.
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3 years ago
nicely done great first part
4 years ago
I cant wait for the rest of the story.
4 years ago
verry nice, keep goiing
4 years ago
great story,cant wait for what happens next.
4 years ago
very good continuation & nice twist!!!! wish i had 1 to send you but put threesome in the search box & videos click search