after school detention! (fiction) part 3

it has been a while since i have seen mr james. i didn't see him at my graduate....when i graduates college.....never again.

years have gone by and the last time we've seen each other was fresh in my mind. i finally became partner in this advertising company. it took me four years but it was worth it. i have clawed my way to the top but i got there.

but still.....nothing compares to that day.

"ma'am the senior partner have changed the meeting to today the meeting today so are free?"

"yes thank you will....."

"whats the matter?" he said concerned

"nothing will just tell them that i am coming"

he left with out saying a word. why can't i get over him how only one man.

siting in the meeting room i noticed that there was a seat at the end of the table empty. may be some one is sick.

"thank you ladies and gentleman, today's meeting is about not only the advancement in our company but a merger between our two companies" the chairman said

" then out of the corner of my eye i saw a man sit in the chair"

"no it couldn't be..........."

it was mr james how the hell he is a teacher how can he be apart of a big advertisement company.

"what was that you said"

"nothing sir i was talking out loud" i said covering my embarrassment.

before the meeting was at a close i ran out that room like a bad out of hell. went to my office and locked the door. this can't be he can't be here. i am high or something.....thats it I'm high will must have put something in my coffee that's it ha haha .

so i waited until it was darker than my silk underwear. i waited.....until i heard nothing outside my door. then in ninja like speed i ran to the elevator down to the basement to my car. i was home free. rummaging through my purse to find my key i felt a hand behind my ass. i turned around to look it was him.

"trying to run from me huh" he said with a cricket smile

"i'm not running from anything......i just like to get home thats all"

"so why wait untill every one left"

i froze what do i say now. memories started to flash through my head over and over he screwed my brains out.

"mmmmmm you are shaking i like it when you are shaking"

then he grabbed me lifting up my skirt and exposed my white panties and guarders. he lift me off the car onto the trunk pulle my pantiesto the side and got a mouthful of my cunt. i screamed with pleasure. he never licked me like this he is much more f***eful then he was as a c***d.

"my student is all grown up, lets see if you remember what i learned you"

then he bend me over my car i lifted one of my legs

"ooh look at what my student is doing, shoeing my her cunt....inviting me in are you"

"please fuck me it been so long since i felt your cock in me"

"that is not how you are your teacher permission, now you must get punished"

then he put both his fingers in to my ass back and forth he went. not the place i wanted him to go first but i don't care my body was enjoying it. and with his other hand he rubbed my clit. sticking his thumb into my pussy hole.

"now how do you ask permission"

"please fuck my mr. James your students cunt is wet and needs your big cock inside her"

"very good student you are better now then you were when you were younger"

then he showed me his monster it was so big i could still see his veins pulsating under his foreskin.

"now get my dick wet"

so i got on my knees and sucked him with everything in my. the salty taste made my nipples hard. what a cock it was i could barely fir in in my mouth.

"thats right my student now it time"

so i got back on the car in the same potions ad before. he lifted my leg and shoved his dick in me. it hurt at first but then it turned to complete ecstasy. back and forth he went over and over. it felt so good that i started to drool.

"does my pussy like her teachers big cock"


then he picked my up with his dick still inside me turned around and leaned on the car. had both my legs over his arms holding my up. it was like a reverse cowgirl in the air.

he was so deep inside me that i could taste he cock from my cunt. it was amazing i finally got him back. my teacher is now back with me

to be continues?

Dear readers this is suppose to be the end of the story but i ca continue it will have a different title though to show the main character in a adult light. i will also be writing other stories along the way but if you want more comment me. or send me a message. if not the i will forget this sorry.

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4 years ago
it is the end of it it just her in the future.she had no sex with him until this point
4 years ago
you did not finish part 2
4 years ago
I look forward to more of your stories