after school detention! (fiction) part 1

waking up and turning to my left i realized by looking at me clock that i was late for school. rushing to get out the house i got the car keys and drove like a bat out of hell.

trying to sneak into first period i was caught by the principle.
"it's so funny seeing you guys try and sneak back into class" he said with a smirk.

so with his hand the pulled me towards his office. he close the door and sits in his big leather chair. turning away from me he looks up my name in the computer.then stoped he takes a double look at me and stared to laugh.

"what do we have here" he said laughing again

"it seems to me that i should just kick you out the school now" he said with a evil glare

"for what" i said raising my voice

"go to Mr, James office, you are in detention for the next three weeks"

"that is not fair" i said speaking louder

"hey it this or you are out of here"

so after school i went down to the basement where detention took place. scared from all the noise sounds i heard of pipes and whistling noises.
i opened a door that looked like it was apart of the titanic and opened it.

to my amazement the room looked pretty modern. marker board, flat tv, the works.

"welcome to detention, my name is mr james i will be here for the remainder of your stay"

wow he was very young for a teacher. i have never been attracted to a white man before let alone a teacher. i was feeling warm and my heart stared to beat fast.

"are you ok" he said concerned

"i'm fine just a bit dizzy"

"here sit down i will get you some water"

he went over to the water fountain with a cup. he is so sexy like movie star sexy. and his packet was huge. what am i saying! he is a teacher.

as he turned around i felt myself... i was soaked. how embarrassing! i rubbed my clit it felt so good. his body was sooooooo! tempting.

by the time he turned around i didn't have a chance to cum. dammit!

"so how long have you been working here Mr......."

"James...and i just started a week ago"

with out my knowledge i noticed that my hand was still under my skirt. he looked at my woman hood and slowly i saw his monster moving in his suit pants.

"i am so sorry Mr. james"

"don't be....its perfectly natural" he said slowly

"by the way how old are you"
"18 sir"

he came closer to me, so scared i was unable to move. he picked me up and put me on his desk. he bend down and licked my clit through my panties.

"mmmm all this for me you shouldn't have" he said smiling

"allow me"

lifting my panties off exposing my chocolate surprise. before licking my again he flickered his tongue at me. gene simmions had nothing on him.

after a long licking he pulled out his manhood.

"how the hell is that monster getting in my pussy" i said sacred as hell


he put his dick closer to my pussy and slowly but his head in my hole. it not even in and i felt a shock of pleasure through my spin. i have never felt like this before

how can something so wrong feel so good...

to be continued....................

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4 years ago
very good start
4 years ago
Hurry I need the rest!
4 years ago
Can't wait to read the rest
4 years ago
Nice :)
4 years ago
great start cant wait to read what happens next
4 years ago
I love it so far. Good job.
4 years ago
hurry up and finish the story