open wide (fiction) part 1

It time for my daily appointment to Mr. Nathans office. He has been my dentist since I was in college. He is so handsome and cute. I would go more than usual just to see his face. But this time my tooth was hurting like a hell.
Sitting in the office I was cold. Forgot to bring my sweater I was feeling like a butt head.

“You may come in Ms” the nurse said

I sat in the chair like I was on display, nervous about seeing him. It’s been months since I have seen him, wonder if he remember me. Then I hear a knock on the door.

“hello my name is Nathan and I will be your dentist today” he said like he was reading a script

In my mind I realized that if he knew me he would have not said that. I felt sad and everything felt distant to me. But at least I get to see him.

“Ok Ms just lay back and relax and let me do the work”

I sat in the chair unsure if I was doing the right thing.

“Do you remember me at all?”

He looked at me puzzled and unsure of what I said. Then I leaned up and looked at him closely.

“ I was so young and I you might not remember me” I said in a sad tone

“there is one thing I want to ask you”

“ what is that”

“kiss me” I said slowly

Then he turned around in his chair and looked at me up and down. He just stared at me I felt like the second were like daemons playing in my head it was horrible

“please say something” I said screaming

Then he got up came to me. Laid me on my back spread my legs got in between them lifted my head and kissed me. Yes I thought I got a kiss from him it’s everything that I have asked for it was ….magical.

“I wanted you for so long,… young and beautiful.”

What a sweet thing to hear it better anything that I have ever experienced. Then against my clit I could feel his monster rubbing against my panties. Then while kissing me he comes closer to my clit with my hand rubbing fast and hard. I was soaked. Then he backed up and unbutton his pants and thought they were on fire. Then he dropped them. Oh my it was huge, what the hell am I getting myself into. But I was so horny that I wanted him bad.

“please be gentle” I said in a soft tone

“I will…..your hole is so small I don’t want to hurt you dear” he said sincere

“I will tell you if it hurts ok” I said with a smile

So he same to me in the position like before then he rubbed his cock against my wet pussy to make it slippery. Then he started to push it in, I brace myself for the impact.

“mmmm…aaahhhh” , I moaned

“you are so tight” he said with a pleasurable face

All the way in he waited both his hands over my head. Lip to lips we kiss, His pussy throbbing around his dick. Even with I felt like if he stayed there any longer that I would cumm. Could that be possible? Then he started to move using his back like a snake face still against mine. Seeing every expression on his face turned me on more. Then he quicken his speed, hearing his stomach smack against mine mmm the sound of sex is the divine music of love making.

“oh god you feel so good.” I said out of breath

“you too” he complimented

Then he took his dick out and told me to lean over the sink. So I did, he comes over rubs my pussy and stick it in oh man I felt as though he was going deeper. Faster and faster he went. In my mind I was wondering if others can hear us. But I want them to, to hear the passion that they can’t have.

to be continue............

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4 years ago
Great story. It made me so fucking hard.
4 years ago
very good start
4 years ago
I can't wait for the next part
4 years ago
great what happened next?lol