after school detention! (fiction) part 2


two weeks went by.
all i remember is being fucked over and over again. me had me wrapped around his finger....or his dick.

i was bend over a desk my skirt was up exposing my bare ass. then he got his she laces and ties my my hands to the desk.

"time for another lesson" he said with a cricked smile

he went to his desk and got a bottle of lube. and poured some on his hand and rubbed it on my ass hole. then on my pussy.

"today is going to be special you are leaving me in 4 days and i don;t want you to forget this place.....or me"

" i could never forget you" i said slowly

" lets make that certain"

then he starts fingering me with two fingers. it was go hot the lube must give off this effect mmmmm its amazing. then three fingers building momentum in his pace. then four fingers, it was amazing!

"are you ready" he said excited

"for what" i said uncertain


and with a thrust stock his whole hand in my cunt.

"oh god, ahhhhhhh....mmmmm....yeees"

"thats right baby show me your pleasure face"

in and out he went i could feel his watch on his wrist. after 5 min of side numbing sensations. he exits me. then he unties me. and pickes me up and place me on his desk. how many times have we fucked on this desk i wondered.

"now it time we virginity of yours"

"wait i;m not a virgin you knew that the first time we fucked"

"only in this hole"

"wait my ass!"

"let me worry about that"

so he but lube on his vein covered monster. giving it a good rub. then still jacking himself rubs more on my hole, inserting a finger. it felt weird it made me laugh.

"whats so funny"

" it tickles a but"

then skiping two he put three fingersin me.

this is amazing

to be continued.........

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4 years ago
4 years ago
Would you like me to try fist fucking you?
4 years ago
Whens the next part?!?!
4 years ago
4 years ago
I will be waiting for the next one. You are going to get butt fucked, girl.
4 years ago
cant wait for the next one